Korean double cleansing for oily skin is a new holy grail and the most search term in Google. If you are not familiar with the word ‘double cleansing,’ you should learn that it means thoroughly washing your face in two separate steps. Japan and Korea introduce this concept first, which is now migrated into Western culture.

In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about korean double cleansing including best korean double cleansing products, double cleansing method, and steps etc.

Korean Double Cleansing is for?

Korean double cleansing works best for oily skin people. Oily skin produces more sebum than required which can lead to clogged pores. Too much sebum can also result in acne. Likewise, genetics, stress, or hormone changes may increase sebum production. In any case, the Korean double cleansing method works wonders.

Furthermore, if you are a makeup lover and love doing it every day, double cleansing is the perfect method to remove all your makeup down, leaving behind clear, smooth skin.

Korean Double Cleansing is not suitable for?

It is beneficial for every skin type. However, people should look out for over-washing signs for specific skin types, such as dry skin and acne-prone skin. It is fact that dry skin people will notice further dryness. Likewise, people with acne-prone skin may face further inflammation in acne.

However, with the right cleansers and gentle massaging technique, double cleansing shouldn’t harm any skin type.

Korean Double cleansing for acne prone skin

Just remember: Harshly rubbing your skin will only make it worse over time. Stick to a nighttime double cleanse regime if your skin isn’t oily. However, if you feel twice a day cleaning suits you, then continue doing so.

How do you double cleanse?

The first step in double cleansing method involves the use of a simple oil-based cleanser followed up by a mild water-based cleanser. This combination of two different types of cleansers helps combat excess oil from your face, leaving a fresh feel.

Oil-based cleanser

An oil-based cleanser will remove all the sunscreen, dirt, and pollutants you accumulate throughout your day. They can come in two forms, solid or liquid. If it is in solid form, it may be balm or cream. In liquid, it comes in the form of oil.

It’s a myth that oil-based cleansers should not be used for oily skin. The truth is there no harm in using gentle and non-comedogenic oil-based cleansers.

Let’s break down all the korean double cleansing products that will help you get smooth clear skin.

Best Korean cleanser for oily skin

  1. Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil
  2. Palmer’s skin Therapy Cleansing Oil
  3. Sahajan Essential Cleanser Oil

Cleansing balm

  1. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
  2. SheaMoisture Makeup Cleansing Balm
  3. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleansing Balm

Just remember: Never use a plant-based comedogenic oil cleanser as they can clog the pores.

How to use an oil-based cleanser?

First, make sure your face is completely dry. Pump a small amount of korean cleansing oil on your hands. Massage it on your face in slow circular movements. You can add a little water to make foam out of it. Rinse the product with mild warm water. Make sure not to do oil cleansing twice a day. That’s all.

You are now set for the second step.

Water-Based Cleanser

After you have used an oil-based cleanser, korean water-based cleanser will help remove any remaining oil, impurities in your skin, leaving behind clear skin.

It comes in two types

  • Foaming
  • Non Foaming

Just remember: Foaming cleansers are more alkaline so chances are your skin might get irritated if you use them.

How to use a Korean water-based cleanser?

If you are using a foaming cleanser, wet your face first. It will help to build foam.  You can apply non-foaming ones with a soft sponge.

Some of the recommended water-based cleansers are

  • COSRX- Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
  • Snowise Cleansing Foam
  • Nature Republic: Jeju Sparking Cleansing Water

Benefits of Double Cleansing

Throughout the day, dust, dirt, and pollutants gathered into our pores, causing them to clog. Korean double cleansing method helps removes impurities from your skin and deeply clean your skin. Hence, resulting in a youthful and bright complexion.

It leaves behind a clean canvas for your day-to-day makeup.

Thirdly, it provides nourishment to the skin providing extra hydration.

It also helps other products work better and penetrate your skin. Serums, moisturizers, shea butter, etc. all absorb well in clean skin.

Just remember: As oil and water do not mix, a simple cleanser is not enough to remove all of it. Here comes double cleansing to rescue.

Other benefits

  • Fights signs of aging
  • Lesser breakouts
  • Prevents acne and other skin problems

Why is it important to double cleanse according to your skin type?

No doubt, double cleansing can work wonders for your skin, but you have to be careful about your skin type. Choosing the wrong products can lead to over-drying and over-washing, stripping off essential oils of your skin.

While many skincare products are lying on the shelves, you need to read the description of each. This allows you to make a wise choice according to your skin type.

Tips for choosing a cleanser

  • Choose ones that do not contain sulfates
  • Observe the pH level. Our skin average pH level is 5, so find one between similar pH level to balance it
  • For oily skin, you must consider ingredients like glycolic acid and vitamin E that controls the production of oil
  • People with dry skin should look for a non-irritating gentle formula that should not further dry their skin
  • Normal skin type does not have any significant concerns, but still, they should look for moisturizing or creamy formulas

How do you know if double cleansing is making a difference?

Generally, it takes up to a week to notice a difference in skin. However, if it is your first time, you’ll see instant results. Or, if you’ve been trying this method for a long time and see no visible change, consider changing your products. Experts recommend using products as per skin type.


What is the best age to start Korean double cleansing?

By the time you get 20 years old, you should be in the habit of using a normal cleanser. Once you cross 20, start incorporating anti-aging products in your skincare regime, followed by a double cleansing technique.

The preventative measures taken at this time will help your skin to age gracefully. In contrast, delaying the process will only visible signs of aging when you cross 25.

Should I double cleanse every day?

Ideally, you should do double cleansing every day, especially if you have oily skin or wear makeup.  However, daily use is not recommended for people having dry/dehydrated, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

Should I do a double cleanse even if I don’t wear makeup?

To remove excess oil from the face, you should do double cleansing even if you are not wearing any makeup. Remember, your skin accumulates dirt and dust particles even if you don’t wear makeup. Regular cleaning ensures there’s no bacteria left on your skin.

Can double cleansing cause breakouts?

Generally, it does not cause breakouts. But if you have oily acne-prone skin, using a comedogenic cleanser or rigorously rubbing a face could give you breakouts. A gentle, non-comedogenic oil cleanser will not give you breakouts.

Isn’t it time-consuming?

When you first use the double cleansing method, it may take some extra time than you spend using a single-step cleansing method. However, after experiencing the magical skin changes, you would love to try it out every day.

The Bottom Line

Korean double cleansing for oily skin hype is all around the world, for all the good reason it holds. Even if you are someone who is not into skincare, you should try it now.

We hope this article has helped you know about the benefits of Korean double cleansing for oily skin and other skin types. Do let us know your feedback in the comment section below.




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