See-through maxi has made its mark in the fashion industry. Celebrities are following this runaway trend religiously, and so are teenage girls. In fact, women of every age have become inspired by this look. So, it is not wrong to say that a sheer maxi is an everyday wardrobe for most girls. It is mostly worn in the summer season.

Adding a point here, it is not an easy dress to carry confidently because a good underpinning is required underneath. The good news is that girls are no longer hesitant to go all out challenging the taboos associated with it. Indeed, they look for new ways to style their sheer look and take Google searches help ‘what to wear under a see-through dress.’

There are many ways to fix your sheer dresses – no matter if you have love handles or broad shoulders and big arms. From tops to maxis, we have gathered all in one place. Read below some of the best ideas to wear your transparent dresses elegantly.

What to Wear Under A Maxi Dress

When wearing a see-through maxi dress, wear a slip underneath. Sometimes searching for a perfect slip becomes impossible, and one has to stitch it according to the body shape.

If your maxi has beautiful intricate patterns, then go for the same color slip. It will enhance and give a delicate look. If your dress has patterns that are not spread out, wear a contrasting slip. It will make the design prominent and stand out. Just make sure if you are wearing a contrasting slip, it should be well-matched with the dress.

what to wear under a maxi dress

Likewise, you can create another look by wearing a nude color camisole underneath the maxi. Styling it by wearing a bra and skirt can be another good option. You can further accessorize it with jewelry and fancy belts.

Just remember: After wearing all the fancy things, the next thing you’ll need to take care of is your makeup. Keep it simple; apply a little eyeshade with the best mascara and finish the look with a lip color. Moreover, you’ll need to use the best eyelash curler to make your eyes look bigger.

Well, the options are endless. You have to see the cut, color, and pattern of your maxi. Also, it depends on how daring or experimental you want to go.

Since the topic is about a sheer maxi dress, here are many ways you can learn to style your transparent tops, blouses, skirts, and a mini dress.

See-through top

See-through tops add a dimension to your whole dress. You can wear it as your everyday casual look. The trick is to gear up your fashion game by layering a transparent top over a tight fitted top-wear same color tops, so it doesn’t look odd. Another option is to go monochromatic. It will spice up your whole look.

girl styling her see through top wearing bra underneath

See-through Blouse

You can create versatile, daring modern looks by wearing a see-through blouse. Likewise, you can go for a dainty look. The options are endless.

Styling a neutral blouse underneath a colorful slip will give it a simple look. But if you want to pop up the look, style it with a bra and crop top. Moreover, sheer tops with jeans or shorts are another look you can go for. You can play with the colors and the texture of the tops too. Large and heavy prints diminish the need for underneath garments. Just mix and match to see the varieties.

See-through Pants or Skirts

Sheer skirts and jeans are super comfy and chic, especially on sunny days. Wear the same color short slip skirt underneath it to bring a new element to your whole look. You can experiment with textures, colors, and fabrics to bring versatility to your outfit. Choices are unlimited. With a little trial and error, you would be surprised how trendy your sheer look can be.

Sheer Mini Dress

A sheer mini dress can be styled with a belt or without it. It’s an excellent choice in summer. Accessorize it with a hat to give a super chic look.

sheer mini dress style

Sheer fancy dress

Sheer fancy dresses are an amazing choice to flaunt off on your fashion show or prom night. Yeah, you heard it right. Opt for a glittering dress or go with all black as Charlize Theron has done it. It looks super sexy and extravagant.

Just remember: Before dressing up yourself for prom night or any other fashion event, make sure your hairstyle suits your dress. You can also opt for natural-looking wigs to complete the look. Likewise, if you’ve hair balayage, style your hair in a way that makes your hair balayage look more prominent and sexy.

Key Tips to Fix See-Through Dress

Here are a few tips that can help you in styling your sheer dresses elegantly.

  • Ask yourself what you feel comfortable wearing under the dress and what you want to show off.
  • Invest in good undergarments as they will be prominent, so you don’t want an oversize or undersized body. Bodysuits and a slip dress under a sheer maxi dress can be a good option if you’re going to have an adequate cover.
  • Think about the occasion you are dressing up for. Whether you are going to an event or office, you have to dress according to that. So dress code is important to think about before you start off.
  • If you want to have a demure look, then a nude lining is all you can look up to. It will give an illusion of see-through dress without being exposed.
  • Jeans or shorts can make the best compliment with a bra under a transparent dress. If you want to show off underwear make sure it provides maximum coverage.
  • Confidence is the key to pulling off any look. Be bold, confident, and you are all good to go.

What to Wear Under A See-Through White Dress

It’s best to opt for the same color lingerie as your see-through banded top. But you have to be a little careful though— white undergarments on a white top are extremely visible! You can choose to wear invisible lingerie in a nude color under a white top. Further, if you want you can do makeup with a white dress to give it an extra touch.

The Verdict

Whether you want to pull off a see-through maxi, blouse, skirt, or anything else, the only advice is to carry it with confidence. Last but not least, always do test how a see-through dress suits you. A lot depends on your height, age, color, and body shape. Once you know, it looks good on you, carry it elegantly.

We hope this article answers your question about what to wear under a see-through dress. Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.



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