Bombshell alert! Emerald green color is most people’s favorite, named after the gemstone’ emerald‘. It has plenty of blue on it. So, it is fair to say that emerald has cooler undertones than the forest. Not only emerald color is demanded in jewelry but fashion designers started making these color dresses in different styles these days. Gucci, Stella MacCartney, and many other designers pair this color well in their collections. Moreover, emerald green bridesmaid dresses are also in high demand – they demonstrate luxury and elegance. Due to this reason, ‘makeup for the emerald green dress is the most searched term these days.

Let’s begin!

Best Makeup Ideas for Emerald Green Dress

In this blog, we share some makeup ideas for how to accessorize emerald dress colors.

What skin tone suits emerald green?

The depth of color suits every complexion and eye color. From dark to medium color tones to light and ivory tones, it suits every skin complexion. However, dark skin with a warm/golden undertone looks luminous in an emerald green color.

Likewise, from rich hazels to forest green eyes and cool blues to chocolaty brown eyes, this color suits everyone.

What color eyeshadow goes with an emerald green dress?

Because an emerald green dress looks elegant, bright, and noble, a matching smoky eye could be your best choice.

Neutral toned eye shades – light pink shades, peach, beige, brown, gold, silver, and metallics – all go well with a green outfit. Specifically, if your outfit is full of solid patterns and looks adventurous, it’s better to apply neutral eyeshadow shades.

Moreover, pale green eye shadow looks great with an emerald green outfit.


A heavy wing liner, when paired with a nude lip, best complement this color dress.

green eye blue eyeshadow

Just remember:

Whether it’s a soft or bold look, eyeshadow should never be the same as the color of your outfit. You’ll always have to contrast it.

Second, apply concealer and foundation on the eyes before applying your eyeshadow. This trick will enhance your eye shade color more.

What color compliments emerald green?

Besides neutral shades, emerald green looks great when paired with colors like aubergine, violet, deep blue, and ruby red. You can also pair emerald green with plum, lime green, and wine red for a fresh look.

What color lipstick goes with emerald green dress?

Peachy colors, corals, pinks shades, and bright red shades like deep red or strawberry red look beautiful with an emerald green outfit. However, the choice of lipstick shade depends on the event you will attend and the type of dress you’re wearing.

Peachy colors lipstick with emerald green dress

For example, if you choose to wear an emerald green maxi; bright red lips look classy. For a casual day where you decide to wear an emerald green jacket with denim, choose a nude lipstick shade.

Is emerald Green with a bright red lip royal’s choice?

Yes, red lips are never out of fashion for royals, especially when matching with a dark emerald green solid piece. For eyes, they either apply neutral eyeshade, or just a touch of eyeliner would do the job. Indeed, this makeup look is Royal’s number one choice.

If you’re also going to rock red lip color, keep the eyes simple by applying a liner or brushing on a beige eyeshade across the lid. Make eye corners dark to accentuate your eyes, curl your lashes and apply mascara to enhance the eye look.

To keep your face fresh looking, blush cheekbones with peach or pink shade and brush some bronzer below your cheekbones. Don’t forget to highlight the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose without going overboard.

What nail color to wear with emerald green dress?

Different shades of green, red, or black go well with your emerald green outfit. Moreover, nude nail colors and shades of light pink compliments the green dress for a coordinated look.

nail color to wear with emerald green dress

Is it essential your nails should match your dress?

Your dress and nail color shouldn’t need to be the same. In fact, you should compliment them. Deep purple nail color is a regal addition, while silver, rose gold or metallic ginger can be your ideal match for tips and toes nails.

Prom nails for emerald green dress

As said above, you can look for nail polishes in nude or metallic shades like gold or silver. Or, if you can’t find one, deep red nails look best with a prom emerald outfit.

What color shoes go best with an emerald green dress?

With an emerald green outfit – nude, beige, or blush shoe compliments well. A beige pencil heel will look good with frocks and any formal dress. Besides, gold, silver, or bronze shoes all add a luxe impression and pair well with emerald green.

Best color formal shoe for emerald green dress

Depending on your style, you can pair light pinks and coral-colored shoes with your formal emerald dress.

light pinks color heels

Do bright color shoes go well with an emerald green dress?

Some of the best bright color shoe options are red, yellow, orange, purple, violet, and mauve. When you wear bold colors shoes, you show the world that you’re confident and not afraid to take a risk.

Bright and vivid color contrasting shoes always look fantastic with any shade of the green dress including emerald green.

Should your shoes be lighter or darker than an outfit?

As a general rule of thumb, your shoes should be darker than your dress color. An emerald green dress also looks great with black heels and dark brown pumps. Bows, buckles, and beads embellishments give your black shoes a royal look. However, you’ll need to make sure that the style of your shoe doesn’t take the viewer’s attention away from your dress, though.

Just remember: For a dress full of accents, it is better to choose a plain pair of pumps.

How do you accessorize an emerald green dress?

Since emerald green is women’s favorite choice, it’s easy to find in accessories; shoes, handbags, and jewelry. However, there are some rules to follow when deciding what to wear with an emerald green dress.

  1. Accessories in black and white colors are suitable for creating a casual or a business look.
  2. Ornaments with stones of the same color are perfect for a green dress. These include chrysolites, chrysoprase, light green beryl, and green garnet.

Rule 1 – Silver and Gold

Jewelry – Emerald green dress, when pair up with silver and gold jewelry, looks classy. Silver adds sophistication to the dress, and gold adds elegance and solemnity. The selection of jewels should be in tune with your shoes.

Silver ring with emerald green stone

Bag – Like you need to compliment jewelry with shoes, your silver or golden bag selection must match your shoes.

Just remember: Don’t add gold and silver together.

Rule 2- Black and White Jewelry

Jewelry – Black and white color accessories pair well for creating a casual or a formal look.

Black and Silver Jewelry

Bag – choosing the right bag is another essential thing. It could be black, white, beige, or brown – it must match with the shoes.
Likewise, the style of the bag also depends on the occasion and the dress style you’re wearing. For example, a clutch is best to carry to a party. For a formal business meeting, a bag-envelope style is suitable.

Rule 3- Emerald Stone

Emeralds or other crystals can be the perfect match for your emerald dress. But again, these gems aren’t for business image, and you can only wear them at parties and weddings. Emerald long drop earrings and ring goes well with an emerald maxi.

Emerald stone ring

Does emerald green color go well with bright funky colors?

Green goes well with bright, vivid colors, such as orange, purple, and yellow. You can go with these colors matching from top-to-toe. For example, you can accessorize your emerald green outfit with a purple clutch or a purple belt.

Prom Makeup for Emerald Green Dress

As we know, emerald green is a bold color; it could be a perfect choice for prom nights. And if you are fair-skinned with dark hair, this color will make you look beautiful even with minimal accessories.


As with any deeper dress color like emerald, you’ll need to enhance the eye up to balance the solid mass of color. But do not go overboard with your eye makeup. When applying eyeliner, create a slightly thicker line along the outer eye edge to create a STRONG look. You can also choose to have a winged liner paired with nude lips. Last but least, don’t forget to focus on your brows.

winged liner with nude lips

Lip color

Your prom makeup for an emerald green dress works well with velvety cheery red lipstick. And for daytime, it’s better to go for a brown lip!

Highlighters and blushes

Pearl-colored highlighters look best with green shades. Likewise, light pink and bronze blushes look great with an emerald green color dress. These nude blush colors help illuminate and enhance your features.

Last words

Let’s be honest; a fresh-faced can be a game-changer and take your emerald green outfit to the next level. Everyone has different skin tones and features, so you’ll need to check what suits you the most and compliments your green dress well.

Everyone wearing an emerald green dress can look lovely and glamorous from the makeup tips and tricks shared above. Do elegant hues do all the talking! And to stand out at any event, be confident, and have fun.

Remember, keeping yourself relax and happy will ensure you’re enjoying a day with positive energy that attracts people’s attention towards you.


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