Everyone wants to look best at prom as it’s the much-awaited event of high school. The most exciting part about prom is its preparation; figuring out the best makeup looks, hairstyle, and of course the dress to wear. The best part is you don’t need to go-to a makeup artist to spend $$ on it. This article will give you a complete guide that will help you do your own makeup for prom night. Read till the end.

Makeup Ideas for Prom

From neutral makeup to bold lips, we have gathered 17 makeup ideas for prom that you can take inspiration from. Follow these worthy looks to take your prom look to the next level.

1. Natural Prom Makeup

If you are someone who does not like wearing heavy makeup, then natural makeup look is an ideal choice for you. Natural prom makeup looks are understated yet stunning enough to rock any event. It gives a subtle look adding a whole fresh vibe to your face elevating the entire look – without a caked face.

Start your look with a foundation, building thin layers up to desired coverage. Mix foundation with a few drops of highlighter to give an instant illuminating effect to your face. Apply a tint to your cheeks to give a blushing effect. For eye shadow, keep it natural to your skin tone. Apply mascara to your lashes and enhance your brows with brow pencil giving a natural look. Finally, finish off your look by adding a semi-matte or velvet lipstick.

Key here; create a look that will highlight your facial features. You can do light contour and add a highlighter to give sharpness to your look. Also, don’t forget to apply vitamin C serum before applying your makeup.  

natural look

2. Simple Prom Makeup

If you are always conscious about carrying heavy makeup looks, then simple prom makeup is a perfect choice.

Plump lips, dewy cheeks, and soft touch to the eye with feathered eyebrows are the key to your simple prom makeup.

girl carrying simple makeup

For creating a simple prom makeup, you should start it off by applying foundation. Foundation should always be matching with your skin tone. Then apply neutral eye shadows like bronze, peach colors, give a basic brow touch up, and apply bronzer to highlight your focal areas. Moreover, you should also apply mascara and false lashes to give it a more defined look. Trust us, with this simple makeup look; you are ready to rock off!

3. Prom Makeup for Dark Skin

Dark skin is an excellent tone to experiment with. Going all over with bold colors like blue, purple will give a sassy look. You can also play with metallic shades like grey, silver, and gold to complement the skin tone.

Key points: Bold Colors, Metallic shades, Semi-Matte Foundation, Highlighter.

golden eyeshadows for dark skin

Dark skin beauties have an edge as they can nail any look with minimum effort. One way to look stand out is by applying gold shimmer to the eyes. You can add a further dimension to it by adding plum or bronze shade alongside it.

Select a semi-matte foundation to avoid the cakey look. Also, applying perfect eyeliner and false lashes will make you look glamorous.

Moreover, you can apply a metallic silver shadow for eyeshades all over the eyelids and finish off by adding nude lip color. A red lip color with bronze will also flatter your whole look. Do not forget to apply a highlighter to enhance the look.

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4. Smokey Eye Makeup

A Smokey eye makeup look is the most glam look that you can carry on prom night. You can add vibrancy to your smokey look by incorporating modern hues to pallet like lilac, rose, gold metallic shades. However, you do not need to go for a traditional color like black, blues, brown palette to carry a smokey look.

Bring this look to life by adding the darkest shade to the lash line, outer corner and bringing the lightest shades to the inner corner. Blending is the key to achieving any flawless eye look. Add more depth to the look by wearing thick and long false lashes. Finish it off by putting on neutral lip shades.

Key here; Work according to the shape of your eye, false lashes, Neutral lip shade

guide to do smokey eye makeup

5. Gold and Rose Gold Prom Makeup

Gold and rose gold are an excellent combination for creating a beautiful hallow eye look. Start your look by applying transition shade to your eyelid. Then apply gold shade to your crease, building it up to enhance the whole look. For outer corners, add a hue of rose shade. Likewise, add rose shade matte lip color and blush on.

Key Points: Incorporate rose shades for a Hollow look; Rose or Mauve Shade Matte Lip Color, Blush-On Rose Shade

6. Pink Prom Makeup

Pink prom makeup is a cute makeup look that adds versatility and brings femininity to your whole look. To create this look, add different shades of pink from the palette. Add dark shades of pink to the outer third corner and shimmery shades to the crease. Moreover, to make your eyes look big you can add a white pencil to the inner lid and pop up a highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes. Do not forget to add shadow to your lower lash. Lastly, add dimension to your makeup by using a darker pink lip color and finish it off with gloss to create a plump effect.

Key here; adding different shades of the pink from palette to diversify

pink eyemakeup with winged liner

7. Prom Makeup for Blue Eyes

The key to making blue eyes stand out is to add complementary colors from the palette. An excellent choice is an orange color but you can also pick brown, bronze, and rose gold. The good news for blue-eyed beauties is that they can pull off their prom look with minimum effort. Just add orange shade to your eyes all over and apply fake lashes (not too heavy) to finish off the whole look. To give subtle look, make sure to dust off a layer of salmon pink blush all over your cheeks.

Key Point; Add complementary colors like orange, bronze, brown to pop the blue colored eyes

prom makeup for blue eys

8. Prom Makeup for Green Eyes

Adding green emerald shade (with forest tones) to the eye will make your green eyes stand out. Start your look by adding bronze shade as a transition shade. Then add green glitter to your crease with darker shades towards the outer corner. Polish off the look by adding a pop up of blue shade.

Key Point; For lip shade, add nude lip shade to finish off the look

prom makeup for green eyes

9. Prom Makeup for Brown and Hazel Eyes

The best way to enhance your brown and hazel eyes is to add warm shades like chocolate brown, topaz, and hazelnut. Start it off by adding a neutral shade as a transition shade and adding darker colors to the corners of the eye. Add thin eyeliner along with the shape of the eye to give it a glamorous look. Apply false lashes, add neutral lip color, and polish off your look by keeping brows groomed.

Pro Tip: Brown, Topaz, Hazelnut Shades, Black eyeliner, Neutral Lip Color and don’t forget to dust off a highlighter.

prom makeup for brown and hazel eyes

10. Prom Makeup for Grey Eyes

As your eye color is unique, so create a look that brings attention to your eyes. Smokey eye makeup look is a perfect choice. You can make it more flattering by adding metallic shades like silver and contrast it with black to bring beauty. Again, you’ll need to add transition shade to your whole lid, then start by applying black shade. Blend it well!

Moreover, you can add metallic silver to your crease and finish it off by applying false lashes. Do not forget to smudge it below lower lashes. To make the look cohesive, you should dust off blush on your cheeks and add nude lip color to give a balanced look.

Tip here; do not overpower the look. Create a balance!

step by step makeup for grey eyes

11. Prom Makeup for Black Dress

If you are opting for a black dress, then it’s definitely going to be the center of attraction. Go for a classic combination; black-winged liner-shaped brows and pop-up highlighter to give a sharp look. For lips, go for bold colors; you can never go wrong with this one. Red, burgundy, berry shades, and deep plum lip colors will add a sexy look. Remember, do not go heavy for eye makeup and blush. Let it be subtle to balance the look.

Key Points; Bold Lip Colors, Winged Liner, Groomed Brows, Pop up highlighter to give a sharp look

12. Prom Makeup for Blue and Navy Dress

Make a bold statement by wearing a blue dress with a blue eye makeup look. Start by applying purple shade as a transition shade. Swipe a blue glitter shade all over the lids. Smudge the eyeshade below the lashes to complete the look. Dust off salmon peach blush on and finish it off by adding peachy pink lip shade to the lips.

Key Points; Go bold, Blue Glitters, Peachy, Salmon peach blush, Pink lip shade

makeup for blue eyes

13. Prom Makeup for Pastel Color Dress

Pastel color dress demands a soft makeup look. Soft makeup is an understated prom look; however, we will guide you to create it perfectly. First, for eyes, use shades with a soft undertone. You can go for neutral shades too. Add peachy blush to your cheeks and a light color lip gloss for a dewy effect. Last, add a highlighter to the inner eyes, above the lips, and cheekbones. Creating a natural glowing effect look will enhance your facial features.

Key here; Soft glam look, Neutral shades, Highlighter to inner eyes, cheekbones, above the lips.

14. Prom Makeup for Green Dress

Let the green dress stand out on prom night. To do that, go for a subtle and light makeup look. The best is to focus more on brows and dark liquid eyeliner. Add a nude lip shade for a flattering look.

Focus on brows, dark liquid eyeliner, nude lip shade, and lip gloss over it.

15. Prom Makeup for Red Dress

For the ultimate look, go for red on red. Some might think that you can’t pull off a bold dress with bold lips. But it’s not true.

Tip here; Color of your red dress and red lipstick should match your skin undertone and color

Go for the subtle gold look and add a highlighter to the corner of your eyes and cheekbones. Add thin black eyeliner with the shape of your eye and finish the look by giving a feathered look to the brows.

classic red on red

16. Prom Makeup for White and Cream Dress

The white dress provides an excellent canvass to go for a soft as well as over the top glam look. Go for a youthful, contemporary look by adding soft hues to your eyes. Add neutral eyeshades and rose or mauve lips to create a subtle look. You can also add bold lip colors like red, burgundy, and black. To finish it off, add a bronze highlighter all over the face on your cheeks, inner corner of your eyes, and over the lips to sharpen the whole look.

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17. Prom Makeup for Purple and Burgundy Dress

A Purple and Burgundy dress is an extravagant choice for prom night. So, doing the matching makeup will make you look drop-dead gorgeous. Burgundy and purple lipstick, a little dust off of blush, and winged eyeliner will not just make you look vibrant but balance the solid color of your dress. This combo looks good especially if you have dark eyes, hair, and a medium complexion. Do not hesitate to go all over for it.

girl wearing purple and burgandy dress



It depends upon your style, color, and cut of the outfit you will wear at the event. Also, your prom look should make you feel confident. So we would advise you to go for a look at which you are more confident and comfortable.


Do your own makeup a day before the event to get an idea of the overall look. Take your pictures with good light to finalize your makeup – if it looks the same as it looks in real.


For beginners, the best way to make sure your makeup looks good is to practice it. Start practicing your makeup 1 or 2 weeks before to get the best results.


For alone makeup, it may take 1 hour approx. However, keep in mind the time that will be required for doing hairstyle and nails. So be ready for spending 2-3 hours on the final look.


Go for light touchups but not a drastic one. Avoid going for any new haircut altogether. Make sure you do a trial look for hair that you are going to carry on the prom.

Final Thoughts

Prom night is the best time to get dressed up, create a glam look, and check out new products. Even if you are not into the makeup world, prom night is the time to get out of your comfort zone and try daring makeup for prom.

Some girls prefer natural makeup taking their everyday aesthetics to the next level, while others prefer going all over with a heavy look. Still, some want to do an experiment with a bold look. But the thing here is whatever look you are going to create should complement your outfit.

Get ready to flaunt off at prom!

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