There are always days when you don’t want to get out of bed or dress up to work. You want to be in your loosely fit shirts and tied up bun. That’s why we are giving you a guide to how to style your oversized shirt comfortably and in a stylish manner. But before that, we want you to go a little into the history of how this trend started and now being embraced worldwide.

Oversized shirt fashion has indeed become a rising fashion trend nowadays, but it’s not something new; rather it started in 1920 after World War 1––the era when the fashion trend started shifting to loose cuts and unstructured shapeless outfits.

Back then, it was more sort of a sign of liberation for women. It has evolved with time, and now it’s being embraced worldwide. In the wake of #me-too, women felt the need to cover up their womanly shapes and choose to move away from skin-tight clothes to create a new trend that perfectly combines comfort and street style. This is how the oversized shirt has become a modern-day fashion trend.

Guide To How to Style An Oversized Shirt

Whether it’s an oversized shirt or big sweaters, or a slouchy jacket, styling them in the right way can make you look modern and super chic.

Let your imagination speaks through your dresses.

1. Knot style

One of the easiest ways to go with an oversized shirt is to knot up your shirt. Tuck up your loose oversize shirt, grab it from the bottom, and put a knot. Placement of knot depends upon where you want it, either in the center or at the side it’s totally up to you.  This crop top paired with bottom like jeans, denim shorts, skirts will give you a sassy look. 


2.Tuck it in

Unravel your inner style by tucking your loose shirt in your jeans or go for tucking it in high waisted pants. Another way to experiment with it is to go for half-tucked if you want to go for a super chic look. Moreover, pair it up with hoops and heels and make it a statement.

3.Pair it up with a blazer

For a casual look, pair your oversize shirt with a blazer on. Blazer will give the ensemble a bossy look. Oversized shirt with blazer on and jeans looks super classy with a nice pair of heels. You can really pull your oversized tee by going with this combination.


Cycling through your wardrobe and not sure how to style your oversized shirt? Then try your look by coupling it with a miniskirt. You can either hang your shirt out or tuck it in your skirt. Another way is to slip it under a high waist skirt. Tuck in your shirt to give it a cinched waistline, and enjoy your day.

5.Biker shorts

One way to pull off your oversized shirt is by pairing it up with biker shorts. Yes, you can wear your oversized shirt with biker shorts. Accessorize with a pair of sunglasses and sneakers to complete your look.

6.T-shirt dress

Less is always more, and it fits apt when it comes to styling an oversized shirt into a T-shirt dress. Add dimension to your oversized shirt by turning it into a T-shirt dress. T-shirt dressSimply wear a large-sized loose fitted shirt. If it’s long enough, then skip the pants; otherwise, go for short pants underneath it. Pair it up with good boots, and you are good to go.

Other Ways to How to Style an Oversized Shirt Plus Size

  • Oversized Shirt with Knee High Boots

Oversized shirts and boots really go along well. From miniskirts to T-shirt dresses, these knee-high boots will bring together your whole look.

  • Oversized Shirt with Skinny Jeans

You might be confused about how to wear a baggy shirt with skinny jeans. Go for a basic colored shirt like white color and pair it up with a denim jacket to complete the whole look.Skinny jeans are a great option you can style your shirt with.

  • Oversized shirts And Floral pants

Tired of wearing basic colors and want to give a new shot? Then complete your look by pairing your shirt with floral print. Swap your jeans for floral prints pants and enjoy the day.

How to Give Shape to Oversized Shirts?

Belts are the go-to essential if you want to give shape to your loosely fit outfit. Putting a belt around your waist will provide shape and structure to your oversized tee.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while styling an oversized shirt

  • Keep your fashion limited to one piece. If you are going for an oversized shirt, then for bottoms you should go for fitted ones. Likewise, you can go for stockings, tights, or fitted jeans to balance the whole look.
  • You need to understand the difference between oversized and big. Your look depends upon how much-oversized shirt you are wearing.
  • Accessories also play a huge part when it comes to dressing up. When you are dressing up in an oversized shirt, do limit your accessories.
  • Know when to wear and style your oversized shirt. You cannot wear it at a fancy dinner party or luxurious dinner. Be realistic and go with the flow.

Get the Balance Right

As much as we have enjoyed the mobility and comfortability of oversized shirts, it gets tricky when it comes to styling. The key is to accompany your baggy shirt with the right pants and shoes.

Final Words

Styling your outfits is always a hassle, whether it’s styling an oversized shirt or any other outfit. We want to give you ideas and options to make it easier for you to finish off your look with oversized shirts. To summarize, an oversized shirt can be styled with a blazer, denim jacket, knee boots, skirts, and floral pants. There are so many options. Just mix and match and complete your look by what suits you best.

We hope this article has helped you in figuring out how to style an oversized shirt. Please comment below if you have any other ideas. We would love to hear.


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