There are many cosmetic treatments available for a dark lip, and you might get confused about which procedure is safe to choose! Lip laser treatment is the globally approved latest advanced option for lip lightening. As the name suggests, ‘laser’ this procedure is non-surgical and uses light to penetrate into the pigmented lips deeply. The light stimulates new cells in the skin to get rid of damaged skin cells.

The Lip Lightening Procedure:

The doctor will first photograph the lips. Next, an anesthetic is injected into the lip to numb it completely. Your eyes will be protected before starting the laser beam. The laser makes a little “popping” noise, so don’t panic; it is part of the procedure. Moreover, a doctor uses a smoke evacuator to remove fumes – this also makes a noise. The treatment itself is painless and takes only a few minutes.

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What Causes Dark Lips?

Just like your other body parts, lips can also suffer from discoloration. DARK LIPS can occur because of many reasons as follows.

  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking – as it contains nicotine
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Repetitive licking of lips
  • A birth mark
  • Excessive dryness of lips
  • An overuse of lipsticks
  • Cosmetic or toothpaste allergies – use of expired products
  • A reaction to some medications and
  • Even Genetic medical conditions called Lichen Planus.

Are There Any Health Benefits To Having Pink Lips?

Dr. Mary Sommerlad, a Dermatologist based in London, says she “There are no health benefits – reported as yet – to having pink lush lips, so I would assume it is purely aesthetic,” she further adds. “When it comes to aesthetic treatments, I always ask my clients: why do you opt for the procedure? Is it for themselves, or the purpose is to please a partner? “Her last words, “Lips are a crucial part of our identity; we should never alter our appearance to please others.” Source

Is Laser Treatment Painful?

No, it is an advanced non-invasive, painless procedure. However, some people face a slight irritation during the treatment. The pain is minimal, and after a few minutes, the skin becomes habitual of bearing the pain. You’ll need successive sessions at an interval of 3-4 weeks.

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Is Laser Treatment Safe?

Yes, according to experts, a laser is 100% medically safe treatment. The ablative laser technology works incredibly quickly by delivering an intense wavelength of light that removes the skin’s outer layer. With its fractional technology, you can get soft, pink lips with ease.

What Is Q switched NdYag Laser?

Q switched NdYag laser treats the melanin deposits (natural skin pigment) in the lip area. The procedure breaks down the excess melanin in the area; however, multiple sessions help achieve a visible change.

Depending on the problematic area, sometimes doctors choose to combine the lip lightening lasers with other cosmetic treatments like fillers and peels. This combination might help you get better results.

How Much Does Lip Lightening Laser Treatment Cost?

There are a couple of laser treatments used for lip lightening. Some are expensive, and some are easily affordable depending on what type you choose and which clinic you visit. The average cost can range from $20 to $120 per sitting.

How Long Does Lip Lightening Laser Last?

The duration time of the laser varies from 10 to 30 minutes – depending on each case. Lasers may help in removing pigmentation, but no expert can guarantee its recurrence. It totally depends on your lifestyle and how strictly you follow doctors’ advice post-treatment. Lip balm with SPF is mandatory. Likewise, you’ll have to follow all other tips to prevent dark lips in the future.

Tips To Prevent Dark Lips Post-Treatment

  1. Use sunblock daily.
  2. Stop picking the lips.
  3. Keep your lips hydrated 24/7. Damaged lips can result in discoloration.
  4. Lifestyle changes are essential to prevent pigmentation. Quit smoking and alcohol, decrease caffeine intake, avoid using cheap lipsticks, stop licking lips, and chewing tobacco.
  5. Lipsticks containing Vitamin E are best to use. Never sleep with your lipstick on.
  6. Exfoliate your lips regularly. Exfoliation helps remove dry skin and results in soft, supple lips.
  7. To prevent dryness, make a habit of carrying lip balm and use it when needed.
  8. Also, it is advisable to get your hemoglobin checked.

Other Lip Lightening Treatments

Chemical peels, topical creams, martini, permanent makeup can also help in lip pigmentation. Likewise, there are many home remedies to treat dark lips, but they work slow and even take years to solve the problem. A few home remedies include beetroot juice, turmeric paste, lemon and honey paste, and much more.

Final Thoughts

We all love pink lips. Indeed, pink lips not only enhance the beauty of our face but also make our smile beautiful. The lip lightening laser treatment is treating lip discoloration in the fastest way possible. So, get rid of those unwanted black lips and say hello to the naturally rosy lips.

Keep glowing! Keep Healthy!





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