No doubt, a good skincare routine is a must for smooth, clear skin. People have been using different products like cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc., to achieve flawless skin. In addition, there is a new hype about face serums.

You must be seeing all around how beauty bloggers and experts are making a fuss around face serums. In response to that, common masses follow this trend of adding face serums in their daily skincare routine. Considering this, we’ve come up with some interesting facts about face serums in this blog.

Have you ever wondered that face serums are not always good to use? Everyone loves to talk about its positives, but today we will break down all the points you should consider before using face serums. What are the disadvantages of face serum? Or in what concentration should you be using it?

But before that, you should know what exactly face serum is?

What Is Face Serum?

Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that provide hydration and additional protection to the skin. Packed with active ingredients, when applied, it quickly absorbs in the skin.

Different types of face serums are available, like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin E, etc. These serums are designed to target your specific skin issues like acne scars, wrinkles, anti-aging. Additionally, it also shrinks your large pores. The good thing is if you use it regularly, it will show results in less time.

what is face serum

How To Apply Serum On The Face?

Face serums are lightweight, so one should use them after cleansers and before moisturizers.

  • Most serums come with a pipette or pump that is quite useful in controlling the amount of serum that you should use
  • Do not use a directly pump or pipette on your face as the bacteria in your skin can transfer to your serum bottle, wasting your whole serum
  • Always apply 3-4 drops on your finger and spread it evenly across your whole face
  • Experts suggest using face serums on a little damp face.
  • Do not wash your face after applying it. Let it sink in your face

Now that you know what face serum is or how it should be applied, let’s talk about the pros and cons of using face serum.

Cons of face serum

1. They are not must-have

Serums are not a must-have. They are an additional step of your basic skincare routine that includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Do you know? Some people consider it as a lightweight moisturizer.

The fact is you’ll have to use moisturizer even if you are using the serum. So why should you spend an extra penny when you have a moisturizer to use in place of it?

2. Do not work for all skin conditions

It is always recommended to consult your dermatologist before using any skincare product. Likewise, it’s for serums. Especially for people with skin conditions like acne, psoriasis or eczema, serums can irritate their skin.

disadvantages of face serum3.Side Effects of face serum

Serums may have side effects, especially if you use them when you are on medication or experiencing any skin condition. Therefore always look for any symptoms when you start using the serum. If you are experiencing skin dryness, itchiness, or redness, you may need to stop using it or consult any dermatologist.

4. Can be expensive

One of the most significant drawbacks of serum is they are pretty expensive to afford. You can have a general idea of the prices while browsing through the internet. They are costly as they contain ingredients like vitamins, minerals, etc.

5. Difficulty in choosing the right one

Not every serum works for every skin type. You have to see what your problems are and what your skin type is. Then choose accordingly. If you have oily acne-prone skin, then serum containing salicylic acid and retinol is good. In contrast, if your skin needs moisture and hydration, then you need vitamin C serum. Sometimes people are not able to find suitable serums, thus wasting their time on the wrong ones.

6. It can be wasted if not handled properly

If not handled properly, serums can oxidize, causing the discoloration of the color, smell, and even change in the texture.

Pros of face serum

1.Good for acne scars and spots

Are you tired of your acne scars and want to get rid of them? Use face serums (specially made for spots) as they boost collagen. Collagen is great for the healing of acne scars and blemishes.

2. Good for anti-aging

You heard it right; face serums fight anti-aging. Moreover, it can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles; thus making your skin look younger.

Serums containing retinol are also great for anti-aging. But do not use it daily if you have just started using retinol. Use it twice a week.

3. Provide hydration

If you have dry skin, you must include serums as they hydrate the skin perfectly. Even if you have oily acne-prone skin, you need to keep it hydrated. And for that, face serums are great.

4. Reduces pores

Oily acne-prone skin often tends to have large pores. Face serums can increase cell turnover that minimizes large pores, and also help in controlling breakouts on your skin.

The cons of using face serums are greater than its pros; therefore, you should consult a dermatologist before using it.

FAQs On Face Serums

Is serum good for the face?

Yes, the addition of face serum in your skincare routine can level up your skin game. It provides hydration and instant nourishment to your skin.

Does face serum have side effects?

Some people may experience have side effects like redness, dryness, and swelling. For this, you should check out when you use a serum. If you feel any one of these symptoms, you might not use it or go to a dermatologist

Can we use face serum daily?

Yes, one should use serums daily for best results. It also depends on what type of serums you are using. If you are using anti-oxidant serum, then use it twice a day. It also depends on when you are using the serum. For example, it’s recommended to use vitamin c serum at night and avoid using it during the daytime.

What is the right age to use a face serum?

The best age at which one should start using face serum is between the ’20s and ’30s. Depending on your skin condition, one should use it accordingly. But especially if you are in your late twenties, you should start using anti-aging

The Verdict

It’s not wrong today that face serums are a great addition to your skincare routine. But knowing the advantages, one should also consider the disadvantages of face serum. Do check whether the serum suits your skin. Identify your problem and use it accordingly. Lastly, use it in the correct quantity and spread it evenly on your face for the best results.


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