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White dress has always been timeless and is a must-have staple in women’s wardrobe. While bright wedding dress colors are so popular, white is still the popular choice for brides. Not only does your beautiful accessory go with white, but bright smoky colors will always pop against it. Trust us; you can create amazing makeup looks with white wedding dresses for women.

You might be confused about what makeup with a white dress looks good or what shoes or accessories you should match with it. Right? Don’t worry; we are here to help you make a beautiful style statement with a white dress in many different ways.

Let’s dive into the details!

How to Create White Dress Makeup Look?

White is a neutral color, so it may get tricky when doing eye makeup with white dress. However, it gives you plenty of options to play with. For example, you can go for a bold look, neutral or glitter makeup look, whatever you like.

Eye Makeup With White Dress Step By Step

If you are a beginner, you can easily follow these steps to create beautiful eye makeup for a white dress

  • The first step in makeup is to prep your skin. Moisturize your skin for 1-2 hours before applying makeup. Then put on a face primer. If you have dry skin, shea butter can be your best moisturizer.
  • For eye makeup, prep your eyes by applying an eye primer. Then apply transition shade all over the lid. It should be the lightest shade out of all the colors you are going to use.
  • Start building up your eye makeup by applying one shade darker or two shades darker to the corner of your eyes. Blending is the key to eye makeup.
  • Now, compliment your eyeshade with the best mascara and liner.

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Put glitter or shimmery shade on the center of the eye. You can either go for the half crease or full crease. For hooded eyes, creating crease and then adding eyes shadow is a perfect choice.

Top 7 Makeup Looks For White Dress

Let’s discuss  5 different looks that you can choose to have with your white dress

1. Silver Eye Makeup With White Dress

On any occasion or wedding, you can style your white dress with silver makeup. Key here; if you are going dramatic eye makeup look, then for lip color, you must choose a matt shade. Start creating this look by adding a transition shade like a peach. Then add silver eye shadow to your crease and brown to your corners and build it up. You can further accessorize it and style your hair to complete your look

silver eye makeup with white dress

2. Smokey Eye Look

Make your white dress stand out with a smoky eye look. For a smoky eye look, the easiest way is to first apply a bronze shade all over the lid. Then start applying eyeliner little by little and blend it with an eye brush. You can add more depth to it by using black eye shadow. Do not forget the lower lash.  Put your mascara on and a light lip color. And you are ready to flaunt!

smokey eye look with white dress3. Neutral Makeup

Just as white symbolizes neutrality, you can go for a nude makeup look. Neutral makeup is quite popular these days. You can apply a neutral lip shade with neutral eyeshades. It will draw attention to your whole look rather than your face. This simple look you can carry easily on a light lunch, dinner, or casual meetings.

neutral eye makeup with white dress

4. Classic Gold Makeup 

Classic gold eye makeup with bold lip color will draw everyone’s attention towards you. Apply false lashes to make it more dramatic and finish it off by adding blush on and highlighter on your cheeks. It will give you sharp look. Moreover, you must use lash curlers to make your eyes look more dramatic.

classic gold makeup 5. Eye Makeup With White Dress For Dark Skin

The beauty of this complexion is that they can pull off any look with minimal effort. Start off by choosing a semi-matte foundation that will give a natural look. Add metallic silver shadows all over the lids. Complete your look by putting in nude lip color and adding bronze that will highlight your cheekbones.

Makeup for white dress- Dark skin

6 . Red and Silver Makeup look 

If adding only a highlighter is too simple and basic for you, we suggest you try silver eyeliner with red lipstick with transparent gloss. Then you can apply a cream highlighter on the top corners of your face to give your face a lift and glow at the same time.

7 . Minimalist makeup 

This is one of the most fav and easy to go to makeup with a white dress. To achieve this look simply start with basic skin care including serum, and moisturizer, and then apply concealer or any light foundation. Then apply mascara add a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes and finish it with some peach lipstick with any good tint on the cheeks.

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7 Makeup Tips For Makeup With White Dress 

Wearing seems simple but it is not as easy as it looks. Carrying a white dress properly needs a little more attention. Makeup gives every look a different angle It is important to do makeup according to the color and style of your dress. If you decide to wear makeup at any of your upcoming events we would like you to consider these tips while doing makeup with white dress on. 

Exfoliate your skin 

When n doing makeup with a white dress make sure your skin looks fresh and to make that you must exfoliate your skin before putting on any makeup. Take any gentle exfoliation cleanser and gently massage on your face tip of your fingers and then wash.

After washing apply serum and moisturizer to make your skin look smooth and fresh.

Foundation and Concealer 

Use a very lightweight and light coverage foundation or concealer if you’re going for a casual event. And if you are going for a wedding or grand event go for a high coverage foundation, because wearing a white dress can make you prominent in any gathering so you must look good throughout the event.


Wearing makeup with a white dress is a quite tricky task. You get confused about whether to put wing liners or just light liners with smudged ends. After consulting with some makeup artists it is suggested to put light liners and dont for more sharp ends eyeliner style, rather opt for simple liners and smooth ends. 


Making your eyes more prominent can be done by using a high-end mascara, make sure to apply 3 to 4 coats to make them look more big and prominent. Of course, most females do light makeup with a white dress and it’s trendy, so it’s important to make your lash game strong to make your overall look balanced.

Glowy Blush 

When wearing white and wanting to look elegant with a simple look, use blush with a more illuminating effect. Apply an illuminating blush on cheekbones, and eyelids, and then apply lip tint to give you a natural rossy look with a white dress.

Nude Lip Color  Combination 

To achieve a bold starlight look for an event apply different nude lip colors with khol eyes to give that sensation overall look. You can choose different nude lip combos like natural light brown mixing it with light pink lipstick. You can also apply a little transparent lipgloss to give you a shiny clear glow for the night.

Loads of Highlighter 

Makeup with a white dress looks better when you apply highlighter. We would personally suggest you apply a highlighter in nude color on the cheekbone, the tip of your nose, under the brow arch, and also on the inner eyes. If you have small eyes and you are going to wear a white dress go for putting highlighter on your inner eyes to make your eyes look more wide.

What Color Lipstick Goes With A White Dress?

Now we have discussed the eye makeup looks above, let’s dive into lipstick colors that go with a white dress. You can go for various options when it comes to lipstick. But here’s a tip; white skin tone should prefer wearing red, or orange, nudes. For warmer, dark, or undertone skin, peach or brown lip shades will do the magic.

1. Red Color

The most common combo is red lipstick with a white dress that makes a bold statement. You don’t need any other thing to go with this look to nail it.

woman carrying red lipstick

2. Brown Shade

If you have a warm undertone, then team your white dress with a brown shade. That will give you a classic look. Brown shade polishes off the white ensemble with a neutral finish

brown lipshade

3. Pink Color

For soft touch, you can go for pink lip color. It gives a whole subtle look to your face. Moreover, highlight your cheekbones after contouring and finish off your look by blending a neutral shade to your eye.

pink lip color

4. Odd Lipcolor 

You can pop up your white dress by applying odd colors like purple, blue, orange, etc. It just adds a whole new life to the outfit.

odd lip color

What Accessories Go With White Dress?

Adding accessories with a white dress will bring a new element to the whole look.

1. Bag

You can add a pop-up color to your white dress by styling it with a color bag and hat. You can also pair it up with a neutral bag, a black-colored bag. The choice is unlimited. Every color can go with a white dress. Just mix and match and pick up what suits the best.

pop color bag

2. Sunglasses

Team your white dress with oversized sunglasses; it will give you a chic look. Add little detailed jewelry like small studs, and chained metal necklaces, and feel like a boss.

3. Hat

You can add a hat to your white outfit. It will add a feminine and versatile look to the whole dress.

What Color Shoes Go Best With a White Dress?

Shoes are the first thing that people notice about someone. The best thing is you can wear bright-colored shoes with a white dress such as red, pink, etc. You can pair it up with any color and it will make your ensemble stand out.

Likewise, you can pair up your white dress with nude heels. Nude heels are an excellent choice to go for as they make your legs look longer, and that’s what most women want.

Just remember: If you love to have a little tanned leg with a white maxi or skirt, you can apply an indoor tanning lotion to achieve that effect.

Hair Styles

Depending upon the length and what event you will attend, you can try different hairstyles with a white dress. But before styling your hair, make sure to use the shampoo according to your hair type and any treatment you had before. For example, if you have done balayage you must use shampoo which suits you best for balayage hair.

If you have short hair, then straight hair with add-on hair accessories or loose curls will give you a super chic look. If you have long or medium hair, you can tie them up in a ponytail or create a braid but don’t forget to apply the best mousse for braids. Moreover, you can also tie them up in a bun.

If you are going for formal events, add curls. However, the best option is to ask your hairstylist.

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Final Thoughts – The Verdict

White is mostly considered a bride’s color, but you can go for an unconventional choice by wearing it at someone’s wedding. Choices are unlimited.

We have given you a complete guideline about what makeup goes with a white dress. Also, we talked about accessories and shoes to match it. However, you need to understand what event you are going to attend and how you carry yourself.

We hope this article has helped you choose the right makeup, a good combination of accessories, and shoes.

If you have other ideas, do comment below. We would love to hear from you.


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