With the use of social media, people have started talking about social responsibility. And not just common masses, influencers and celebrities have joined the discussion too. And where it raises questions about our lifestyle, social interaction, what we are saying. It also has to say a lot about sustainability. That’s where fast fashion comes in. Everyone loves fashion and wants to follow the latest trends at the lowest possible price. But have you ever thought about the downside fast fashion brings with it? That’s why people are searching for alternatives to fast fashion. So the slow fashion. In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about fast fashion and slow fashion. What’s the difference between fast fashion vs slow fashion and much more?

What is fast fashion?

In this digital age brands out there launch their collection every other week. In the past designers put out their collection for every season i.e spring, summers, winters, and autumn.

Fast fashion means replicating the latest trends and clothes that designers show at ramps that you can find in every other store. It leads to the continuous demand for the latest fashionable clothes by consumers at low prices. In turn, retailers are supplying and meeting the needs of consumers by overproduction of the clothes.

How fast fashion started?

Before the Industrial Revolution started, people used to make their clothes by hand. They have to gather their sources and sew them. It was not until after the Industrial revolution that new technologies came to market. More labor was available. It became easier to make new clothes. In the 1960 and 1970s dressing became a part of an expression. It boomed out in 2000 with the rise of the internet when online shopping became a trend. Brands like H&M, Zara imitate the designs of high top brands and launch them in cheaper and low quality. That’s where it started.

Why should we avoid fast fashion?

No doubt fast fashion is affordable making it possible to enjoy fashion at a reasonable price but its impact on the environment, workers, and quality have outweighed its perks. Here’s why you should avoid fast fashion

Fast Fashion environment impact

Fast fashion has detrimental impacts on the environment. Firstly imagine the no of clothes that people buy as a result of fast fashion. And they are not long-lasting means people can roughly wear them for two to three weeks. Then they need to discard off. Our landfills are already cluttered and it just is adding more to it.

Secondly, industries make fast fashion clothes from materials like polyester and acrylics that are non-biodegradable. This means they cannot be recycled. Some companies also use cotton. But the fact that cotton requires plenty amount of water also makes it non-sustainable.

Fast fashion involves a large number of dyes, toxic chemicals which further add to the pollution.

Lower costs and wages to workers

Lower costs of the goods may make a huge profit to the ones owning it but what about the labor involved in it? We have heard it before too how brands exploit labors by giving low wages. The same is the case for fast fashion. Labors are paid less as compared to the effort they have to put into it. But as fast fashion generates clothes in large amount so laborers have to work more than they should be doing. This questions the ethical values of fast fashion.

Low quality

You might be wondering why is fast fashion so cheap? The simple answer to it is because the materials and fabrics that are involved in it are cheap and of low quality. And obviously, it makes sense if you are getting something out of few bucks then you should be expecting the fabric and raw materials will be of low quality. And in the long run, they are not sustainable. You cannot wear them after some time. So better invest in something more sustainable and long wear.

Fast fashion brands

Here are some of the famous fast fashion brands

  • Zara
  • TopShop
  • Boohoo
  • H&M
  • Fashion Nova
  • Shein
  • Forever 21

fast fashion brands

How can you avoid fast fashion?

Now that we have got everything covered about fast fashion and its negative impacts one should think about how can we avoid fast fashion?

That’s where slow fashion comes in!

Slow Fashion

Unlike modern-day consumerism slow fashion stands for simple timeless pieces that you can wear for years. In other words, slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It’s simple, long-lasting, and high quality.

Because it’s not the run of the mill you may consider it not trendy. The thing is that one has to change the mindset if one wants to adapt to it.

slow fashion

Advantages Of Slow Fashion

As people are talking more about choices and responsibilities so more and more people are slowly going in a minimalist slow fashion. And for all the good reasons it holds.

Environmental Friendly

Talking about slow vs fast fashion one of the reasons people are shifting towards is environmental friendliness. The fact that it does not require producing clothes on a large scale has a great impact on the environment. The lesser the clothes lesser the raw material used and the lesser will be the pollution. We can wear them for years, unlike the fast fashion that changes every other week. This means you need not throw it away as in the case of fast fashion.

Slow fashion uses natural materials and non-toxic chemicals. These materials are biodegradable means that gets recycled even if it’s thrown.

High Quality

Slow fashion is all about high quality. It means decluttering your life and bringing in few staples in your wardrobe that will last long. It’s about giving priority to quality over quantity.

Slow fashion does not use low-quality fabrics and materials. They might be a little expensive but think about one piece that is worth three to four fast fashion clothes. It will add greater value to your future. Spend and choose wisely.

Slow Fashion Examples- Brands

Many brands have started producing durable and high-quality clothes. Here are some of the famous slow fashion brands

  • Grammar Nyc
  • Two Days off
  • Mien
  • Valani
  • Able

Slow Fashion Hacks

It might not be easy to cut off fast fashion but here are simple tips that can help you in adapting to slow fashion

  • Buy Preloved clothes

Buying preloved clothes is an amazing way of avoiding fast fashion. There are so many retailers and online pages that offer preloved clothes of good quality. So if you are someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of preloved clothes is an amazing option to go for.

benefits of slow fashion

  • Reuse and rewear

Get out the clothes that you have worn once and now lying in the hook of your cupboard. Reward them. There is no harm in wearing your clothes after all you have spent your money on it. If you become bored of wearing the same attire then you can play with it by trying different combinations. Not only you should do it but also post your pictures on social media that will encourage people to follow this too.

  • Shop less

Yeah it may sound a little difficult when all you have access to the internet and advertisement popping out in your social media accounts but this hack will not only save you a penny but also a great way to go for slow fashion

  • Research before buying

It’s important to research before buying. There are so many alternatives and options that you can go for before buying. Check out the material, price range, and spend wisely.

Why Is Slow Fashion Better Than Fast Fashion?

The difference between fast fashion and slow fashion is very clear. Let’s understand this more with an example of fast food. It is no doubt, fast-food cooks, earlier and is available everywhere and that too in cheap price. But we all know that how unhealthy it gets at the end of the day. The same is for fast fashion. The aim of fast fashion is profit maximization. You know the concept we all used to hear in our economic class. Fast fashion aims to generate as many sales as they can in a short period earning maximum profits. As a result, it harms the environment and the people working on it. While slow fashion is the opposite of it. Its main aim is to provide sustainability to both consumers and the environment. You can clearly compare fast fashion vs slow fashion with the help of above example.


The Bottom Line

We have given you complete detail about fast fashion vs slow fashion. What are its impacts and how can we move towards more sustainable fashion? As we are becoming more aware of the information just available with one single click it’s our responsibility to choose the best and wiser options not for ourselves but also for the people around us and the world too. And by no way, it means that we should cut off shopping. It’s just choosing and spending wisely. Happy shopping!




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