Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, hats are an accessory that many men wear. For this reason, men need to choose the hat shape and style to wear for many different occasions. Use the crucial recommendations for selecting the proper form for men to ensure you are always in style and on-trend.

What is the occasion?

When choosing the right style and fit with men wide brim hats, you must first consider the occasion. You are not going to wear an informal hat for a formal occasion. Weddings and parties provide the perfect opportunity to wear a stylish black and white hat.

  • Hats by age

When choosing the right hat, consider your age. The younger generation is gearing up for flat-brimmed hats. While flatter hats are appropriate for all ages, the designs on the hat often separate the ages. Rest assured that you are not wearing a hat designed for a younger generation.

  • Do you have a hat?

When choosing the right style and fit, consider your reason for wearing it. If you are making an effort to look “cool,” you are more than likely to choose a hat by brand. Moreover, that is never cool.


  • Dress up for the season

Hats, like other clothing items, are seasonal. During the winter months, you can choose a hat made of a heavier material. During the spring and summer months, lighter material can help you keep the heat away while still giving you a look you want.

  • Hats that match your outfit

When choosing the right hat, you want to make sure it matches the outfit you are wearing. A sports hat goes better with jeans and a polo shirt than a fancy dinner hat. Choose your business, and then find a hat that complements the outfit well.

  • Black is not always the right choice

There are hats available in endless color options. If you want to look stylish, however, consider hats that are neutral in tone so that you do not draw attention to your hat. You want people to be attracted to you, not your hat.

  • Less is more when

Choose a pattern that will go easy with the outfit you own. Patterned hats can be too loud and draw unwanted attention. When choosing a large brim hat, go with the mindset that less is more. The less decoration on the hat, the more attractive it will be on your head.

  • Consider your face shape

Be sure to try on hats to make sure the hat looks good with your face shape. A flat-brimmed hat can make your face look rounder. If you have a round chubby face, avoid wearing these hats.brim-hat-styling

  • Comfort issues

Comfort is the key when buying a hat. When choosing the right hat, always consider comfort. A too-tight hat can give you a headache.

  • Entering vintage style

The new trend with hats is the vintage style. Always consider the direction when purchasing a hat. If staying in a manner is your goal, you cannot go wrong with trendy hats.

Well protected with a hat all year round

We can face both summer and winter with the correct wide brim hat. Whether it’s cashmere, wool, felt, or fur, a wide-brimmed hat of the suitable material does not matter on hot summer days or cold winter days. We have spring-summer models where what we are looking for with the brim is protection from the sun.

In the autumn-winter models, we manage to defend ourselves from the cold by framing our faces inside the hat in addition to protecting us from the sun. Hats made of felt, leather, or similar materials are waterproof, so having a broad brim makes them protect us more from rainwater and wind.

Fedora and Panama – two famous wide brim hats

The Panama hat is the most selected hat for men in the summer. Both Fedora and Panama are similar in design and style. What makes the difference is the material. Panama hat has the touch of a natural, lightweight material known as straw.

Fedora hats were the style icons in the early 20th century. Both men and women preferred this hat. However, men with more masculine identities, such as business executives, gangsters, detectives, journalists, and Hollywood stars, used to wear this type of hat. When choosing the right hat, you want to make sure it matches the outfit you are wearing.

In the end, the choice is yours

It does not matter what kind of hat: Panama, cowboy, and fedora. What matters is choosing a hat that you like. Regardless of what other people think you like the hat, wear it.

When choosing the perfect wide brim hat for men, the tips listed above can be beneficial. Hats are probably a trend for men that will never go away. Choosing classic styles that you can wear repeatedly will get the most for your money.




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