So we see that you want to try the hottest hairstyle of the moment—dreadlocks. These rope-like hair strands, which go by several names, including Dreads and Locs, are made by locking or braiding hair. Many well-known performers have been spotted with the dreadlock hairdo, including the icon Bob Marley, the youthful starlet Zendaya, the 90s R&B performer Lauryn Hill, and many others.

You could have gotten tempted to wear dreadlocks because you saw everyone else sporting them on social media. However, this hairstyle requires a lot of time and maintenance, people with this hairstyle often look for simple solutions about how to soften synthetic dreads which can be tiring, especially if your hair is short. When you have short hair, you must wait for your hair to grow before beginning the dreads. Synthetic dreadlock extensions are the finest choice in that situation.

Instead of radically disfiguring your natural hair, synthetic dreadlock extensions offer your hair the look and style of actual dreadlocks. Dreadlock extensions’ non-uniformity—the ability to alter their color, length, and style—is its best feature. Moreover, they are affordable, reusable, and last for six months. But how do you maintain them after you’ve installed them? We’ll explain how to soften synthetic dreadlock extensions in this post.

General Tips On How to Soften Synthetic Dreads 

Your synthetic dreadlocks may feel weighty and uneasy once put on since they are not composed of human hair. But that sensation won’t last for very long. All you have to do to soften your loc extensions is take care of them. Here are a few bits of advice.

1) Soak in Warm Water

The first and easy step you can do if you want a quick solution about how to soften synthetic dreads is to simply soak your synthetic dreadlock extensions in boiling water for half an hour. Add the right amount of conditioner that you use in the boiling water. Once the time is up, rinse the fake dreadlocks. You now have your synthetic dreadlocks that are soft!

2) Use Chemical Free Shampoo

The best tip you can get for your extensions is to avoid using shampoos for Asian hair with softeners or chemicals. Your dreadlocks might suffer significant harm if you use chemical-containing shampoo. Chemicals or other substances are absent from residue shampoos, making them ideal for synthetic extensions. Simple shampoo application and rinsing are all that is required for washing. Remember to thoroughly massage the shampoo on your scalp to remove all the dirt, heat, etc.

chemical free shampoo for synthetic extensions

3) Conditioning

Your scalp will get softer after shampooing, but conditioning is necessary to soften the stiff locs hair strands. When you use conditioner on your synthetic loc extensions, you’ll lighten your hair strands and find it simpler to detangle the knots. Another advice is to avoid conditioning your dreads in the first few months after insertion. Instead, wait 2-3 months since it can let the locs open up.

4) Moisturise the Synthetic Dreadlock Extension

Another tip on how to keep your synthetic dreadlock extensions from unraveling is to keep them moisturized. Here are some things you can do to keep them hydrated:

  • Oiling: Natural oils suitable for you can be used, including almond, coconut, argan, jojoba, and other types. Put some oil on your synthetic dreads and give them a good rinse.
  • Moisturizing Gel: A different method is to apply hydrating gel, which stops your stiffened locs from breaking your hair. Apply it to your hair, and seal the moisture with coconut oil. Also, moisturizing will prevent your locs from sweating in the sweltering summer heat and nourish them.
  • Rose Water: Boost your routine with rose water! The antioxidant properties of rose water will protect your synthetic dreadlocks from harm. Rose water will become your closest friend, helping to moisturize dry dreadlocks, relax an agitated scalp, and manage frizz!

5) Satin Pillowcase

A lot of individuals claim that cotton pillowcases harm synthetic dreads. You may avoid having dry locs by switching to a silk pillowcase in favor of a cotton one.

satin pillowcase

6) Satin Cap

Complete the steps by wearing a satin cap to sleep. Satin caps safeguard your dreadlocks from going dry and stiff overnight. Wearing a satin cap, without tieing your hair, will give more space to your hair, be dispersed more evenly over your head, and soften.

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How to Soften Synthetic Dreads with hair oils?

Making dreadlocks soft with hair oil is another easy way to maintain their shape and keep them clean for a longer period. Different hair oils can be used for frizzy dreadlocks such as coconut oil, argon oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil.  These synthetic dreadlocks can become frizzy and dry so using hair oils can help them to keep their moisture. Here are some easy steps on how to soften synthetic dreads with different oils ;

  • Take water in a spray bottle and gently spray your dreadlocks. 
  • Then take a few drops of any hair oil of your choice and apply it on these damp dreadlocks. Every hair oil has its benefits, to find out which is best for your dreadlocks is to experiment. 
  • Apply a small amount of hair oil on each section of the dreadlocks. 
  • Take a  wide tooth comb and detangle any know between dreadlocks to give them a clean look.

Once these synthetic dreads get a clean and smooth shape style them according to your choice. Remember that hair oils can’t be as effective on synthetic dreadlocks as they are on natural hair. They can’t absorb oil in the same manner so it’s better to use hair oils and products which are specifically made for synthetic dreads. 

Can Essential Oils Moisturize Dreadlocks?

If you are looking for a solution for how to soften synthetic dreads, then using essential oils can be a way to give moisture to your dreads but they should be used with a carrier oil. Because other essential hair oils are too concentrated and can be harsh on the hair scalp, follow below mentioned steps to moisturize your synthetic dreads in a safe way : 

  1. Take any essential hair oil of your choice (lavender, tree tea, or rosemary ), and mix it with any carrier oil like jojoba oil, coconut oil, or argon oil).
  2. Mix the solution and you can take one ounce of carrier oil and add 10 -12 drops of any essential oil and mix them in a bottle.
  3. Apply the oil mixture from the roots to the bottom. We recommend you take a damp towel and wrap it around your synthetic dread to create a moist environment for hair. you can also use a shower cap.
  4. Leave the cap or damp towel for around 30 minutes then shampoo your hair multiple times to ensure that all the oil is removed.

As essential oils can moisturize your synthetic dreads they can also make them look greasy, so make sure to use them carefully according to hair type and conditions.


Should You Apply Conditioner or Moisturizing Creams?

Applying conditioner and moisturizing creams on synthetic hair dreads has its pros and cons. It all depends on your hair type .consider the following points while purchasing conditioner or hair cream for your dreadlocks ; 

  • If your hair is dry and curly then you should go for conditioner because it will be more effective in controlling the moisture of your hair. 
  • If your dreadlocks are new, then avoid conditioner and let them develop properly. Using moisturizing creams specifically made for dreads would be safe. 
  • You can also try both of them to see which suits you better because in the end every hair texture is different and you can choose which one is better before using.

Is Natural Hair Affected by Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions?

That’s a question many ask, and the answer is no. Synthetic dreadlock extensions have no adverse effects on your natural hair in any manner. But for a few days, you can have some itching (if it lasts long, please take the hair extensions out). They can seem hefty, but you can make them pliable!

How Regularly Should I Wash Synthetic Dreads?

Another solution to your question about how to soften synthetic dreads is to wash them once a week . Synthetic hair is different from regular hair. Your artificial dreads should get washed once every week. The braids keeping your locs in place won’t appear neat and orderly if you often clean the synthetic dreadlock extension. The water may make your extensions sloppy looking. That can also result in frizz. Experts predict that less maintenance will result in cleaner surfaces for longer!

If you are worried about the smell, there is nothing to stress. All you need to do is use a conditioning spray, oil, moisturizing, and rose water between washing your hair; that’ll keep the smell away.

How to soften synthetic dreads using Shampoo on my Synthetic dreadlock extension?

Most individuals don’t know how to wash synthetic locs correctly without harming them. So, to aid you, here are a few steps:

  • Make sure your scalp and dreads are damp.
  • Purchase dreadlock-specific shampoo, then massage your scalp using your fingers.
  • Pour water on your head and let the water run through your dreadlocks.

You can use the shampoo once more if you still don’t feel like your scalp is clean.

How Do You Put Faux Dreadlocks In Your Hair?

You may put faux dreadlocks in your hair in two different methods. One is to schedule an appointment with a dreadlock hairstylist or a local loctician. You may be able to avoid some arm workout by having someone else do it (and pain). But be prepared to sit still for hours.

Self-installation is an alternative option. Depending on how many locs you want and how proficient you are in putting in, installing synthetic dreads yourself might take up to 5 to 7 hours or longer. You can either follow a YouTube tutorial or the following steps.

  1. Step one: Start by choosing a section of hair that is only a few millimeters wide, either square or rectangular, and flat down the unruly hair there with water splashes.
  2. Step Two: The loop from your dreadlock extension should get dragged back to the root of your dreadlocks after passing through the short hair section.
  3. Step Three: This step may be a little complicated. Divide your hair into two parts. Now you have three pieces in total- two parts of your hair, the third edition being the dreadlock extension. When you have the three pieces, braid them together.
  4. Step Four: The top of the three portions should be joined together using a small elastic band once you have braided the three sections all the way to the end.

How Long Can I Wear Artificial Dreadlock Extension?

You’re not supposed to keep your faux locs on for too long. It should be worn for two to three months, as advised. Your natural hair may experience stress if you wear it for a prolonged duration. Take them out if you feel your hair beginning to thicken or clump. Wash your natural hair, give them a good condition treatment, and comb them. You are then free to return sporting your freshly washed synthetic dreadlock extensions or maybe buy more!

Are Synthetic Loc Extensions Available in Different Colors?

You may purchase colored artificial dreadlocks in a wide variety of locations. They are available in hues such as pink, purple, beige, red, blue, and many more. However, fake dreadlock extensions get made of synthetic locks rather than human hair- they cannot be dyed.

Can You Style Synthetic Locs?

Absolutely! Just because they’re fake doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Prepare to add spice after your locs are lighter- and the thickness has decreased. Wear them in braids, space buns, ponytails, elegant updos, or any other style you like. Add cute hairpins, braid rings, dreadlocks beads, or any other jewelry to give them a distinctive touch.

Things to Avoid

  1. Take care of two things- prevent synthetic dreads from damaging and frequent washing. To do that, you have to avoid any styling products.
  2. If possible, try to avoid cutting fake dreadlocks because, after trimming, the synthetic materials would seem choppy and unnatural.
  3. Most importantly, stay away from heating products. Synthetic is made of plastic and will melt off if heating tools get used. Style your synthetic dreadlocks with jewelry or other stuff to avoid using heat.
  4. Avoid washing your hair when you newly get your dreads done. Wait a few weeks before washing.

Final Words

A little patience and work are required to soften synthetic dreads. But once you learn, you’ll love your new hair. Now that you know how to soften synthetic dreads, feel free to style them any way you choose!



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