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Do you love wearing a bodycon dress but are worried about hiding love handles? How many times have you dropped the idea of wearing beautiful fitted dresses in parties and weddings? Bodycon is a popular dress style characterized by its seductive style designed to flaunt a woman’s curves.

‘Love handles’ is an informal term for excess fat deposited, aka little rolls, at the side of a person’s waistline and on the lower back. Anyone who is a little overweight can have these.

Some of them look good in bodycon dress, but their bulges around the tummy area start showing. Neither do they look sexy nor loving. Don’t worry, here are some tips on wearing a bodycon dress with love handles, do read on.

8 Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress With Love Handles

1. Invest in a Comfortable Shapewear

Love handle shapewear can help you smooth fat around the tummy area. Not only does shapewear help with your stubborn love handles, but it is designed to slim your whole waist and tummy.

Comfortable body shapewear

Can corset shapewear help with love handles?

Corset shapewear perfectly smooths out the silhouette of a bulgy woman’s body, giving an excellent lift to the hip area. This product covers you from chest to hip. Instead of opting for a butt shaper, waist cincher, tummy tucker, you should opt for a one-piece, full-body corset-styled shapewear.

Note: Corsets shapewear for love handles are available in soft, breathable fabric, so you can wear them for whole day, without any discomfort. This will help you cinch your tummy from all sides without showing any bulges.

2. Invest in Dark Colors Bodycon Dress

Black, navy blue, or other dark colors make you look slimmer – these colors do not accentuate your love handles.

Wearing a dark/slimming color dress is the best way to cut down a few inches since these outfits effectively hide folds in your body. Therefore, you should always buy a dark color tightly fitted outfit to hide your unwanted body bulges. Just remember: By dressing appropriately, you can easily divert the people’s attention away from your fat.

3. Wrap a Colorful Patterned Scarf

To create a new fashion statement and keep the audience’s attention around your face and neck, instead of love handles, wearing a bright patterned scarf is a great idea. Choose the one that complements best with your bodycon dress.

4. Choose Your Accessories Carefully

A scarf helps to hide your love handles in a bodycon dress but wearing bright and bold accessories is equally important to make people focus on them instead of bulgy tummy and waist.

  • You can wear a trendy statement necklace

If you’re wearing a one-shouldered or off-shouldered bodycon dress, complement it with wearing a unique necklace – to make people divert their attention to your neckpiece instead of your love handles!

  • You can wear flashy long earrings

Flashy earrings never go out of fashion. You can pair them with your bodycon dress to look stylish and to hide your love handles effectively.

Isn’t it a great idea to divert your friend’s attention away from your embarrassing love handles?

flashy long earings to wear with a bodycon dress


5. The Length of BodyCon Dress

The length of a dress is essential to your final look. The same length dress does not suit everyone, and choosing the right one depends on your height, age, and body structure.

While picking a fitted bodycon dress, you’ll need to ensure that it is not too short to make your heavy thighs visible. You can wear a fitted dress that either ends right above your knee or it’s a full-length slit dress that goes perfectly with all body shapes.

6. Choose the Correct Size of Under Garments

There’s no doubt that undergarments play a vital role in defining your body shape in bodycon. A sagging or loose bra makes your breast look saggy. Whereas a fitted one gives your breasts beautiful firm look.

Wear right size brassieres that are super comfortable for you. The correct size of undergarments will not only make your oversized body look slimmer and smarter but also draw people’s attention away from those unwanted love handles.

correct size of undergarments to wear with love handles

The same rule applies to underwear. You shouldn’t wear underwear that is too loose or too tight. Loose ones do not give good shape to your heavy butts, and tight underwear will make your hips and love handle look bigger.

It is advisable to wear underwear having a higher waist, and the key is to wear it a little above your belly button.

7. Wear Thick Fabrics With Detailed Designs

It is better to wear moderately thick fabric if you’re overweight as they do not stick to your body like thinner fabrics. Indeed, lighter fabrics show off those unwanted bulges more.

Always wear thick fabric with detailed designs as it will not make your curves obvious.

8. Wear Vertical Stripes Dresses

If you’re overweight, a horizontal stripe bodycon dress will make you look more fat and short. This is why you should opt for vertical lines dress as it will make you look slimmer and taller and help you hide love handles.

vertical stripes on how to wear a bodycon dress with love handles


Just remember: Opt for an outfit that distracts the attention to the design and does not expose your heavy waist and side fat rolls.

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Related FAQs

How to hide love handles in a tight dress?

These day’s designers are paying attention to designing beautiful dresses for love handles. The key is to drift the focus to your upper body.

Wear high-waist bottom to smoothen out those curves, wear empire waistline and A-line clothes, both suitable for hiding love handles – as they are tight from the waist and flare out at the bottom!

Likewise, you can tuck your top from the front while pushing the fabric down under your pants.

Just remember: To hide love handles, always wear the best body shapewear with bodycon dress no matter what style, fabric, or design you carry.

How to hide back fat in a bodycon dress?

If you wish to reduce the appearance of your back fat, instantly buy the cloth that fits. Wear the proper undergarments size, invest in a bodycon dress cut with a V-shaped back, and wear proper length dress with smoothing shapewear.

Where to buy the best body shaper?

You can buy high-quality, comfortable body shaper both online and in stores. Choose the product according to your tummy and body weight and enjoy the best prices.

How to do makeup in a bodycon dress?

Now coming to the makeup, you should always wear a flawless base with glowy flushed cheeks. Put a pink, peach or nude shade blush on with a bronze highlighter to make your face features look sharper.

A light smoky makeup finishing it with winged eyeliner and loads of mascara would be a game changer for the eyes. You can also wear fake eyelashes and kohl on the waterline to enhance the look.

For lips, choose cherry red lipstick from the high-end brand, which added that oomph to your bodycon dress and overall look.

Last words

Every woman should know the tips mentioned above on hiding love handles and showing off their curves like a pro. After all, in a world filled with fashionistas, you must learn how to wear a bodycon dress with love handles

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