Hands, in general, need to get taken very seriously. After all, based on how they seem, a lot can get inferred about you. And what should one do to achieve attention-seeking hands? Get some attractive nails! Who doesn’t enjoy having stunning nails?

Most of the time, we think choosing the right nail polish color and keeping our nails clean is the best way to achieve salon-like nails. Now, we are not saying that you shouldn’t keep your nails clean or pick any nail color with your eyes closed. But, by saying that, we merely say that nail polish and cleanliness are only the tips of the iceberg; to see the perfect end outcome, you prep, and prime your tips. A sterling manicure, which includes steps like buffing and filing your nails, can dramatically change your fingernails. However, don’t get too excited about having your dream nails when you don’t use the right tools, i.e., using appropriate nail files.

For years, many people, including some beauty professionals, have used the same type of nail file on each nail, oblivious to the fact that different nail files are available for distinct nails. Nail files are available in eclectic sets, including Wooden, Sponge, Zebra, and Glass nail files. Your nails will thank you for using the appropriate nail file!

As a wholesaler, importer, distributor, or beauty salon owner, you should sell nail files that are of top quality. Hence, you have to find a good nail file manufacturer. Here we present some points that will teach you how to find the best nail file manufacturer.

How Do You Know A Nail File Manufacturer is Good?

There will be no shortage of manufacturers willing to collaborate with you. Working with the correct manufacturer, on the other hand, is critical. But what makes a manufacturer reliable? How do you ensure you choose the correct one? Here are some factors on how to know a nail file manufacturer is genuine.

1) They Have a Spacious Facility

A larger facility shows that the manufacturer has a significant number of employees, which implies that they have been in the business for a long time and, as a result, have more expertise. Furthermore, there will be no shortage of quality standards, and your product will get delivered on time. Most small factories have little experience, fewer resources, and lack production standards.There is 6 steps to produce a custom zebra nail files in Shiny Beauty Manufacturer : 1st step, sand planting which is to get the best quality sandpaper like 100/180 180/240 240/2480 ,in this process, custom grit is finished. 2nd step, decal. Eg, for zebra nail files, its material is PS board+EVA+emery we need to put these together. 3rd step Punching,branded nail files customer like different shape like half moon, straight, banana etc—In these punching produces, we get our private label nail files shape. 4th step–UV printing custom offer a logo or AI printing format we will use Shiny printing machine to do UV printing or Silk printing logo for their branded private label nail file.Step5,all nail files will be into AQL standard inspection for general it take AQL 4.0: For major it take AQL 2.5. Step6, package—it need use outside cartons for package if all is finished. It will need to add inner box and outside box for shipment protection. Through the above 6 steps, a premium branded private label nail files is finished.

2) They Have Experience

Examine the manufacturer’s capabilities and the firms with whom they have worked to determine how much experience they have. A nail file manufacturer with a handful of knowledge will surely provide high-quality nail files. Additionally, see if the nail file manufacturer would offer you personalized items. For example, ask the manufacturer if they can produce private-label nail files.

3) They Offer Customized Products

A good nail file manufacturer will be able to offer you personalized nail files with ease. And if they do, a good manufacturer will focus on every little detail while customizing your product. Our brand, Shiny Beauty, allows our customers to get their own privately labeled nail files.

4) The Size Of The Factory

There are several distinctions between large and small industries. While the former has superior experience and resources, the latter allows for better flexibility. Choose a large or small manufacturing business based on your company’s priorities.

5) They Are Outsourcing Stuff

Objects occasionally get outsourced by some manufacturers. If your nail file manufacturing partner employs this method, it indicates that it values you as a client enough to offer a well-made product. However, your partner manufacturer should make purchases from reputable partners.

6) They Do On-Time Delivery

Every manufacturer will guarantee safe delivery, but the primary focus should be on whether they will promise on-time delivery. Nail files are frequently utilized, particularly in the fashion sector and beauty salons. As a result, it stands to reason that their demand is considerable, and a nail file supplier cannot afford to postpone the delivery. A manufacturer unable to deliver on time will be a loss to you.

7) They Provide Quality Assurance

The most important thing to focus on that makes a manufacturer the best is whether or not they provide quality assurance. A good nail file manufacturer will deliver the best quality on every order, not just when requested for samples or limited orders. A reputable nail file provider will guarantee that quality assurance procedures are followed at all stages of production, not just at the end.

8) They Have a High Production Capacity

For your brand to thrive, you need a manufacturer who has a high production capacity. As a wholesale, importer, etc., to increase your nail files sale, you need to make large orders, and, hence, for that, a nail file manufacturer with high production capacity is the best.

9) They Comply With Laws

A good factory operates in accordance with international and national laws. If the factory is involved in child labor or worker exploitation, this might have a direct negative impact on you.

10) They Have Good Communication Skills

Lastly, good communication skills are what determine a nail file manufacturer good. Two-way communication by a manufacturer will help you prevent misconceptions and build a good relationship. When dealing with foreign suppliers, a good manufacturer will have employees who speak different languages.

How to Find Nail File Manufacturer?

Now that we know the best nail file manufacturer attributes, it is time to find one. There are dozens of nail file providers, but how do you find one? If the above variables get considered, it will be simple to locate.

If you’re looking for nail files, look no further, Shiny Beauty is one of the top nail files manufacturer devoted to providing every nail file one wishes, so no nail type is left out! Brands who want their brand-printed nail files can come at Shiny Beauty and even the wholesalers.

Shiny Beauty is the top manufacturer, with eight years of knowledge, abilities, and expertise, making them the ideal manufacturer. Moreover, Shiny Beauty helps brands with their promotion by having the option of customized private label nail files.

Custom logo nail files can get requested by various businesses, beauty salons, distributors, etc. Shiny Beauty provides the following customized services:

  • Customized Shapes: Customers may choose from a variety of nail file shapes, including Straight, Banana, Halfmoon, Diamond, and Rectangle.
  • Customized Size: Unlike others, Shiny Beauty brings you nail files sold in various sizes.
  • Brand Logo: Shiny Beauty is delighted to provide the option of customizing your brand logo on the nail files.
  • Your Choice of Color: Choose whatever shade you want to make your nail files stand out, such as pink, red, blue, yellow, or based on your Pantone number. Additionally, you may specify a color combination or print design on the product.
  • Private Label Packaging: Along with privatized nail files, order privatized label packaging that screams your brand.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Nail Files

Your nails may get dirty by trapping bacteria and debris under them, which can not only make them appear unclean but also cause infection on your feet and hands. One way to keep them neat and clean is your good old pedicures and manicures. Having satisfying manis and pedis is only possible with nail files and buffers. In a nutshell, nail hygiene is the solution.

As previously stated, different nail files should get utilized. Each nail file has its own set of benefits. However, with every pro, there is a con. Here is a list of some nail files and their advantages and disadvantages.

Glass Nail File

Let’s start with the leader of all nail files- Glass (or crystal) nail files. These nail files have been deemed a favorite by the majority of people. What makes Glass Nail Files so highly valued and not-so-valued?

Advantages of Glass Files

  • No Thinning of Nails: Many beauty experts believe that filing your nails back and forth causes the keratin layer of your nails to shatter. It would be difficult to break the habit now that it has been ingrained. But, using glass nail files, you may file your nails back and forth or in any direction without worrying about keratin loss or nail weakening.
  • Long-Lasting: Compared to other nail files, such as Cardboard Nail Files, glass nail files are constructed with chemically treated tempered glass bits, which means that no matter how frequently you use them, they’ll not lose their shape or texture.
  • Easy to Clean: These nail files, unlike Metal Nail Files, can easily be cleaned with soap and water, or you can also use a sponge.
  • Hygenic: Furthermore, while comparing glass files to Emory nail files, you’ll notice that the former is more hygienic. Glass files will not harbor bacteria, and they may get cleansed before use.

Disadvantages of Glass Files

  • They Can Break: Glass nail files have a lot of advantages; however, in the end, it is made of glass which means they can easily break. That happens when you drop them on the ground.

Sponge Nail Files

Sponge nail files are best for those folks who don’t like wearing nail polish. Using them on nails will give a natural and healthy shine.

Advantages of Sponge Nail Files

  • Unlike other nail files, sponge nail files will give your nails an excellent shine.
  • Using a sponge nail file instead of a glass nail file enhances blood flow, which promotes nail outgrowth and strength.
  • Sponge nail files straighten nails.
  • They smooth the nails, making it easier to apply nail paint.

Disadvantages of Sponge Nail Files

  • The most significant drawback of using nail files is that they cannot get sterilized. When opposed to glass nail files, they cannot get sanitized after use to wipe away microorganisms.
  • They don’t last long. One must purchase them in quantity.

Wooden Nail Files

Next, we have another market favorite.

Advantages of Wooden Nail Files

  • One of the most fundamental features wooden nail files have over other types of files is their ability to be changed in different grits to meet the specific needs of your nail.
  • Because of their thin shape, they can reach every corner of the nail, making them ideal for healthy nail care.
  • Some individuals have weak nails, and using some nail files can cause them to break. However, their stress is over because wooden nail files are here for you!

Disadvantages of Wooden Nail Files

  • Unlike other nail files, wooden ones are more rough.
  • Due to their roughness, they may not be ideal for both hands and toenails. But exclusively are best for stronger nails, such as toenails and acrylics.

Zebra Nail Files

Zebra nail files are a necessity to have. Why? Here are the reasons.

Advantages of Zebra Nail Files

  • Your nails might get rough, especially on the edges, which, let’s be honest, makes our hands seem unkempt. Zebra nail files contain cushion, which will smooth out the rough edges giving your hands an elegant glow.
  • Zebra nail files can get washed, so there is no need to buy them in a packet.
  • They are long-lasting.
  • Zebra files may be used on any form of a nail, such as acrylic nails, dip nails, gel nails, and so on.
  • Your nails need something powerful, and nothing is better than zebra nail files. These nail files are stubborn; they won’t bend or break!
  • Finally, unlike the other nail files listed above, zebra nail files may get used on your pets’ nails.

Disadvantages of Zebra Nail Files

  • They may not be suitable for natural nails.


The finest nail file manufacturer in 2023 is the one who has checked every criterion we have presented above. And if you’re looking for one, Shiny Beauty is one that comes to mind. Shiny Beauty provides it all, from personalized private-label nail files to on-time delivery! So why waste your time the best manufacturer is waiting to offer their services to you? Contact Shiny Beauty right away! Moreover, nail files come in various materials and shapes, be sure to choose the right one.



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