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What is Vertical Industrial Piercing?

With upper ear piercings becoming increasingly popular, you might be searching for a piercing that stands out. If yes, then Vertical Industrial piercing is the answer. In this unique piercing, rather than one single hole, two holes are drilled through the cartilage of the ear. The holes are linked together by a barbell which has longer studded posts with threaded backings at each end. The barbell that runs through both holes is what gives industrial piercings their distinctive appearance. Similarly one can also opt for double vertical piercing.

Variations of Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercings can connect a variety of cartilage piercings, but the helix and anti-helix piercings are the two that are most frequently connected by the barbell that runs across the top of the ear. Several different areas of the cartilage can be pierced by a vertical industrial piercing. It frequently involves two conch piercings, two helix piercings, or the rook and the conch. Multiple piercings make up the double or triple industrial piercing. Although the standard industrial piercing is the most common, you can be creative with this look.

The procedure for Industrial Piercing

After deciding to get this industrial piercing, one should make sure that he/she is seeing an experienced piercer.

  • A professional will always guide you along the way because they start at the beginning by explaining the procedure to you in detail.
  • A needle is always used for this piercing and a disinfectant is required in order to clean the area being pierced.
  • It is also advised that the piercer wears gloves so that you remain protected from any germs on their hands.
  • Before getting pierced, make sure to get the locations marked so that you can get a better understanding of the alignment.
  • After getting a clear picture of positions, the first hole is done through the needle and one end of the bar is inserted.
  • A new needle is then used to make the other piercing and the excess jewelry is then transferred to that hole, connecting both of the piercings.


What type of jewelry to choose for Vertical Industrial Piercing?

When it comes to choosing the style of vertical industrial piercing jewelry, the options are endless but you have to select the appropriate one for your ear. After having a specific design in mind, make sure that the barbell is of the right size. It is essential to take the measurements of your piercings and then purchase the bar of the correct size, in order to minimize the risk of irritation and infection. This is because if the ends of the barbell are too flat against the ear, then they may become buried while the piercing heals. However, if the bar is too long, there is a risk of it getting hooked to the clothing and hair.

It is advised to choose a plain straight barbell in the starting because any pearls or charms could add weight that pulls at the new piercing and can damage it. When you’re tired of the industrial look, you can also choose cartilage studs and can select studs with a ball backing or a flat disc back.

If you are confused regarding the design of your bar, you can check with your piercer if she/he has something interesting to show you. The designs for barbells are always amazing.


Material of Jewelry

  • Stainless steel

The most popular metal for piercings is steel because it is relatively trouble-free and available in a variety of colors. But, if you are allergic to nickel, surgical steel will irritate your skin.

  • Titanium

Titanium is commonly used for piercings because it doesn’t contain nickel. This means that it is least likely out of all metals to cause irritation. It’s also lightweight, doesn’t corrode, and comes in various colors.

jewellary for vertical industrial piercing

How much does Industrial Piercing hurt?

If you’re concerned regarding vertical industrial piercing pain, remember that it’s only a pinch, so the discomfort will pass quickly. But keep in mind that the holes are done on the cartilage, which means that it is slightly going to be more painful since the skin on the upper ear is thicker. Furthermore, you will undergo two piercings at once, hence there will be a little more pain when compared to getting one piercing at a time.

One must always keep in mind that the pain is not a major issue if your approach regarding the piercing is positive and you concentrate more on the results than the process itself.

Healing Process

Vertical industrial piercing healing has no set amount of healing time for ear bar piercing and it varies from person to person. If you’ve had piercings in the past, you might be familiar with the healing process. Industrial piercings, however, have a special feature that distinguishes their healing process: two separate holes.

Healing typically takes two to three months, but it could take longer. You must talk to your piercer about the aftercare practices regarding your piercing. Alongside the aftercare, one needs to be extra careful with the type of jewelry they are wearing. In these types of piercings, the skin is very easily damaged which can cause scarring. Due to this reason, some people use cartilage studs while their industrial piercing heals. But keep in mind it is important to keep your hair and clothes away from piercing since they can cause irritation. Furthermore, one needs to be gentle while getting dressed. If these things are not taken care of, then the healing process can be prolonged.

Tips for Safe Vertical  Industrial Piercing

While these industrial piercing are becoming famous, one of the most types is vertical industrial piercing. To make sure to have a safe and successful vertical industrial piercing it is important to follow some safety tips beforehand.

1-Select a Professional piercer 

Choosing a piercer who is certified and experienced is important to have a safe procedure and good result in the end. because vertical industrial piercing is is little complex than other types of piercings and precise placement is necessary in this. You can research on Google and in the local market about experienced piercers, read online reviews, and ask for recommendations to find a piercer that is good in vertical industrial piercing. 


Before going to have a piercing just book a slot for an initial consultation with your piercer and discuss your expectations and discuss where you want your vertical industrial piercing. Consultation in the early stage is essential to have better aesthetic outcomes. 

3-Sterlize Environment  

While booking for a piercing session first check the sterilization of their equipment. Notice whether they sterilize the piercing equipment before the procedure or not. Is there proper hygiene followed or not to avoid getting any infection? 

4-Anesthetic Option

Discuss with your piercer about the pain management, and check whether there is any need to go for anesthesia or only numbing the ear would work. From reading reviews online it is said that vertical industrial piercing is not that time time-consuming process and only numbing the ear would work perfectly for you. 

5-Jewelry for vertical industrial piercing 

Always go for medicated jjewelrywhen you have pto pierce buying llow-qualityproducts will get you ian infection. Opt for high-quality materials like surgical steel, titanium, or niobium to minimize the risk of getting an infection.

How do you clean a Vertical Industrial Piercing?

Cleaning your hands before touching your ear bars piercing is a standard procedure for all piercing types. Keep in mind that you should only touch it to wash it or apply healing ointments as directed by your piercer. You must clean your industrial ear piercings twice a day while they heal to prevent infection.

To keep the area free of bacteria, the traditional method of cleaning around the ear is with sea salt water. The preparation of this solution is simple. In a plastic container, add one teaspoon of sea salt to the container. Fill the rest of the container with boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool until it is very warm. If the container is big enough for you to submerge your ear in it, then you can do that. If not, then you can use a cotton makeup pad. Soak the cotton pad in sea salt solution and then apply it to your ear for approximately 6-7 minutes.

Furthermore, while taking a shower, it is preferred to run warm water on the ear for about 30 seconds. If there are any lumps or dry skin areas that have developed since the last cleaning will be removed by this process.

Aftercare and Healing Process in Vertical Industrial Piercing 

During the healing process, some things must be kept in mind:

  • Avoid putting pressure on the jewelry as the pressure can affect the healing piercing and cause problems such as piercing rejection.
  • Try to sleep on the side that doesn’t have the piercing. Don’t sleep on the side of the ear which is healing.
  • As stated earlier, the ear bar piercings can easily get entangled in hair, which can pull on the piercing and harm the ear. Hence, try to keep your hair tied during the healing process.

Due to any reason, if you remove the vertical industrial bar or studs too early, there is a risk that the piercing might get closed up or infected. Therefore, if you decide to change your bar or replace it with studs during the healing process, you risk the piercing healing, and you might have to get it done again. Hence, it is advised to wait until it completely heals.

Hydrogen peroxide should not be used because it does not function as claimed. Pay attention to the piercer’s instructions and use the recommended saltwater solution.

Common Side Effects of the Piercing

It is very natural if your skin reacts to any piercing. Some of these effects are:

  • Infections

Infections are very common and some of their symptoms include swelling, redness, itching, and intense pain. However, pain and redness are part of the healing process for pierced ears

  • Bumps

Continuous touching can cause Small bumps around the pierced area. These irritation bumps can also occur when you get allergic to the ear bar or studs you’re wearing.

  • Keloid scars

They are formed due to industrial piercings. These are thick raised scars that are larger than the original piercing site. They are quite painful and can be removed through surgery or a laser.

Should I get an Industrial Piercing?

The shape of your ear greatly affects how an industrial piercing appears. You might not like the piercing if you have a smaller ear. If you know that you won’t be great at aftercare procedures, you might want to choose something that heals more quickly because you have to heal two piercings simultaneously. Furthermore, it might not be a good choice if you’re getting a piercing for the first time.

Before getting this piercing, one must keep in mind that it won’t be easy to remove if you don’t like the result in a few months.

We hope this article has helped you know everything you need in detail. Feel free to comment down to let us know your feedback regarding vertical industrial piercing.



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