Jose Laracuente is a fashion model and show producer for the fashion show hiTechMODA. As a model he has graced runways all over the world walking for a number of designers. Not only is he a model and producer, but he also lends his expertise to up and coming models by coaching and mentoring them along their journey. Jose is also a musician and produces his own music. This young talent is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry! Jose took time away from teaching and working for this interview about his career in fashion as well as offering some advice to those wanting to break into the industry.

1. Tell us how you got started in the Fashion Industry.

From a young age, fashion wasn’t just a choice—it was my calling. As a child, my school days were not just about lessons; the hallway was my runway. I remember dressing up with a meticulousness that belied my years, Yet, it was at the ripe age of 19 that my true love for fashion matured.

I was not just following fashion—I was living it, breathing it, with an instinctual understanding that to others seemed almost otherworldly. It was as though I was born with it, in my DNA, guiding me towards the next wave of innovation, the next unspoken, next trend.

Fashion to me was never static. Like a vibrant, ever-shifting kaleidoscope, it was always moving, always evolving, and I, forever in its thrall, eagerly anticipated each new transformation.

2. What do you love about fashion? How would you describe your fashion style?

Fashion for me is more than just a mere collection of fabrics and patterns; it is an art form, a medium through which individuals express their unique identities, personalities, and tastes. For me, my style is a blend of sleek suits and vibrant streetwear. I believe the allure of wearing suits lies in one’s ability to instantly elevate one’s presence. It becomes a  beacon of elegance, providing a snapshot of professionalism and a timeless appeal that transcends the changing tides of fashion trends. A well-tailored suit carries with it a sense of accomplishment and an aura of refined taste.

On the other hand when I’m not wearing fashion in shows, my fashion spectrum is streetwear, the rebellious counterpoint to the structured world of suits. Streetwear thrives on innovation, comfort, and a nod to youth culture. It’s a testament to individuality, a style that breaks free from conventional norms to embrace a more relaxed, yet distinctly stylish aesthetic. Streetwear is imbued with an urban coolness, a reflection of the city’s dynamic heartbeat, making it the perfect vehicle for showcasing one’s connection to the vibrant ebbs and flows of modern life.

3. You walk in runway shows all over the world. Where has been your favorite place to walk? What has been your favorite designer to walk for?

Of course New York Fashion Week, living in New York, there are no better runways and I walk for one of the best at hiTechMODA.  New York is one of the world’s most prominent fashion capitals, along with Milan, London and Paris.  The other of my favorite runways to walk the runways.

My favorite designers, that is really a hard one to answer.  I walk for many indie designers whose collections should be on Fifth Avenue, but the pandemic was a game changer for them.  They are competing against the big names to make a living , these designers are but a few that I have walked for: Wajahat Mirza , Ricardo Oyarzun , Taj Cottage, Derrick Webb, Alonso Maximo, and Rian Fernandez.

4. You also help co- produce HiTech Moda’s fashion shows in New York, Paris, and Milan. How did you get started with that partnership?

I started with hiTechMODA as a model. Since most of the productions are done in highly populated cities, and the producer is very security conscious she would hire male models as security for the further backstage areas to ensure there were no security breaches, moving models, and assistance in scouting locations.  I became interested in the early development of the production side when working with casting of the models, social media campaigns, and it moved into the assistance onsite during production.  hiTechMODA productions are very large and extensive. It takes a village.  It takes a strong team and we have one.

5. You are not only a model but you mentor and coach others in the industry. What are 3 tips you always tell your students?

Three tips I will tell my students are:

#1 Always come prepared to a casting call and have your model bag ready with you.

#2 Don’t try to compete with other models/Actors be yourself

#3 Recognize your strengths with in this industry

6. What advice do you have for up and coming models?

Modeling is a competitive industry that requires dedication, time and perseverance. Modeling jobs can be hard to come by, not all the time you will be working, especially those in high-fashion, Be Ready, Get headshots, Create a portfolio,Try a modeling coach, Look for open casting calls,and if it’s a passion of yours DON’T GIVE UP!

7. After working with so many designers, do you have any aspirations to design your own collection?

I respect all our designers. They are all so talented and passionate about what they do, but I do not want their jobs.

8. What are your goals for 2024?

My Goal for 2024 is to open my own modeling school called Laracuente Modeling School.

9. Where can we follow you on social media?

Instagram: JoseLaracuente_

Instagram: fashionlatino_


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