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Tomatoes are enriched with vitamin C and can be an incredible addition to your daily skincare regime. Now you can enrich your skin with natural ingredients instead of using foundation to cover acne scars and large pores. Whether it is a tomato face wash or an ice cube made with other natural ingredients, the vitamin C present in this fruit has an excellent moisturizing effect. Moreover, it is known as the best natural product for increasing collagen production. Dive deeper to learn why you should start using tomato ice cubes on your face every day.

Benefits of Using Tomato Ice Cubes for Face

1. Treats Acne

Believe it or not, tomatoes can help you remove stubborn acne. The presence of vitamin A, C, and K in tomatoes helps kill acne-causing bacteria; hence, clearing up pimples from your face and other body areas.

You’ll just need to apply the pulp to the affected area and wash it off with cold water after 10 minutes. Moreover, you can also buy tomato acne wash readily available in the local markets.

2. Remove Acne Scars

Same as it helps in removing pimples from the skin, tomato ice cubes remove acne scars too. Gently massage the face with a cube just for a good 30 to 50 seconds to give that tightening effect. This technique helps unclog pores and heals acne scars naturally.

3. Helps Control Excess Oil on Skin

Tomato pulp helps in controlling excess oil on the face, which further prevents acne from growing. Moreover, it tightens the skin pores that often get enlarged when you have super oily skin. Therefore, rubbing tomato ice cubes is particularly beneficial if you have oily acne-prone skin.

4. Best for  Skin Whitening

Tomato pulp is enriched with skin bleaching properties. When converted into ice cube, it acts as a natural exfoliator that helps in deep cleaning of your clogged pores, resulting in skin brightening.

5. Vanish Dark Spots

Tomato contains high lycopene content that helps in lightening stubborn dark spots. Likewise, other natural astringent properties present in this vegetable make it ideal for clearing blemishes. You can massage tomato ice cubes daily to get spot-free skin.

6. Maintains Skin Elasticity

As we age or are exposed to the sun, the skin starts losing its elasticity, resulting in aging and other skin problems. To prevent these issues, you should begin applying tomato ice cubes to your face.

The vitamin C present in tomato pulp delays aging and wrinkles and improves blood circulation, increasing your skin elasticity. Its daily use will help you get firmer and younger skin naturally.

7. Treats Dark Circles

Tomato ice cubes remove puffiness around the eyes and help you get rid of dark circles. Gently massage the eye area with an ice cube for a good 2 to 3 minutes. The antioxidants contained in tomato soothe skin to give your eye a fresh look.

8. Heal Burns

As said above, tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and lycopene; they help

promote faster wound healing. Likewise, these magical components help protect your delicate skin from UV damage (sunburn).

Besides using ice cubes, you can also put tomato slices on the burn. The lycopene soothes the burning pain, prevents blisters from developing, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. But before application, you’ll need to cool down your burn under running water.

What is the Best Way to Use Tomato Ice Cubes on Face?

There’s no particular way to use a tomato ice cube on your face, and you have various choices to make your DIY recipes. However, tomato and honey mixture works best for every skin problem and suits all skin types.

Ingredients required:

  • Tomato – 2 in medium size
  • Honey – 1 tbsp or more (depending on your skin type)
  • Water – As needed


  1. Blend tomatoes in a blender to get the pulp out of it

great invention - tomato mill with seed and skin remover! | Flickr

  1. Add 1 tbsp honey to the paste and mix well. You can use a grinder to make a smooth paste


  1. Pour this mixture into a clean ice cube tray and let it freeze for a good 5 to 6 hours


  1. Once an ice cube is formed, rub it all over the face and neck


  1. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash it off with running cold water

A boy at St. Vincent's Home for Amerasian Children (those unwanted children of mixed American-Korean background) washes his face - U.S. National Archives Public Domain Search

Other Options:

You can also mix cucumber juice to get that soothing effect. Likewise, you can add a few drops of lemon juice if you have oily skin. But adding lemon shouldn’t be a choice if your skin is sensitive and acne-prone.

Furthermore, you can also add mint leaves to reduce pimples or scars.

* Since it is chemical-free, you can apply ice cubes daily for best results


A patch test is essential before using tomato ice cubes on the face. Everyone’s skin is different, so a product that suits your friend might not be suitable for you. Discontinue use if irritation, redness, or anything like that occurs. Also, it is advisable to talk to your doctor before trying out any DIY recipe on your face.

Tomato Ice Cubes For Face Side Effects

There’s no doubt that tomatoes help boost your immune system, but eating them might also result in an allergic reaction to some people. The same rule applies to face. The sensitive skin might react to the fruit’s high natural acidity, showing signs such as rash, itching, and redness.

Things to remember

  • Don’t apply ice cubes on the face more than once a day
  • Don’t apply cubes around an eye area, if they contain lemon
  • Do not leave an ice cube on your face for more than 10 minutes
  • Be gentle during the application

The Bottom Line

The intake of tomato pulp is beneficial not only for your health but skin too. However, rubbing tomato on the face isn’t a wise option as suggested by beauty experts instead; they focus on using ice cubes for instant results.

If you’re inspired by the benefits mentioned above and thinking about adding tomato to your skin regime, consult your dermatologist to learn how it might work for your skin type.



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