Hello, Gorgeous! Are you feeling bad about your short hair lately? Or maybe, you are someone who was never that into fashion and beauty but finally wants to try out the latest long hairstyle trends? If so, you might feel confused. Don’t worry! In this article, you will learn some of the best tips to look more feminine with short hairstyles.

So, let’s dive into the details.

How to Look More Feminine With Short Hair?

The trick is to choose the right short hairstyle according to your face shape, wear nice feminine makeup, feminine clothes, and pair it up with accessories that perfectly suit you. Moreover, you’ll need to learn to carry yourself with grace and how to be a head-turner, wherever you go.

Simple Ways to Look More Feminine with the Latest Short Hair Trend

Gone are the days when long hair was a symbol of beauty in women. Today, women are no longer afraid to cut their hair short and experiment. If you want to know how to look more feminine in short hair, learn about styles of these top celebrities.

Some of the most beautiful women like Lady Diana, Courtney Cox, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansen, and Dakota Johnson, have flaunted short hair. You may look at them for inspiration.

Earrings Style for Short Hair 

After getting a short hair cut , the first thought you will have is that how to look feminine with short hair because short hair can change your whole avatar if you doenst style it properly .Short hair actually exposed your ears very much so it is necessary to put some efforts and choose some accessories for your ear to complete your look.   

Whether its pixie or inverted bobs this kind of short hairstyles are always in fashion. The key in styling short hair with earrings is in balacning and contrasting .Having short also exposes your full face , make sure to wear earings which suits your face shape.In this article we have also mentioned about the short haircuts according to face shapes.

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Here are some earrings styles to invest in when you have short hair ; 

The types of earrings can make a major difference in your look with  short haircuts and face shapes. Here are 6 earring styles with for  short haircuts and also we have mentioned for which face shapes they may look good on lets dig in ;

  • Stud Earrings:

Stud earrings are very  versatile and they work well with short hair, giving a subtle and classic touch. They are especially flattering for round faces as they provide a balanced and understated look.

  • Short Hair Cut : These earrings look best with Pixie Cut or Bob cut
  • Face Shape: If you have Oval or Round face these stud earing will get along well. 
  • Hoop Earrings:

Earrings in hoop style can give  the edginess to asymmetrical pixie cuts or A-line bobs. They add a playful and stylish element, particularly for those with heart-shaped or square faces.

  • Short Haircut: These hoop earrings look well with Asymmetrical Pixie or A-Line Bob haircut. 
  • Face Shape: If you have Heart or Square shape you should go for these earrings style.

Ear Cuffs:

Ear cuffs earings  make  bold and trendy statement when ever you wear it, which makes them an excellent choice for short hair with an undercut or shaved sides. They can totally  enhance the structure of diamond or oval face shapes by drawing attention to the upper part of the face.

  • Short Haircut: Best suited earring style for Undercut  or Shaved Sides.
  • Face Shape:  If you have diamond or oval , then go for ear cuffs earrings.


Dangle Earrings:

  • Dangle earrings add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look, making them suitable for textured or layered bob haircuts. Earrings in dangle style  creates a vertical line that give little edgy look to the roundness of a face, especially for those with roundface shapes .


  • Short Haircut: These kinds of earring well suited with hairstyles like textured or layered bob.
  • Face Shape: Well suited for oval and round shaped faces.

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Ear Jackets:

Ear jacket earings are modern and chic.They  work well with blunt bob or lob hairstyles. They add a contemporary twist and suit square or heart-shaped faces by providing a balanced and stylish appearance.


  • Short Haircut: Best for blunt bob or lob (Long Bob)
  • Face Shape: Looks good with face shapes like square or heart.


Threader Earrings:

Dont worry about how to look feminine with short hair, Try these threader earrings , these are minimalistic and can add a subtle touch of glamour to short haircuts like crop cuts or buzz cuts. Their versatility makes them suitable for various face shapes, as they create a delicate and elongating effect.

  • Short Haircut: These earrings are best to wear with crop cut or buzz cut hairstyles.
  • Face Shape: They are versatile and can be worn with any face shape. 

Makeup Tips For Short Hair


Well when it comes to doing  makeup for short hair, there are specific tips to enhance your overall look. Here are 9 detailed makeup tips that can rank well on Google:

  •  Focus on Your Eyes:
    • Short hair draws attention to your facial features, and enhancing your eyes can complement the overall look. Use eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadows to create definition and drama.


  •  Bold Brows for Balance:
    • Short hairstyles often put more focus on your face, and well-defined eyebrows can bring balance to the look. Fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder for a polished appearance.


  •  Choose different Lip Colors
    • Consider your hair color and choose lip shades that complement it. For short hair, bold lip colors can make a statement, while neutral tones provide an elegant, understated look.

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  • Face Contouring:
    • Short hair can accentuate your facial structure. Use contouring techniques to highlight your cheekbones and define your jawline, adding dimension to your face.

  •  Highlight main Features :
    • Applying highlighter to specific areas like the inner corners of your eyes, the bridge of your nose, and the tops of your cheekbones can add a radiant glow, enhancing the freshness of your short hairstyle.
  • Blush Placement Matters:
    • Depending on your face shape, adjust your blush placement. For round faces, apply blush slightly higher on the apples of your cheeks, while for square faces, blend it diagonally towards the temples.
  •  Eye Shape Matters:
    • Tailor your eyeshadow application to your eye shape. For instance, elongate the outer corners for round eyes and focus on the crease for hooded eyes to complement short haircuts.
  • Matte or Dewy Finish:
    • Consider the finish of your foundation based on your skin type. A matte finish can help control shine, while a dewy finish adds a luminous quality that can be especially flattering with short hair.
  • Long-Lasting Formulas of Makeup :
    • Short hair may draw attention to your makeup throughout the day. Opt for long-lasting formulas, including waterproof mascara and smudge-proof eyeliner, to maintain a fresh look.


Dressing Style for Short Hair Style 

Short hair can be a fantastic canvas to showcase your style, and choosing the right dresses can enhance your overall look if you are looking for the ideas on how to dress feminine with short hair . Here are some dress ideas for short-haired individuals:

  • Floral Sundress:

A light and flowy floral sundress is perfect for a casual and carefree look. It complements short hair by adding a touch of femininity and works well for various occasions, from picnics to brunch.

  • Shift Dress:
      • A classic shift dress provides a clean and tailored silhouette. It’s a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for both casual and semi-formal settings.
  • Wrap Dress:

A wrap dress is flattering on many body types and offers a stylish, cinched waist look. It’s a great option for showcasing your short hair while adding a hint of sophistication.

  • A-Line Dress:

An A-line dress flares out from the waist, creating a feminine and timeless look. It’s especially flattering for those with short hair, as it complements the balance of the overall silhouette.

  • Tailored Jumpsuit:

A tailored jumpsuit can be a chic and modern choice for those with short hair. It creates a sleek and elongated appearance, making it suitable for various events, from parties to dinner dates.

  • Off-Shoulder Dress:

Showcase your shoulders with an off-shoulder dress. This style draws attention upward, highlighting your short hair while adding a touch of romance and flair to your look.

  • Mini Dress:

Embrace your short hair with a mini dress that shows off your legs. This style exudes confidence and is perfect for a night out or a fun event where you want to make a statement.

  • Bohemian Maxi Dress:
  • A bohemian maxi dress with a flowy design and vibrant patterns can create a whimsical and carefree vibe. It’s a great option for a relaxed and comfortable yet stylish appearance.
  • Bodycon Dress:

For those who want to flaunt their curves, a bodycon dress can be a bold and sexy choice. It hugs the body and accentuates your figure, creating a confident and stylish look.

  • T-shirt Dress:

Keep it casual and comfortable with a T-shirt dress. This laid-back style is effortlessly cool and complements the simplicity of short hair, making it a great option for everyday wear.

The most famous types of short haircuts are:

  • LOB: This is a bob but a longer version of it. It falls onto your shoulders in a gorgeous way and brings out the features of your face.

Best suited on face types: Heart-shaped, Oval-shaped, and Round faces.

A long bob helps make a round face appear slimmer!

  • Pixie: A pixie haircut is great if you are a modern, contemporary woman always having places to get to. This haircut is easy to manage and looks very pretty.

Best suited on face types: Oval-shaped Heart-shaped, and Square-shaped.

  • Shag: This haircut works in a layering method. Cut in a way that every hair is in a layer of different lengths. What makes this hairstyle so unique is that the hair is always feathered on the top and sides. This haircut will add a bouncy look to your hair!


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  • Perfect for women who do not have the time to style their hair but still wish to look presentable.

Best suited on face types: The most versatile haircut that will fit all the universal face shapes. Ideal for all face cuts.

  •  Mohawk: This hairstyle has been famous among men for ages, but now women have also started experimenting with this one. Safe to say, this haircut makes you look an empowered, badass woman. This will give you a confidence boost, in an instance! Mohawks are versatile and easily carried by all hair types, so do not feel like you will not do justice to this haircut!

Best suited on face types: Another versatile haircut that suits every type of face cut, especially round faces.

  • The classic Bob: This classic haircut will never go out of style, get bobs with bangs or fringes! It will look cute while also staying practical. This haircut is very easy to care for and does not need that much effort to look flawless. Usage of a single volumizing hair spray spritz for fine-haired women should be enough.

Best suited for face types: Oval shaped, heart, shaped, and round shaped.

right hair cut according to face type

Other Best Tips to Look Feminine with Short Hair

Hair dye

These are the latest short hair trends, but you can ombre dye your hair to level it up. Ombre hair dye is a hair dyeing technique in which the hair color transforms from darker to lighter. The key to a suitable ombre hair dye is the blending between the two hair color transitions. Make sure to go to a hair expert. Otherwise, it can look pretty bad if the shade is not blended in well with the natural color!

Do not feel restricted to common color palettes like browns and blondes. Go all out and ombre your hair with soft pink, sky blue, or a beautiful grey!

Now that you have your haircut and dyed according to your face shape, your face will noticeably look more beautiful and detailed!

Maintain your hygiene

After hair, comes hygiene. We could have discussed clothes but what’s more important is that you feel feminine from the inside.

  • Change your underwear daily.
  • Moisturize your legs, arms, and face with shea butter after every shower/bath.
  • Shave your private parts often. Some people feel better about themselves, instantly once they shave. You can also use Rica wax to get rid of that tiny stubborn hair in private parts.
  • Take good care of your hair; oil it, use hair masks, use a conditioner.
  • Smell good! (Last for the best, if you smell good, not only will you attract attention but you will feel better about yourself and more confident)


Clothing is one of the most important things if you want to look more feminine. Add more feminine clothes to your wardrobe. Embrace floral prints, traditional style clothes, formal wear. Add bright feminine colors to enchant your look. Style it with accessories, pair it up with a nice pair of heels and you are good to go.


Accessories can give a whole different look when you have short hair. You can play around with different pieces. You can go for necklaces or long earrings and make it a statement. Remember, choosing to right accessories will give you a feminine look.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories can pop up your short hair. Key here; choose something that will balance the whole look. Do not opt for too flouncy hair accessories. Instead, choose headbands, barrette, wire kerchief, and fancy bobby pins. It will enhance your short hair and give it a more feminine look.

hair accessories to look feminine


You may think you don’t need to invest in a lot of products when styling your short hair. But that’s not true. Tip here; pick the good quality things. You may need gels, heat protection hair sprays, pomades, creams while trying different hairstyles.


The best thing about short hair is that you don’t need to spend hours styling your hair. But the key here is; a good hairstyle can give you a feminine look. You can watch YouTube tutorials to have an idea of how to carry short hair. Or consult your hairdresser to guide you what’s the best hairstyle that can go according to your face type with short hair.

Final Thought – The Verdict

You can’t put a price tag on feeling clean and hygienic. If you feel good, you will automatically look good, especially with a good haircut. We hope this article taught you how to be more feminine with a short haircut and feel good about yourself.

If all this sounds good to you, then follow the above-mentioned life-changing tips and tricks in your daily life to be a better version of yourself!

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