About Us

Welcome to fashiononey.com. Fashiononey is a one-stop-shop for classic fashion style guides and beauty tips & tricks for fashion lovers. Our goal at Fashiononey is to deliver content featuring the best fashion tips and beauty tips for women of all ages who want to look stylish always.

How did Fashiononey.com come into being?

So, our venture of starting our website fashiononey.com started as me and my friend randomly went to university and talked about how we should do something. The idea was vague at that time with no clue of what we wanted to do. But back then we both had a keen interest in reading and fashion. And since we both were studying fashion from Fashion institute of technology so we have quite a lot of information about it. So, one day while we were going through a website blog about fashion, my friend said to me “How about we start our website since we both love fashion and makeup?” I remember me laughing at her and thinking that she has gone mad. But she was convicted that instead of daydreaming about doing something. How about taking a step to start? I was very unsure at that time. And later on, we got busy with our exams and assignments, etc.

But later on we took it seriously and here we are having our own website.

What Fashiononey.com Is All About?

Fashiononoey.com is a platform in its true meaning where you can learn about the latest trends in fashion, makeup, and skincare. We have shared a complete guide about how can you do makeup step by step through pictures. We have told you how you can style different ideas like T-shirts, skirts and much more. Our latest ranking post about the best jeans for apple shape tells you how you can flaunt off your body shape in the most beautiful way with comfortable pair of jeans that we have recommended. On our website, you can find the best product out there with our detailed reviews and guides like the best Korean Vitamin c serum, Best Shampoo For Asian Hair, etc. Similarly, our famous post where you can learn more about different skin types and what is the perfect skincare routine for oily acne-prone skin. No matter what problem you are facing about your skin type, you can find answers to your queries related to any skincare. Here you can find amazing blogs where you can comment and share your ideas. We have started with affiliate commission-based blog posts recently. Upon getting huge feedback, we are planning to continue it.

Founders Of The Blog

Jessica Neo

Hey! I am Jessica Neo, a blogger who loves to write about fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Through education, I am pursuing a degree in fashion and have done internships in different brands like ZARA etc. If someone has to describe me in three words I will say, Enthusiast, Ambitious and Kind.

Lucy James

Hey! I am Lucy James, a blogger, and SEO Analyst. I love to write content, do SEO, and rank our keywords. I am doing BS degree in fashion and part-time managing my blog. Apart from that, I love reading books, making friends, and exploring nature. Love to connect with you all!

The Motivation To Start Fashiononey.com

We wanted to have a complete guide about fashion, makeup, and skincare in a place. Yes, there was quite a lot of stuff about all the niches on Instagram. But the fact, we wanted to have a handbook sort of thing where we can provide information with step-to-step images. Moreover, we want to recommend them products with an in-depth review of every item and also guide them on how can they purchase them. Our purpose was to ease it down for all the women in fact of every age, and size to learn about the latest trends of fashion, makeup and skincare and apply them in budget-friendly way.

The Opportunities Fashiononey.Com have


The biggest opportunity is that we can monetize it. Here’s how we are doing it and I am sure you can also achieve it.

How We Are Earning Through It?

I am sure readers might be interested in knowing “Are you earning from it as well”? Let me break it down. On our website, we write articles about fashion, makeup, and skincare. There are different ways you can earn through your website. But we are currently focusing on three main sources

  1. Adds

Advertisements are the most basic form of earning through a website. There are different ad networks like Adsense, Ezoic, and others. While some ad networks require a particular limit of traffic, others do not. Like Adsense, you do not need a limit on the traffic. Similarly, Ezoic has recently introduced no traffic approval. Our website runs Adsense and Ezoic ads. You can check further details about the approval, criteria, and requirements on their website.

  1. Affiliate Links

Affiliate links work by signing up on Amazon and getting it approved. Then you have to find the products related to your niche and put the links on your website. Whenever the user clicks on the link, they get to amazon. If the user purchases the product, we will get the commission for that product and hence making our revenue out of it.

  1. Guests’ Posts

Guests Posts are another great way you can make money out of your blogs. So what is the logic behind it? There are thousands of websites competing for getting ranked on Google. For that, you need to get backlinks, and one of the best ways to get them is through guest posts. You reach out to the website owner through email and contact them so that they can publish any article you gave to them having your website link inserted in it. But obviously, you are going to pay for having a backlink from the other website. That’s what we do. We post for other websites and in return, we get the revenue.

Inspiration For Other People

To all the ladies out there, if you want to do something just take a step. So, aim big, work hard for it, and pray. That’s how you get success.

So, if you are passionate about doing something big in your life, start from small. Just do it. If we can do something without any support you can also, do it. Here’s to many inspiring women out there, who want to make a difference in their lives and others! You can do it!

Please reach out to us for any guidance: fashiononey.user@gmail.com

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