how to clean magnetic lashes

Are you finding it difficult to clean your magnetic lashes due to dirt, dust, or clots that develop in them? Then you are at the right place. We are going to cover three easy hacks to maintain these expensive cosmetics accessories.

Indeed your magnetic lashes won’t last long if you don’t keep them clean. Therefore we have come with three ways for how to clean magnetic lashes and make them look as brand new ones. You can either wash them with makeup remover or micellar water. Or simply apply water or use vaseline to let all the dirt pass off.

Let’s dive deep to learn how to wash and maintain the high-cost lashes for as long as possible. Let’s begin!

Magnetic Eyeliner: What Is It?

While there are other options like lash lift benefits to give a seductive look to your lashes however magnetic eyeliner with hinge of lashes is the easiest way to go for it. Curl with your favorite eyelash curlers to leave no stones unrolled. Although magnetic eyeliner has the same appearance and texture as ordinary liquid eyeliner, it also contains minute magnetic particles.

It works together with magnetic eyelashes to keep them in place.

The magnetic particles in the eyeliner are drawn to by the tiny magnets in the magnetic eyelashes, keeping them in place.

Is it necessary to clean Magnetic lashes?

Without a doubt, yeah! Not just to maintain hygiene but also to increase their longevity. Eyeliner smudges should be removed to ensure the magnetic bonds are strong enough for future use.

The next time you use eyeliner, residues of previous applications create a barrier between the lash magnet and your eyeliner. The magnetic connections will deteriorate if the dust and particles are not cleared.

Additionally, dust and debris may gather throughout the day (although not as much as glue-on).

How to clean magnetic lashes with makeup remover and alcohol 

Here’s how to clean magnetic lashes with alcohol in few simple steps. Things you will need:

  • 90% rubbing alcohol
  • Eye makeup remover
  • A Cotton swab and Cotton buds
  • A pair of tweezers

It is important to note that you must always wash your hands before removing your eyelashes to eliminate any potential residue or bacterial buildup. Removing eyelashes with dirty hands might cause eye irritation or even an infection.

Steps to get started with cleaning

Step 1

You must first take out your magnetic eyelashes. We suggest using the lash band to remove your magnetic lashes, which is the most efficient. Never grab this; only lightly tug on the corner! You should be careful when removing the eyelashes to avoid any damage.

Step 2

You should now take off your magnetic eyelashes and put them somewhere safe. But before you do anything else, be careful to wipe the lashes to remove any eyeliner or makeup remains. The most efficient way to do this is to take the cotton pad and soak it in the eye makeup remover.

Note: Use an eye makeup remover, not nail polish remover, for removing eye makeup. Make sure it isn’t an oil-based eye makeup remover as well.

Step 3

After soaking the cotton pad, use it to rub down the eyelashes.

Step 4

Repeat this a few times to help remove any leftover residue. Apply as little pressure as possible since using too much pressure may cause damage to your lashes and ruin their look. But if you go slowly, it may be cleaned with little stress.

After doing this, you now have a beautiful set of clean magnetic lashes.

How to clean magnetic lashes with makeup remover or Micellar water 

I am sure many people want to have the answer about ” Can you clean magnetic lashes with micellar water? Yes, you can. Things you will need:

  • a plastic container
  • makeup remover or micellar water
  • eyelash comb
  • tweezers
  • tissues

Step 1

Take off your lashes. Wash your hands, then remove your magnetic eyelashes. Pull your eyelashes loosely till they come out.

Step 2

Put your magnetic eyelashes in an empty container for this method, then pour the makeup remover (such as Micellar water) into the container. As you want the makeup and eyeliner residues on the lashes to dissolve, make sure the makeup remover completely covers the lashes.

You should soak your eyelashes in the makeup remover for up to five minutes. Do not leave them on for more than five minutes to avoid damaging the lashes. Afterward, using a pair of tweezers, remove the eyelashes from a container and put them on a piece of tissue.

Step 3

Some eyeliner may still be on your magnetic eyelashes after soaking. Make sure you clean it completely. Hold the magnetic eyelashes between your thumb and forefinger to do this. After that, take tweezers and scrape the eyeliner from the strip and the magnets. Again, take extra care not to harm the lashes during this stage.

Step 4

Thoroughly clean your lashes. You should wipe the container and add a slight makeup remover coating to ensure your magnetic lashes are fully clean. With a pair of tweezers, grab your eyelashes, dip them into the solution, and gently move them from side to side. Apply this on both lash sides.

essentials required to clean lashes

How to clean magnetic lashes without makeup remover?

Is it necessary to always use makeup remover to clean your magnetic eyelashes? Of course not! You can clean your eyelashes without the need for makeup remover. Things you will need:

  • Cotton ball
  • water

Step 1

Wet the cotton ball in the water

Step 2

Place a wet cotton ball against the lash line.

Step 3

To clean each lash, gently push and twist the cotton ball.

You can also use baby wipes to clean magnetic eyelashes.

But you still need to clean the magnets that are within the lashes. Here is the procedure to clean magnets.

how to clean lashes without makeup remover

How to clean magnets of Your Magnetic Lashes

The magnets inside the product are another critical factor to consider if you want to guarantee sustainability.

Many people are unaware of how equally important magnet cleaning is. This calls for particular, slight pressure. Make every effort to remove eyeliner from the magnet while avoiding scratches as you work around it.

Use 90% rubbing alcohol to get rid of the magnet residue. Take the swab, and start rubbing the strip slowly. Again, use caution as too much pressure may cause the lashes to get distorted or possibly come off from where they are being kept.

things you need to clean lashes

Will Vaseline remove magnetic eyeliner?

Vaseline dissolves almost any type of makeup easily and softly because it is petroleum-based. Vaseline is safe to use around your eyes, unlike some makeup removers.

Things you will need:

  • Cotton swab
  • Vaseline


You should apply Vaseline to the eyeliner area.

Step 2

Remove the Vaseline and magnetic eyeliner with a cotton swab

Some quick tips for cleaning your magnetic lashes 

  • Whatever lashes you pick on, clean them thoroughly after each use. Here are some quick instructions for maintaining your stunning new lashes.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before you start. By doing this, you can stop bacteria from getting into your eyes.
  • With tweezers, delicately remove eyelashes. Pull toward the inner corner, starting at the outside border. There shouldn’t be any pain or loss of your natural lashes due to this.
  • Apply makeup remover or micellar water on a cotton pad, cloth, or q-tip and gently rub the lash band.
  • Just be careful not to use a cleanser that contains oil, as this might make your lashes flutter.
  • When cleaning, be attentive to not getting the actual lash wet. This may harm the curl and shape.
  • Keep away from cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. This may damage delicate lashes.
  • Before storing the lashes in the case they came in, let them dry.


How often should you clean magnetic eyelashes?

Cleaning magnetic lashes are often required. Every two uses are the recommended number of cleaning cycles. The lashes gather dust and eyeliner residue after two applications, which is enough to damage the magnetic attachment and damage the lashes’ visual attractiveness.

Maintain your focus on your lash care routine. If you don’t complete all of your cleaning tasks, you’ll have to use the soaking method the next time to remove the tough debris.

The best way to extend the life of your eyelashes is not to permanently soak them in makeup remover. This practice might wear down the lashes and cause them to lose their attractiveness and form. Avoid using this technique by cleaning your eyelashes after every two applications.

If you live in a polluted area and use your eyelashes frequently, you might want to try cleaning them after each application.

Beauty products should be cleaned and sanitized as part of your daily hygiene practice. Do it to prevent irritability and infection in the future.


How to clean magnetic lashes is covered in this article. The suggested methods demonstrate that caring for magnetic lashes is simple and takes little time and effort. A cotton swab is a safer and more effective way to remove light debris.

Although the soaking process is harsher, it is more effective. Because of this, you must avoid using it frequently. It’s important to remember that the better you take care of your lashes, the longer they will survive and the more money you will save on new lashes.



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