lash lift procedure

Mascara might probably be your best friend for past years, but it’s time to say goodbye. Keratin lash lift is a real game-changer.

What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift treatment has been in trend for many years. The procedure gives your natural lashes an extra volume and curl, which is not perfectly achieved by applying mascara.

If there’s one beauty trend that a girl would never compromise on is long, luscious lashes. Not only a good set of lashes makes your eyes instant bigger, but it boosts your confidence in social gatherings.

So, if you’re crazy about long voluminous lashes but scared of using mascara every day, this blog will teach you some amazing lash lift benefits . Get ready to ditch mascara after reading this blog.

How Is The Lash Lift Procedure Done?

Our natural lashes are made of keratin, so in lash lift treatment; the experts use high keratin products. Firstly silicon pads are put on eyelids so that eyelashes take their shape. Then serum is applied to nourish them with proteins. Gradually silicon pads are removed, and lifting lotion is used to lift the new position’s lashes. It needs a short time before applying setting lotion.

lash lift procedure


  • Natural lift of your eyelashes

Eyelash lift extends your natural eyelashes from its root. With silicon pads and keratin, the color and shapes of lashes get improved. There’s no need to apply mascara afterward.

  • Budget-friendly

This treatment has long-term benefits as compared to its cost. Imagine how much money you can save if you don’t have to buy expensive mascara after every few months.

  • Low-maintenance

With such busy routines and schedules, lash lifts are a lifesaver. It’s even perfect for busy moms and working ladies. Even if you want to go an event like prom night then you not need to worry about your lashes. You do not need to spend hours having a glam look. It’s a one-time treatment that lasts longer.


  • Suitable for short lashes

The good thing about the lash lift is that it is suitable for all types of lashes. You may think it’s only for long lashes, but that’s not the case. Many salons and clinics offer a lash lift for smaller lashes due to the availability of small-sized apparatus. It’ll rejuvenate your whole look, so give it a try.

  • A great alternative to eyelash extension

You do not need extra care and sessions in the lash lift as you need in eyelash extension. It’s a one-time procedure that lasts up to 5-8 weeks.

  • Less time consuming

Imagine how much time you can save if there’s no need to apply false lashes every time you go out for an event or brushing a stroke of mascara every day before you head to your office. Trust us; lash lift is a time-saver.

  • Harmless and Addictive

Keratin is a natural protein, so keratin lash lift isn’t harmful in any way. The chemicals that are present in high-end mascara are probably more toxic than this treatment.

Once you get a lash lift, you will astonish to see the results, and you will no longer want to go without it; thus, it becomes highly addictive.

Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?

No, it will not ruin your lashes if done professionally. Always look for reviews when searching for the clinic or salon.

Does lash lift help your lashes grow?

Lash lift intensifies your natural lashes by lifting them from the root; hence gives a longer and voluminous effect. However, it does not make them grow naturally. For the natural growth of lashes, you can apply coconut oil or castor oil on them daily before going to bed.

How long does a lash lift last?

It usually lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes it even lasts for longer.  To keep it consistent, go for a lash lift session after every 6 to 8 weeks.

How long the process continues?

The lash lift process usually takes 30 minutes.

Lash Lift Pros And Cons

  • Always get it done by a professional. Otherwise, it may harm your lashes.
  • If you have short eyelashes, it will not make a remarkable difference.
  • For sensitive eyes, the solution may be a little irritating. So do consult it with an aesthetician before getting it done.
  • You may feel discomfort when you get it done. But it will go right away after some time.
  • If you are going to apply mascara, go for waterproof mascara. Otherwise, you may have a hard time removing it off.

Lash Lift Aftercare/Tips

Things you’ll need to avoid for 24hrs includes

  • Heat
  • Lotions
  • Face Washes
  • Creams
  • Water
  • Oils
  • Shampoos
  • Makeup remover wipes

For a side or face sleeper;

  • Sleep on your back otherwise you may notice a misshapen. This happens because the lashes are still malleable. keratin lash lift

Lash Lifts vs. Lash Extensions – which option is better?

If you need a small lash boost, go for a lash lift. If you want lashes that last longer, eyelash extensions are a better choice.

The last lift procedure is shorter and more affordable than the extension. However, the results of extensions are long-term.


If you want a less harmful and affordable, opt for lash lifting. While both treatments are effective and cost-effective, lash lifting is the less expensive option. Moreover, it requires low maintenance, unlike extensions.

Get away with your mascara, eyelash curlers, and other expensive eyelash extension tools after knowing these lash lift benefits.



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