Fox Makeup Halloween

Are you looking for the best makeup ideas for Halloween this year!? Fox makeup look is in trend for quite some time. The point of this look is to enhance the shape of your natural eye (mostly seen in East Asian features), using basic eyeshadow, eyeliner, and fake eyelashes. The steps are simple and you can easily try fox makeup look on events like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.

The Rising Trend of Halloween Fox Makeup

In 2021, it became a Tiktok challenge with nearly 74 million views, while on Instagram, fox eyes hashtag has crossed 70,000 posts. You must have noticed people are getting crazy following this viral fox makeup trend on almost all social media platforms.

Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have also made a video tutorial about doing step-by-step fox eye makeup. However, while Non-Asians have celebrated this trend, Asians believe it to be racist towards them.

This is because many Asians were bullied for their almond eye shaped by white people who made them feel inferior.

However, a question in a 2020 Reddit thread was asked “is the fox-eye makeup trend really racist? Many Asian Reddit users commented that ‘they don’t find the look racist.’ Moreover, they added that the look doesn’t resemble “Asian eyes, and it’s just a trend.”

What Is Fox Eye Makeup?

Fox eye makeup enhances the length of the eye with the use of eyeliner and eye shadow. To give it a natural look, you can also shave off the tips of your eyebrows to make it look straight and to create an illusion of slanted eyes. The purpose is to make your eyes appear slanted and elongated.

There are more tips you can follow to achieve that perfect fox look. Many makeup artists suggest going for a high ponytail that further lifts the eye.

Step By Step Guide to Halloween Fox Makeup Look

There are numerous fox makeup ideas for Halloween, but we will discuss using basic makeup from your regular eye shadow palette and white face paint.

Just remember: White face paint isn’t necessary; however, it helps create a more professional look.

Step 1

Begin with applying your regular foundation on the face. This helps the makeup stay longer.

Step 2

Apply white paint with the help of a makeup sponge to the lower part of your face. Blend it nicely, following the shape of your cheekbones, until you create that perfect fox-like face shape.

Step 3

Apply a darker shade foundation to the remaining top half of your face.

Step 4

Now, take a fluffy brush and apply a bronzer on top of the darker foundation area. You can also use an orange-toned eye shadow for this purpose.

Step 5

Again it’s time to apply a second layer of white paint to the bottom half of a face to enhance your fox face look.

Step 6

Now, take a thin bristle brush and brown eye shadow to contour your nose. Start from the brow (same as you give shape to your nose on regular days) and drag a line down your nostril. Apply this shade on your eyelid and underneath eyes and blend out.

Step 7

A fox makeup look needs dark eyes!

Take a brown or black eye shadow and spread it across the crease of the eye, blending it out and up towards the temple. Next, enhance your eyebrows by pressing a white shadow underneath.

Take the same white eye shadow and spread it across the eyelid. Then with a brown or black eyeliner, apply a thin line across the lash line.

fox 1.jpg

Step 8

You can also apply white eyeliner to the lower waterline of your eyes. White liner helps make eyes appear more prominent.

Step 9

Keep blending until you get that soft smoky eye look!

Step 10

Now with the help of a black eyeliner crayon, make the tip of your nose a little darker. See the above image of the nose of the fox!

Step 11

Use the same crayon to draw a straight line from the middle of the nose to your mouth. Make a thin upper lip and extend your lip corners outwards and a little upside.

Step 12

Now, dot on little freckles on your upper lip area. You can do this with the help of an eyeliner pencil.

Step 13

Add false eyelashes and apply mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Step 14

Apply the darker shade foundation all over your neck, however, leaving the middle part white.

Your fox makeup look is complete!

Additional Points

While considering how to do fox eye makeup professionally, there are some points that you should consider.

  • For more enhanced fox eye makeup, you can put on winged eyeliner. It will give an extra touch to your whole look.
  • While some people might not like contouring but it’s a fact that contour can bring a level up to your fox makeup look.
  • Lastly, you should also pay attention to your lashes. We all know how much voluminous lashes make a difference. You can either opt for fake 3D eyelashes or coat a thick layer of mascara over regular lashes to bring that extra touch.

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How Do You Get Fox Eyes Naturally?

If you are born with almond-shaped eyes, you are lucky enough to have a fox eye with minimal effort. If you have round-shaped eyes, you need a little extra effort to carve the perfect fox eye look.

Natural Fox Eye Makeup Ideas

There are different fox makeup ideas that you try this Halloween. Take inspiration from the following look.

Natural fox eye makeup

Natural fox eyes

Fox Eye Vs. Cat Eye Makeup

Are fox eye and cat makeup the same things? The answer is no.

In fox eye makeup, we apply eyeliner in a straight line such that it lifts our eyes. This strategy makes your eye look more almond-like.

Cat-eye makeup is similar to the winged liner. However, in this look, we apply a thicker wing.

Cat eye liner

Cat-eye look

Wrap Up

Fox makeup look is all about creativity. Many women are practicing this makeup look for Halloween. So what are you waiting for? Try this artistic look and owe a unique persona by simply following the steps mentioned above.

There are a lot of fox makeup tutorials available on YouTube channels. Do try them out, and feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.




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