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Aging causes loss of collagen production in our skin and is responsible for facial fat around the eyes, nose, neck, cheeks, lips and, jaws to get disintegrated. Due to this, your skin gets saggy, old, and wrinkly because the support it had from the collagen and fat has now been reduced. To overcome such issues, the latest advancements in the cosmetic industry have been made such as the PDO thread medical suturing procedures.

Read this FAQ guide till the end if you want to know everything about the PDO thread which is used to revive aging skin.

What Is A PDO Thread?

The PDO threads, aka Polydioxanone threads, are a special type of threads used in thread lifts – one of the most advanced and safe face-lifting procedures.

PDO threads are specialized medical-grade threads and are thinner than hair. These threads are made up of proteins, similar to those which are found in the human body.

It is used to convert old, wrinkly, and sagging skin to attain fresh, tighter, young-looking skin and facial features. The PDO threads are inserted using injections on the face. As a result, they relax the tendons and facial muscles and at the same time, cause the production of new collagen in the skin with the help of foreign body reactions.

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The PDO threads are also responsible for the stimulation of elastin and hyaluronic acid which are important for maintaining a firm, tight, and young-looking face.

Types of PDO Threads

There are many PDO thread manufacturers/suppliers that manufacture and supply different types of PDO threads.

PDO Mono Thread

The PDO Mono Threads or ‘short PDO threads’ help tighten, thicken, and improve the overall texture of the skin. These threads once inserted into the skin help in reducing your stubborn wrinkles and rejuvenate the saggy dull-looking skin by stimulating new collagen production.

PDO Screw Thread

This thread helps in face-tightening and contouring the body lines of your arm, abdomen, face, chin, and hips. Likewise, it can cure wrinkles on your face and the body, especially the neck area.

PDO Eye Thread

If you have dark circles, PDO eye thread is the cure. It is assembled with a USP 6-0 PDO thread which is used to get rid of the fat layer around the eyes, dark circles, and sagging skin in the infraorbital area. It also removes fine wrinkles in that aforementioned area as well.

PDO Multi Thread

PDO multi-thread is made up of 6 separate PDO threads, connected to a single needle. The purpose of this special design is to maximize the skin volume effect – allowing for the development of a larger area of fibrous connective tissues; thus making the procedure fast. PDO multi-threads, when compared to other threads, take longer to biodegrade because they are tightly secured.

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PDO Cog Thread

Also known as, “barbed PDO thread” these are widely used lifting threads that reshape your facial contours and stimulate natural collagen production. These threads will mostly affect the cheeks and jawline and can improve the facial appearance by lifting and tightening the face immediately.

PDO Nose Thread

PDO nose thread is used for augmentation of your nose-bridge volume with the help of collagen re-genesis. The procedure involves the use of barbed PDO thread – using the greatest diameter. The needle is also blunt, so there are very less chances of bleeding, and it also helps in minimizing swelling and bruising post-procedure. This thread is widely used to shape up a beautiful nose.

PDO Molding Cog Thread

Famous as a “sculpted thread” this is not like a regular PDO thread and is more durable – because it is pressed according to the fixed mold. The three most popular types are C Type, Y Type, and Z Type.

PDO Double Needle Cog Thread

It is used for V-lifting and eyebrow lifting – consists of two straight needles and one barbed PDO thread. PDO double-needle thread is better than the regular cog thread used for face-lifting. Eg. if we need 6 pieces of cog threads to lift the face, by using a double-needle cog thread, we would need only 2.

PDO Double Screw Thread

It consists of 2 smooth PDO threads and is used often to subtly lift and bring volume to the face. It helps you achieve a V-line face shape – a pointy chin and those admiring well-defined jawlines.

Do PDO Threads Really Last?

Yes, the PDO threads are quite long-lasting. The actual thread stays in your skin for about a few months before it is naturally absorbed by your skin through the process of hydrolysis. During this time, the threads are pulling and tightening your skin after which the skin stays in place and the production of collagen is being continued.

If you have explored many different techniques and treatments to slow down your fine lines and wrinkles then you are on a journey to find the best procedure that is effective and tested. PDO threads is an anti-aging procedure that resembles BBL light therapy, it just requires a bit more effort than just putting on a hydration mask once a week. If you’re trying to get rid of fine lines and signs of ageing then this is the procedure you must research about.

The procedure of PDO Thread 

PDO threads stand for polydioxanone threads, and it is a dissolvable matter that is usually used in surgical procedures to leave minimum scarring. It is also called sugar lift because PDO threads are made up of polysaccharides. 

This procedure is technically the most minimally invasive procedure in the field of dermatology. PDO threads are placed under the skin, which over time will dissolve and promote collagen in the skin, which in turn makes the skin look more firm and has fewer visible wrinkles.

The doctors advise stopping any drugs, alcohol, or tobacco for at least a week before the procedure. They also warn about the following drugs:

  • Ibuprofen or Advil
  • Aspirin
  • Omega 3
  • Green tea and related substances

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Once you’ve reached the hospital, the surgeon will talk you through the complications, what to expect during the procedure, and the recovery phase. He will tell you about each step in detail. Keep in mind that every surgeon has his or her own personality traits; this is why the steps he or she follows can vary. They will most probably follow these steps:

  • You will be prepped and they will make you sit in a reclined seat, your face will be disinfected with alcohol and they will put you on some local anesthetic. 
  • Now a small incision will be made on the place of your choice with a needle and they will insert a cannula into that incision. 
  • The surgeon will anchor the PDO thread and take out the cannula. 
  • Now they will cut the thread and secure it in place.
  • You will be free to go anywhere you want once they give you a heads-up.

Here are some pros and cons of PDO thread lift, 


  • Lifts are quick and take less recovery time
  • Very affordable and invasive
  • Less risk factors and more results
  • Dissolvable sutures that leave no scars behind


  • Fewer changes than of facelift
  • Does not have long-term effects they only last up to ya year or two


PDO thread lift aftercare/recovery 

PDO thread is one of the minor surgeries; this is why recovery takes minimum time and effort. It may give you 24 to 48 hours of swelling and bruising, other than that you’re good to go with your daily routine. 


The main thing that you need to avoid is rubbing your face for the next week or two because there’s a risk of dislodging the sutures. You will also be told not to press your lips together, sip through a straw for a few weeks, and avoid smoking.

You will also need to avoid sleeping in your sides, if you sleep with 2 pillows in a straight position you can avoid rolling on your sides. Avoid intense workouts and stop visiting saunas for at least 2 weeks.

Cost of PDO Thread 

The price point usually depends on different factors, most cosmetologists have different prices. However, the average cost of a PDO thread lift is around $500 to $5000. It really depends on the factors like experience of the surgeon, the location of the clinic/hospital, and a few other factors. The average cost of itvwill be around $1800 to $1900, if you go to a good surgeon. 

Insurance does not cover procedures like this and most of the cosmetic treatments. Most clinics offer payment plans that can help patients get the desired procedure without breaking the bank.

Risks and Side Effects

Every surgery has its pros and cons. Similarly, PDO thread lifting also has its pros and cons. PDO thread lift is very safe; the threads dissolve in 4 to 6 months without leaving a scar. This procedure has a lower risk factor than facelift surgeries. There is much less risk of scarring, bruising, and bleeding if you choose a highly trained and experienced doctor. In 15 to 20% of people minor complications do occur, but these are very treatable and preventable. These complications include:

  • Bruising
  • Hematoma
  • Hair Loss
  • Inflammation 
  • Minor infections 
  • Pain
  • Visible stitches only happen when the patient has thin skin

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Treatment Areas

PDO thread lift can treat almost all parts of the face and neck. If you’re excepting drastic face changes than you should opt for facelift surgery. If you want to be treated with pdo thread lift than these areas of your face and neck can be treated and tightened. 

  • Cheeks 
  • Nasal folds
  • Smile lines
  • Wrinkles 
  • Eyes
  • Neck 
  • Jaw
  • Chin
  • Areas that need lift or thickening of skin

Are PDO threads safe?

Yes, the PDO threads if bought from the best PDO thread brand are very safe because the threads get absorbed in 4 to 6 months without any scar tissue formation. They have a much lower risk than face-lift surgeries. Also, there is a lower risk of bruising, scarring, or bleeding when performed by highly trained professionals.

Broadly speaking, minor complications occur (after the procedure) in about 15 to 20% of patients, however, they are easily treatable.

These complications may include

  • Minor infections
  • Minor bruising
  • Hematoma
  • Visible sutures, mainly happen when a patient has very thin skin
  • Hair loss
  • Pain
  • Inflammation

procedure of PDO thread

How Long Does A PDO Thread Last?

The actual PDO threads stay in your skin for about 4 to 6 months before they are dissolved and finally absorbed naturally by your skin through the process of hydrolysis. Its skin-tightening effects and collagen production last for about 12 to 16 months.

Can I Sleep On My Face With PDO Threads?

No, you cannot sleep on your face with PDO threads. The added pressure on the face while sleeping could cause severe complications and damage. You can experience inflammation, bruising, soreness, and even less ideal results if you sleep on your face during the first few nights with PDO face threads after the procedure.

If you have a habit to sleep on your face, try sleeping on your back a few days before the procedure to get your body accustomed to it.

Can You Smile After PDO Threads?

It is advisable not to smile too deeply or laugh or make any strong facial expressions for the first 2 to 3 weeks’ post PDO sugar threads procedure. This is to avoid any cones being dislodged from the tissues which give the initial mechanical lift. However, after a few weeks, you can get back to your normal self and smile and laugh without any problems.

How Much Does PDO Threading Cost?

PDO collagen threads can cost anywhere from $700 to $4500. Its cost depends mainly on the brand of the threadused, the qualifications of the practitioner, the duration of the procedure, your location, and other factors.

One major factor to determine the cost is the ‘type of thread’ used. Eg. the mono threads are the cheapest of all and can cost approximately $2-5 per piece.

Screw threads can cost around $5-8 per piece while Cog threads and Molding threads can cost around $15-25 per piece.

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Another major factor is where the procedure takes place. If it is done in a professional beauty clinic or a spa, then each thread can cost several hundred USD per piece.

How Often Can You Do PDO Threads?

The results of the PDO skin thread treatment can last anywhere from around 6 to 16 months at a time. So how often you can do the PDO threads treatment depends upon how long the results of your previous treatment last. Many patients regularly opt for a PDO thread lift treatment every once or twice a year.

Which PDO Threads Are FDA Approved?

Yastrid polydioxanone threads are FDA approved. They are produced in China and delivered all across the world.

There are hypodermic needles or blunt cannulas which are preloaded with an absorbable suture that is then inserted into the skin.

Other types of FDA-approved PDO threads include the PDO Max Threads and PDO MINT Threads.

How Are PDO Threads Manufactured?

The PDO threads are protein in nature and are made from a colorless polyester that breaks down and gets absorbed in the body about 6 months after its insertion.

What Can Go Wrong With PDO Threads?

The PDO thread lifting procedure is one of the safest cosmetic procedures, however, sometimes, things can go wrong causing severe damage and complications. These include unmanageable pain, thread extrusion, dimpling, sensory abnormality, bleeding at thread insertion or exit points, ear numbness, severe swelling and bruising, skin irregularities, and foreign body reactions.

The reason these complications occur is either the procedure is performed by an untrained doctor or the quality of the thread isn’t fine. In both cases, patients are at high risk of developing complications.

Can You Do PDO Threads At Home?

The DIY-beauty community is quite in favor to do PDO threads at home, however, this is very alarming and a sign of danger for doctors.

Doctors and medical professionals strictly advise not to perform any kind of PDO thread lifting procedures at home because they believe that the chances of something good happening is nearly zero.

Inserting needles and sutures into the face without any professional guidance at home can be extremely dangerous and harmful, especially because if you hit any large-caliber blood vessels, it can cause vascular problems.

It can also be very dangerous if any infections occur in the skin or severe bleeding occurs which could even lead to permanent damage to the tissues of the skin.

pdo thread done professionally

Do PDO Threads Stimulate Collagen?

Yes, the PDO threads stimulate collagen production and are known as “Natural Collagen Producers”.

The thread is placed below the surface of the skin and it stimulates the collagen production in that particular affected area.

The result you get immediately after the procedure will improve with time due to the production of more and more collagen getting rid of the wrinkles and making the skin tighter and fresher.

Do PDO Threads Work Instantly?

Yes, the PDO threads were instant. Once the PDO threads are inserted into your skin, they get attached and the PDO thread lift begins to work immediately. You will be able to see a noticeable difference in your skin instantaneously and your face will appear more lifted than it did before the procedure was done.

Your body will then start the healing process and collagen production would occur. You will be able to see the full results of your treatment appear within 1 to 2 months following the initial treatment.

Can PDO Threads Cause Nerve Damage?

Nerve damage can be caused due to the PDO threads, however, it is extremely rare. The PDO threads are injected into the subcutaneous layer of the skin while the nerves are present in the layer deeper than the fatty layer. Therefore, the nerves are present away from the site at which the threads are injected.

Occasionally, temporary weakness may be caused by the local anesthesia given during the procedure, however, it fades away once the local effects of the anesthesia get disappeared from the body.

Can You Microneedle After PDO Threads?

After PDO threads, you have to wait for some time until the complete effects of the treatment are shown before you can receive any other anti-aging cosmetic treatment such as microneedle treatment.

If you want to get microneedle treatment done, then it is strongly recommended to carry out this procedure a few weeks before you get the PDO thread-lift done.

Are PDO Threads Better Than Filler?

Winner: PDO Thread Lift

There are pros and cons of both PDO threads as well as Fillers. Thread lifts hurt 70% more than fillers, even though local anesthesia is used in this procedure. While the fillers are non-invasive and have no recovery time as well. But comparatively the results of PDO thread lift last longer, usually up to 2 years.

Fillers are effective at contouring the face and enhancing specific areas like cheeks which lose volume as you age. Whereas PDO thread lift gives significant results, you’ll notice skin tightening and lifting soon after the procedure. However, the results improve with time.

The fillers are more cost-effective because patients mostly want to enhance the aesthetic characteristics of some particular facial features rather than lifting their entire face up and thus, PDO thread-lifts cost more than fillers.

However, the PDO thread-lift is better than fillers if the results and duration of the treatment are considered as the PDO thread-lifts results are effective and last quite longer than the fillers.

Are PDO Threads Better Than Botox?

Botox is mainly used to treat fine lines and prevent future wrinkles while PDO threads are used for skin lifting and tightening; it gives more intense results.

Botox is best for people who want to return to their busy lifestyles right after the procedure is done while for those who want longer-lasting results for anti-aging, PDO threads would be the option to go.

Both procedures are used to tighten skin and reverse the signs of aging but results of PDO threads are far better than Botox.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From PDO Threads?

Immediately after the procedure is done, you will be able to see your skin getting firm, tight, and lifted approx 3–4 weeks post-procedure.

The results will intensify and deepen over the next five weeks or so. Your body will continue producing collagen over the affected areas, making your skin tighter and therefore, your lifted outcomes should continue to improve for the next few months.

Do PDO Threads Break Easily?

PDO threads are extremely durable, therefore, they are even used in major, life-saving medical procedures such as heart surgeries. They do not break easily at all. Even if a thread breaks, no structural support would be lost in any way. To make the procedure very secure, the best move would be to insert multiple PDO threads in an area to ensure a stronghold and long-lasting results.

Can PDO Threads Be Removed?

The removal of PDO threads is quite difficult, especially because they are very thin and fragile. However, with the help of devices like RF or Radio Frequency devices which would heat the PDO threads enough to degrade them as they are protein in nature. Other ways to remove these threads include bacteriostatic water injections which are injected onto the local area and soften and partially dissolve these threads. A skilled practitioner can also remove the threads by surgical means, even though it is quite a difficult method for removal compared to other methods.

Can You See The PDO Threads?

No, you cannot see the PDO threads. Clients may feel some tightness as the time passes by due to the dissolving of the PDO threads, however, they will not be able to physically see the threads.

Can You Feel The PDO Threads In Your Face?

No, you cannot feel the PDO threads in your face. The reason for this is that these threads placed under the skin are extremely thin and small, and the client will not be able to feel them. It has been reported that most people will not be able to feel their sutures at all once the skin has healed around them.

How To Keep PDO Thread?

After getting the PDO thread-lift procedure done, there are certain things you need to ensure.

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • Wear sunscreen whenever outdoors
  • Regularly moisturize your skin
  • Stay hydrated
  • Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated from the surface of the bed to avoid putting pressure on your face

There are certain things you should avoid.

  • Staying in direct sunlight
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Touching your face
  • Putting pressure on the face by sleeping on it
  • Engaging in strenuous exercise or other harsh physical activities

do pdo threads break easily?

Which Is The Best PDO Thread Brand?

There are many PDO thread brands available in the market. Some of them include NovaThreads, MINT, Yastrid PDO Threads, etc.

These brands have a variety of different PDO threads available and their threads are even suitable for people with very thin skins.

Where To Buy PDO Threads Online?

PDO threads can be purchased online from Yastrid Medical Aesthetics – the leading PDO threads manufacturer and supplier located in China. This company pays a lot of attention to great product quality and never disappoints its customers.


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They have different varieties of PDO threads available, and they make their threads using imported, natural material which is safe for surgical use. All threads are carefully inspected before sending them into the market to ensure the best quality and service.

Yastrid PDO Threads Before and After?

There is a major difference seen in clients’ faces before and after using the Yastrid PDO Threads. Before using the threads, the skin of the face is quite saggy and full of fine lines as well as wrinkles. The glow of the face has been lost and it looks quite bloated and shapeless. The shape of the jawline and cheekbones in most of the clients had been lost due to aging, making the face and its features look quite unappealing.

However, after using the Yastrid PDO Threads, a remarkable difference can be seen. The skin has gotten tighter and all the fine lines and wrinkles have been removed. The skin has been rejuvenated and is glowing like it never aged. The face has gotten a definite, slim shape as well with proper defining jawlines and cheekbones. Likewise, the face has gotten a proper lift – the results are very visible and have made the clients love the Yastrid PDO threads a lot.






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