Kate Middleton ‘The Duchess of Cambridge’ is a style icon for all women and was crowned as the top royal fashion icon in 2020. Everywhere she goes, she dresses elegantly, displaying an effortlessly chic appeal. There are millions of people who want to learn how to dress like Kate Middleton and rightly so.

In this article, you will learn how to steal her Kate Middleton style and dress as elegantly as the Duchess herself.

8 Outfit Ideas About How to Dress Like Kate Middleton 

Here are 8 outfits that best describe Kate’s fashion sense

1. Turtle Neck

This is one of the staples you must add to your wardrobe if you want to dress like Kate Middleton. Turtle Neck is a true wardrobe essential that every woman must-have. Wearing a turtle neck makes it easy to stay warm and look modern. Kate Middleton pulls off her turtleneck looks, pairing it with a bright jacket or blazer. There are so many other ways to go for it; layering it with a shirt, under a skirt, jeans. Choices are unlimited, just play around it and make it a statement.

Kate Middleton wearing turtle neck

2. A-Line Dress

A-Line Dress is another classic piece you often see Kate Middleton putting on. She wears an A-line dress now and then in bright or pastel colors, pairing it with nice clutches, A-line dress with its cinched waist and flared shape makes it perfect for every occasion. You can never go wrong with this one as a woman of any age, size, and shape can wear it. So brighten up your day by wearing the elegant A-Line outfit.

3. Nude Heels

Footwear is one of the most essential things that can make you look elongated. Kate Middleton has an amazing sense when it comes to styling her outfits with shoes. One way she does it by wearing these nude heels with monochromatic outfits. It just completes the whole look by giving it a settled touch. You should definitely try these looks by buying a nice pair of nude heels as they will be a great investment and will never go out of fashion. Plus it’s a great addition because it can go along with a lot of dresses.

4. Peplum Skirt Suit

The nipped-in waist and hourglass shape that this skirt gives makes it a versatile ensemble to own. You can style it up according to any occasion. For a casual look, go for a denim jacket, for extra depth accessorize it with a belt and hat. Swap your flats for heels, and you are ready to go to an event. It’s flattering; a feminine silhouette will make you feel glam and classy.

Kate Middleton nailing in peplum skirt suit

5. Fur Hat

Fur hats are becoming a rising trend nowadays. On a cold sunny day style, your outfit with a fur hat will enchant your look. Kate Middleton is often seen wearing headpieces like fur hats, and she looks super polished in it. Whether it’s the hat having a wider brim or including a rounded crown around the forehead, this amazing element will bring together your whole look.

6. Double- Breasted Coat

Go out of the classic fashion box by wearing a double-breasted coat. Keep it buttoned to show off its beautiful design. You will be getting a lot of eyes hooked if you pair it with jeans, a striped tee, and a mini or midi skirt. Its overlapped closure and big size buttons will make you look versatile, among others. Gear up your day by wearing Kate inspired double-breasted coats and feel confident.

Double Breasted coat

7. Long Green Coat

Kate Middleton casual dresses has a collection of a wide array of coats. She usually styles it up with simple accessories like a scarf and similar color shades to give it a refined look. Indeed, dressing up in perfectly tailored green long coats, Kate Middleton owns a real class.

You can wear it over a turtle neck with black tights or go for a retro look with pop-up colored layering. Moreover, you can style it with floral prints. Complete your outfit by wearing a long coat because you can never go wrong with this one.

Long Green Coat

8. Pillbox Hat

Kate Middleton is known for her embellished angled headpieces like pillbox hats that she usually wears at plenty of affairs. Little details like a flat crown, straight, and no brim makes pillbox hats a signature and classic statement to wear. She usually stuns her look by pairing it with a similar color outfit.

Whether you are attending a formal event like a wedding or military event, you can revive this fashion element. You can go for so many looks by styling your hair; simply tie it up in a bun, straighten it, or give it a retro look by curling hair around. So make your own statement by wearing Kate inspired pillbox hats.

pillbox hat

What Clothing Brands Does Kate Middleton Wear?

Kate Middleton dresses brands or wardrobe not only consists of ball gowns and royal family heirlooms, but she has learned how to perfectly balance fashion with tradition. If you didn’t know better, you’d surprise to learn that apart from priceless royal outfits, she also mixes in affordable outfits from brands like Topshop, Zara, ASOS, and Gap.

How To Dress Like Kate Middleton On A Budget?

Everyone wants to dress up like Kate Middleton but gets constrained due to budget. But with little creativity you can easily put together Kate Middleton look with the clothes you have in hand. We have handpicked some of the Kate Middleton affordable dresses that you can easily create yourself

  1. White Plain Shirt With Printed Trousers

I am pretty sure we all have at least one white shirt in our wardrobe. Match it with some printed trousers and embrace the whole look with a blue colored coat. Pair it up with a nude heel and flaunt off you Duchess look.

white tee with printed trousers- affordable budget Kate Middleton

2. White Shirt With Pink Jeans

This is another simple look that you can create by using white shirt. Take out your pink jeans and wear it with white shirt. Add some accessories to it and white sneakers.

white T-shirt with pink jeans

3. Polka Dots Dress

Polka dots are quite trendy and everyone owes it in some form. What you can do is pick a polka dot fabric. Get it tailored according to your shape and length. Pair it up with heels and a matching bag. That’s how to look like Kate Middle.

polka dot dress

4. Horizontal Stripes Tee With Jeans

Kate Middleton clothes are usually easy to make your own version of her dresses. As the picture shows, you can also create your own look by wearing a horizontal striped tee shirt with a pair of jeans. Less is more, pair it up with white closed shoes and you are good to go!

horizontal tee- Kate Middleton on affordable budget

Final Words

Being the most stylish yet elegant woman in the Royal Family, Kate has also developed very refined outfits in the past few years, frequently opting for floral and polka dots prints. She knows how to integrate casual pieces in a stylish way.

If you want to know how to dress like Kate Middleton for less, follow the above true wardrobe essential, inspired by the princess herself.


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