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According to most women, waxing is a painful procedure that causes skin irritation, redness, etc. However, these things depend on the type of wax used and your skin type. Generally, women with sensitive skin face these issues. These days there’s much hype about this newly developed wax. So there is on-going battle between Rica wax vs normal wax about which one to choose. As women prefer to use natural, organic and chemical free wax. The only solution to use chemical-free wax and have healthier skin is by using– Rica wax – made of natural ingredients.

So, in this blog, we will be talking about Rica wax VS Normal wax and why Rica is in so much demand compared to regular wax.

What Is Rica Wax?

Rica wax is a liposoluble wax, also called white chocolate wax. It is made of resin extracts and nourishing vegetable oils mixed with glyceryl rosinate, the most important non-allergenic ingredients.

Other ingredients used in this include beeswax, titanium dioxide, specific essential oils, opuntia oil, and zinc oxide. All-natural ingredients are carefully chosen to help you achieve soft and smooth skin like never before.

Rica Wax

Rica wax is made in Italy by an Italian cosmetic company named “Rica.” The company produces high-quality Rica products with a natural formula for skin and hair. The brand ensures that the wax has superior hair-gripping strength while remains gentle and nourishing to the skin.

Differences Between Rica Wax and Normal Wax

Unlike regular sugar or honey-based wax, Rica wax is all-natural and 100% free from colophony, aka rosin – a sticky substance found in traditional wax. This ensures painless hair removal; hence, considered the best wax for sensitive skin.

Moreover, the quantity of Rica wax you must apply is significantly less than ordinary wax.

The other significant advantage of using Rica over normal one is that it removes even the smallest hair that the latter cannot do properly.

However, Rica wax is messier and even more expensive than ordinary wax but considered relatively better for the skin.

Types of Rica Wax

From Rica Chocolate and Strawberry wax to Rica Milk wax and from Rica Brazilian wax to Rica Aloe Vera wax, you can choose any variety as per your skin requirements.

The Rica Aloe Vera wax and Milk wax are best for sensitive skin. Aloe, a magical herb, contains healing properties and milk helps nourish skin naturally.

Likewise, chocolate and strawberry wax flavors are best for dry skin.

Rica Brazilian wax is suitable for the bikini line.

All four kinds of waxes are different from each other; however, all contain natural vegetable oils and are chemical-free. Choose the one which suits your skin most.

How To Use Rica Wax

Follow the instructions to know about- Rica Wax how to use. Take your Rica wax jar and put in the heater. Turn on the heater with the maximum settings. Before you start applying clean your hands with sanitizer. To ensure the area is properly cleaned use some cotton milk pre wax gel on which you need to get your wax done. Take out a spatula, apply a thin layer of wax on the targeted area with the help of spatula in direction of hair growth. Pull the wax strip in the opposite direction of your hairs. Clean out the residue left behind and finally moisturize. Now you can enjoy hair free smooth glowing skin.

Does Rica Wax Reduce Hair Growth

Yes, it reduces hair growth and removes the smallest of the hair. It’s formula contains such ingredients that slows down the hair growth that results in less waxing and saves a lot of time. Over a period of regular waxing sessions, you will see the difference. You may not need reapplication after some sessions of it.

Additional Rica Wax Benefits 

  • No redness and irritation post application
  • Best for small grown hair; underarms, facial hair, and bikini hair with a very little growth
  • Smooth hair removal process. Usually, it does not require re-application
  • Great for super sensitive skin and all skin types; dry, oily, normal, and a combination
  • Hair growth slows down – takes weeks for new hair follicles to grow
  • With regular use, softer hair follicles will be grown
  • Available in many varieties
  • Tan removal is an added advantage
  • Ideal for face and bikini zone
  • Contains beeswax that nourishes the skin
  • Pre and post-wax oils help make the process easy and non-sticky

Just remember: Always opt for the better quality wax. Cheaper options will do nothing good to your skin.

Post Wax Tips

  1. Wash the area with cold water and then apply a mild lotion to reduce irritation and sensitivity
  2. Avoid scented products or chemical creams; instead, use coconut oil to moisturize the area
  3. Avoid saunas and any activity (for at least 24 hours) which irritates your skin

Because the newly waxed skin is super sensitive, it’s best to avoid heat friction post waxing.

Rica Wax Side Effects

While Rica wax is safe to use even on face and for sensitive skin. However we will recommend you doing a patch test before you use it. Some of the common side effects that you can face after using it may be:

  • Temporary bumps
  • Rashes
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Allergic reactions

If the patch test has results in any of the above mentioned effects, you need to avoid using it.

Related FAQs

Is it safe to use Rica wax on acne-prone skin face?

Considering all the benefits of Rica, it is fair to say that it is totally safe for acne-prone skin. The chances of getting allergic reaction such as breakouts, itching and irritation is minimum if you use Aloe Vera Wax flavor compared to ordinary waxes. Aloe heals skin naturally, thus considered best for sensitive/breakout skin.

However, you must consult your dermatologist before using any type of wax on an acne-prone face.

How to apply Rica wax at home?

Once the wax melts, apply a thinner layer in the direction of hair growth, then wait for 2 to 3 seconds and pull it off. Yay, you’re done.

Never apply a thick layer of wax; otherwise, you won’t get a grip, and it will be a painful process rather. Remember, the quantity of Rica wax that you’ll need is significantly less compared to the regular one.

Does Rica wax need strips?

The good news is Rica wax is a non-strip wax formula which means you can apply it easily with fingers; however, the only condition is to melt it completely.

Is Rica wax good for underarms?

You can use this magical product i.e rica wax for dark underarms hair without any worries. But before using it on your delicate skin, you need to make sure the armpit area is clean and sweat-free from heat/humidity.

This surety is necessary because wax won’t adhere to sweat hair. So wash your underarms thoroughly with a towel before.

Moreover, you can also add a talcum powder to sop up extra moisture.

Does Rica wax lighten underarms?

Indeed, waxing also works as a natural exfoliator on your skin. The good news is that Rica wax comes with added natural ingredients that remove hair from the root, making dark underarms brighter immediately.

Does Rica wax remove sun tan?

It works the same as any other wax works for tan removal, which means it will brighten up your tan skin a little by stripping off a fresh surface of dead skin. So, skin gets an instant glow.

Experts say Rica is not formulated to lighten your skin, but it does help remove fresh tan!

A thing to remember!

Chocolate flavor wax is so far considered best for tan removal. It has cocoa and other natural ingredients like glycerin, soybean oil, almond oil, vitamins, and olive oil which helps brighten up dark areas.

Although chocolate wax comes with an added advantage, it is a bit costly. The price is 30%-50% higher than regular wax.

What temperature does Rica wax melt if you don’t have a warmer?

Heating Rica wax without a warmer is as easy as with warmer. If you’re doing wax at home, just heat it in a gas oven (on a low flame), and it melts within 2minutes. To get salon-like waxing at home, you need to melt your wax correctly.

Moreover, you can buy a Rica wax warmer readily available in local markets. Also, you can use a regular wax heater to melt Rica wax at home.

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Is it safe to heat Rica wax in a microwave?

A microwave is also used to melt the hard wax beans; however, it is better to avoid heating wax in it. The reason is a microwave may make some wax beans very hot (especially those placed at the top) while leaving others cold. Due to this uneven distribution of heat, experts don’t suggest using a microwave for wax heating purposes.

Just remember:  If you have wax beans in a small quantity, you can melt them in the microwave. For large quantity wax beans, a warmer works best.

Is Rica wax reusable and reheatable?

You might not need to reuse Rica wax on the same part of your skin as it has such a nice grip on the first attempt, but yes, it is reusable in thinner layers.

Likewise, Rica is also reheatable. However, upon reheating frequently, it changes color.

Does Rica wax expire?

There is no “standard” shelf life for Rica, nor it gets expire so quickly. However, it can change its properties (like color and smell) if not stored correctly after removing the seal.

How do know about the expiration of Rica wax?

Expired wax won’t help you remove hairs. So, an inability to remove hair is the sign your wax gets expired.

Is it safe to leave Rica wax in the warmer?

Yes, leaving wax in a wax machine will not harm its function nor pose any risk to the safety of your beautiful home.

How to clean a Rica wax heater?

Regular cleaning of Rica wax warmer makes it look spotless every day. Moreover, cleaning increases the machine’s life span. To clean your warmer, place it in the freezer for good thirty minutes. After the wax become hard, you can pop out of your warmer. Once wax comes out, wipe the machine with a paper towel.

What not to do

  • Do not heat the warmer when it is empty
  • Always cut the power off before you start cleaning the machine
  • Never soak the warmer in water

Last words

Even though the price of Rica wax is a little more than regular wax, this price difference is unnoticeable because of the benefits it comes with. This is why it has become professional’s number one choice. We hope this article has helped you clearing the confusions regarding Rica wax vs normal wax.

With this newly advanced wax, don’t get nervous about removing unwanted hair from your sensitive skin areas!



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