Do you want to try balayage but are afraid it would harm your hair? Well, fear not. We are here to save your day and, importantly, your balayage by recommending you best shampoo for balayage.

Balayage hair seems to pop out of nowhere and take the world by storm. Some of you may be familiar with the ‘sun-kissed’ hair aesthetic; if not, now is the time to explore more! Balayage is one of the only hairlooks that give your hair both color and warmth at the same time, making it a celebrity favorite!

However, its aftercare is what is most crucial. To do balayage right, you also have to tend to what comes next. For this reason, it is always necessary to use the correct hair care products. One of them is balayage shampoos. But you have to know the best shampoo for balayage if you want to provide the best aftercare for your hair.

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Which of the Best Shampoo for Balayage Should You Choose?

Shampoos containing purple and blue pigments are employed in color theory to offset blonde overtones. These hues are the opposites of yellow and orange and balance out the brassiness and the yellowness of blonde hair. Some may also have UV filters in them to protect hair from UV rays.

Washing your hair regularly is one thing you should minimize if you want to keep your balayage hair looking good. It is ideal to utilize hair products with ingredients to keep your balayage looking fresh and top-notch. If you wash your hair too much will result in a loss of its natural oils. After which, your balayage will only turn to deteriorate. No one wants that!

In this case, what should you choose?

We have a list of the best shampoos for Balayage that will genuinely leave your hair looking good as new!

These shampoos will keep your hair healthy while giving you long-lasting hair color. Don’t let your fear of hair damage keep you from doing what’s popular and stylish, so try one of these excellent shampoos for balayage hair.

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So, let’s get into it!

15 Best Shampoos For Balayage That Will Revive Your Hair

1) Best Purple Shampoo: Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blue Shampoo

Matrix Total Results’ best feature is that it delivers total results! Thus, it is considered to be the best shampoo for balayage.

It is dubbed as the ideal purple shampoo for balayage on the market. This shampoo works to eliminate brassy undertones and help your colored hair shine. Matrix Brass Off Shampoo is a great choice. This shampoo leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny!

Thanks to vitamin E oil, your colored hair will stay moisturized and nourished as if you just got the balayage! With this quality it is said to be best everyday shampoo for balayage hair.

When it comes to grey or blonde hair, Matrix Total Results neutralizes yellow tones, bringing out cool violet tones to improve radiance. All of this is possible with the help of the color wheel. You can neutralize particular tones by looking to the opposite side of the color wheel to see what color it opposes. Just how with a purple shampoo, you can reduce the yellowness in your hair.


  • Simple to use
  • Washes off easily
  • The aroma of rose, vanilla, and nectarine
  • Enriched with Vitamin E oil
  • Hair-softening shampoo
  • Subdues brassiness


  • Leaves hair with a greasy residue


2) Best for Frizziness: Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

When it comes to balayage, Joico excels in correcting color tones. You will not be disappointed with this shampoo. Why? Because it will leave your hair silky and nourished.

You may shampoo and let it sit for up to 45 minutes, depending on how much you need to tone down the brassiness and yellowness in your hair. It lathers up to a light purple color and doesn’t leave any purple in the shower! Joico Color Balance not only tones your hair beautifully, but also eliminates buildup and prevents frizz.

With a mix of green tea extract and UV absorbers, this shampoo strengthens hair from root to tip and protects it from impurities and damage caused by heat or style.


  • Paraben-free
  • Improves the shine and softness
  • Smells amazing
  • Leaves hair volumized
  • Great at toning
  • Minimizes frizz


    • It takes time to lather


3) Best For Blonde and Brassy Hair: TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo refreshes and conditions hair. It does that all while gently cleansing blonde hair balayage.

One of the many benefits of the shampoo is that it is color-safe. That means that it keeps your hair color just like when you left the salon while making sure your scalp is not stained.

Purple toning pigment in this shampoo helps to minimize brassy tones in blondes while also enhancing cool tones. Moreover, it prevents and controls frizz, static and flyaway. That is fantastic news for anyone attempting to keep their balayage looking good.

While detangling your tresses, you can rest assure that your hair will get smoothened out. It will eliminate brassy and yellow tones, allowing your balayage to be more brilliant and radiant. Maybe this is why it is said to be the best shampoo for blonde balayage hair.


  • Reduces brassiness and yellowness
  • Decreases frizziness
  • Color-safe
  • Cleanses your hair
  • Detangles and smoothens hair
  • Illuminates light hair


4) Best For Root to Tip Moisturization: Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

Color Extend Blondage by Redken is a purple shampoo that adds color to blonde and highlighted hair. Salicylic acid is a crucial element in this shampoo, which helps strengthen and restore hair from the inside out.

Furthermore, its pure violet pigments reduce brassiness and leaving your hair looking smooth and vibrant simultaneously. This product softens and washes the skin softly.

Additionally, the color-protecting shampoo is ideal for blondes and balayages. It is the best formula for color retention and anti-fade protection. The shampoo also keeps undertones in check while preventing your hair from becoming dull and lifeless!

This formula is just what your hair requires to return to its former glory. It gets rid of any yellowish stains. With just one wash, it will restore your hair to a vibrant yet refreshing blonde or balayage look.


  • Strengthens weak hair
  • Moisturizes sensitive skin
  • It needs one wash to revive hair
  • Eliminates brassiness
  • Decreases dullness of hair


    • The orange scent hangs around for at least 48 hours


5) Best For Damaged and Weak Hair: KÉRASTASE Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo

This elixir of a shampoo is excellent for blonde balayages. It will make your hair look and feel as if they are naturally this nourished and smooth.

To keep your balayage looking refreshing, use this formula from Kerastase for immediately neutralizing brassy hair and yellow undertones. It also improves the radiance of hair color and prevents future breakage.

It doesn’t end there, though.

Hyaluronic acid, Ultra Violet Neutralizers, and Edelweiss flower are all incorporated in this shampoo. This combination helps to brighten your hair while also nourishing it. Not only that, but the shampoo’s neutralizing chemicals assists in rapidly erasing brassiness and yellow undertones. All of this while allowing your balayage to shine.

This shampoo by Kerastase revitalizes and replenishes your hair like never before! Your balayage will stay protected from daily pollutants with a smooth finish.


  • Decreases the brassiness
  • Keeps hair healthy and shiny
  • It makes the hair softer
  • Pleasant scent
  • Lessens brassy hair and yellow undertones
  • Nourishes and replenishes hair


    • It might dry out your hair


6) Best Sulfate-Free: MOROCCANOIL Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo

This toning shampoo softly washes blonde balayage hair while combating brassiness. It is the safest option for your balayage to ensure its healthiness and nourishment. This is all owing to its sulfate-free quality.

Violet pigments infuse the antioxidant benefits of argan oil into the base of the hair and bind the cuticles while simultaneously helping to restore and give magnificent shine in this color-safe and sulfate-free formulation. Your hair will be less susceptible to breakage and brittleness because of this quality.

Instead of washing it out right away, you should keep it on for 3–5 minutes. It allows the violet pigments to accomplish their job of combating brassiness and adding depth and character to your balayage hue.

This sulfate-free balayage shampoo is an absolute requirement in your grooming arsenal. Why? Because the violet pigments in the product restore hair to its natural state while also decreasing brassiness.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Great for lightened, grey, blonde hair and balayages
  • Reduces brittleness and hair breakage
  • Revives hair with shine and luster
  • Color-safe
  • Unbelievable scent
  • Restores healthiness to your hair


    • It may tangle hair if applied wrong


7) Best Color-Safe Formula: PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo

This purple shampoo adds a refined touch to your balayage. It is designed specifically for color-treated hair. After just one wash, this toner shampoo for balayage hair may boost the brightness of your hair.

Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo lathers up wonderfully and smells like lavender and grapes. This product lightens balayage hair color that has become thick and lifeless while leaving no stains. It provides a voluptuous lather that helps eliminate buildup and softens your hair.

This product is one of the finest for preventing hair breakage. Use it once or twice a week and keep it on for the specified period on the bottle, and you will be amazed at the results!


  • Brightens color in one wash
  • Color-safe
  • Enhances shine
  • Lathers up well
  • Amazing lavender or grape aroma
  • Does not leave stains or purple streaks


    • It might not work if not lathered well


8) Best Color Retention Formula: Framesi Professional Color Lover Dynamic Blonde Purple Shampoo

With 95% longer lasting color, Framesi Professional’s Dynamic Blonde Purple Shampoo brings about intensely dark, rich violet color. All the while offering powerful toning and being Paraben-free, Sulfate-free and Gluten-free.

With this shampoo, you can genuinely and completely get rid of the brass in your hair! It allows you to maintain your balayage hair looking brighter and more sophisticated.

Furthermore, its dense pigmentation ensures color retention, ensuring the longevity of your balayage!

This shampoo contains components that will astound you. Your hair will stay hydrated and nourished. All thanks to quinoa, conditioning agents, proteins, and protectants are crucial parts of this formula.


  • Leaves hair brighter
  • Ensure color retention
  • Hydrates and nourishes hair
  • Natural ingredients that enrich your hair
  • Removes brassiness entirely


    • Hair might dry up if not used with a conditioner


9) Best Vitamin E-Infused Formula: Luseta Beauty Color Brightening Purple Shampoo

With blonde or grey hair, Color Brightening Shampoo is the most appropriate. It aids in the removal of yellow or brassy overtones. The violet pigment in the shampoo neutralises yellow and brassy red tones. It brings out the actual colour of your balayage, whether it is naturally blonde or grey or color-treated.

It also provides a thorough cleanse that isn’t harmful to hair fibers that get treated a bit too much. This shampoo also assists in enhancing the shine and the protection of hair against heat and natural environmental damage.

Quinoa seed extract is a part of this shampoo. Quinoa’s nine necessary amino acids work as organic reinforcing agents and protectants for the hair shaft. They also help to restore hair that get damaged.

In addition, it contains Biotin. Vitamin B7, often known as vitamin B7, helping to create volume by encouraging hair growth.

Lastly, Hydrolyzed Keratin and Coconut Oil are high in fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. All of these replenish, moisturize, and nourish hair.

With such a wide variety of ingredients, who wouldn’t want the best treatment for their hair? This Color Brightening Shampoo will make your hair look just as it did when you first walked out of the salon.


  • Paraben-free
  • Has Quinoa seed extract, Biotin, Coconut Oil and Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Gluten-free
  • Improves luster and shine of hair
  • Sulfate-free


    • It might not suit everyone’s hair


10) Best With Antioxidants: Surface Hair Violet Shampoo

The best in violet hair care, Surface Hair Violet Shampoo, for balayages has Maqui Berry, Moringa Oil, and the Color Vita-Complex. This unique formula offers the ideal coloured base to neutralize brassy tones, hydrate, enhance shine, and prevent hair from extreme breakage.

Surface Hair Pure Blonde Violet Shampoo has an antioxidant-rich superfruit blend. Not only can the formula neutralize yellow or orange tones, but it also gives your hair a lovely gloss, making it seem brighter. Surface’s purple shampoo for balayage hair removes dirt particles while also toning, brightening, and enhancing the color of your hair.

Since the shampoo is sulfate-free, it helps your hair absorb healthy nutrients. It will also leave your hair silky smooth and moisturized from root to tip once it gets worked up into a lather.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Boosts shine
  • Decreases yellowness and brassiness in your hair
  • Cleanses hair entirely
  • Prevents hair breakage


    • Thin consistency


11) Best For Keeping Hair Naturally Light: Scruples Platinum Shine Toning Shampoo

Scruples’ Platinum Shine Toning Shampoo cancels out undesired yellow and orange tones, leaving hair looking toned and healthy. It is a sulfate-free, mild solution that won’t deplete your hair of its natural oils, nutrients, or smoothness. Your hair will be smooth and glossy after using this solution.

Leave it on for 5-10 minutes if your hair is darker blonde. Leave it in for 3-5 minutes for lighter hues. If your hair is platinum, 2-3 minutes will be enough to get excellent results.

The shampoo works quickly, and the pigment is black for optimum toning. It will delete your brass and restore it to its original state. Furthermore, it is simple to apply and should get used once a week.


  • Utterly pigmented for the best results
  • Works very quickly
  • Leaves hair looking lighter and the perfect balayage shade
  • Reduces brassiness


    • It may cause some damage to hair but can get helped with conditioner


12) Best For Extra Shine and Moisturization: L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Serie Expert Resveratrol Vitamino Color Shampoo

Bid adieu to lackluster, flat hair and balayage color with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Vitamino Resveratrol Color Radiance Shampoo in your product arsenal. This system protects the hair fibres from damage or breakages and adds shine and gloss while preventing color loss for at least eight weeks.

It performs a fantastic task of maintaining your hair tidy and controlled! This composition hydrates, nourishes, and moisturizes the hair from root to tip, ideal for winter dryness.

This formulation also adds gloss and brilliance while protecting the color from fading. Vitamino Resveratrol Color Radiance Shampoo from L’Oréal Professionnel is infused with Jojoba Esters and Shea Butter. Your hair will be silky smooth and oh-so-soft after using these two ingredients.


  • It as a scent that is clean and natural
  • Shea Butter and Jojoba Esters
  • Volumizes hair
  • Hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes hair


  • A little costly


13) Best For Deep Nourishment: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

Imagine a shampoo that protects your color while also addressing your hair issues. Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo promises to restore moisture to dry, color-treated strands. Any damaged, weak and dry color-treated hair gets revitalized, softened, and nourished with this soothing treatment.

This thirst-quenching formula is a thick, sulfate-free, vegan shampoo that deeply hydrates and gently washes normal to dense, dry, brittle, unruly, and color-treated hair, leaving it smooth to the touch and giving exceptional color protection.

This all-in-one shampoo will leave your hair silky smooth and genuinely benefit your scalp!


  • Vegan
  • Sulfate-free
  • Great for unruly, weak, dry hair
  • Exceptionally color-safe
  • Restores moistures in hair and scalp


  • A little hard to wash off


14) Best For An Enriched Scalp: Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Color Lustre Shampoo

Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s Color Lustre Shampoo will give you that just-left-the-salon sheen. This paraben and sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair is a luscious foam that lathers fast and rinses easily, protecting the hair fibre and balancing the scalp’s natural oils to keep your hair color from fading.

The purifying lipids in the shampoo imitate the hair’s natural protective varnish, protecting the cortex from water and other environmental stressors. The formula will ensure that your hair does not entangle, does not dry out, and cleans well despite being delicate. After applying it, everyone who uses it will always have volume.


  • Rinses off easily
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Long-lasting Sheen


  • Consistency is thin


15) Best For Hair Depth Maintenance: Biolage Colorlast Shampoo

Last in our list is the best shampoo for balayage when it comes to hair maintenance. Biolage Colorlast Shampoo feeds and preserves color-treated hair, like balayage, to help retain its shine, tone, and depth. This shampoo is not a color depositing shampoo and will not add colour pigment to your hair. This paraben-free, moisturizing product is ideal for both color-treated and natural hair.

It exfoliates the scalp to preserve color vibrancy, depth, tone, and gloss. Biolage Colorlast Shampoo hydrates and protects your hair and scalp.

It also produces a rich, creamy lather that leaves hair feeling squeaky clean. Who wouldn’t want something like that?


  • A clean, fresh scent
  • Paraben-free
  • Works on grey, brown, and blonde hair
  • It makes your hair very glossy


  • Not Sulfate-free


How will you know which one is the best shampoo For Balayage if you do not try our list above? So, before you go out and buy a Balayage shampoo, here are a few things you need to know.

What Are the Different Kinds of Balayage?

  • American Balayage

This type uses open-air technique and foiling combination. A hairdresser colors the hair in between the foils after applying foil highlights. It helps frame the face perfectly and bring highlights closer to the scalp. American balayage also works as black hair balayage because it works exceptionally on dark hair.

  • Subtle Balayage

This balayage is ideal for anyone who has never previously colored their hair. Subtle balayage is a gentle balayage variety in which the color gets applied to regions that reflect sunlight or where it would naturally fade off. This balayage is suitable for those who wish to spice up their haircut.

  • Partial Balayage

With partial balayage, highlights can get applied to particular regions rather than the entire head. Partial balayage appears well-blended with the rest of the hair when it has a diffused appearance. Since it lasts for 12-14 weeks, which is longer than other hair coloring processes, a partial balayage helps you have very little hair maintenance.

  • Foilayage

It is a balayage variation in which a stylist wraps foils around part of the freehand hair portions. They first paint your balayage, and then covers it with a foil. The softer tones blend well with the highlighted backdrop without looking out of place.

Other than these four, there are also coffee balayage, caramel balayage, brown, red and blonde balayages too.

How Do I Pick the Right Balayage Shampoo?

When selecting a shampoo for balayage hair coloring, look for one made particularly for colored hair. Several shampoos on the market now are not designed for this purpose, and they can actually take the color from your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless.

So, here is everything you should look for when buying the best shampoo for balayage.

Because exposure to the sun can cause hair color to fade, look for a shampoo with UV protection. A decent colored hair wash should also be hydrating. Choose a mild shampoo that is delicate enough to use on a regular basis to help avoid hair breakage. It will keep your hair moisturized and healthy-looking.

Similarly, seek for a shampoo that is sulfate-free and color-safe. And or blonde balayage hair, a shampoo that functions as a toner is advisable. It will keep your hair color from fading or breaking away.


How To Take Care of Balayage Hair?

To keep your balayage looking beautiful, work with your stylist to build a solid conditioning plan and use high-quality colored hair products. Also, when style, make sure to apply the best heat protectants.

You should not ignore salon treatments if you only need minor touch-ups. Balayage looks best on hair that is healthy. Monthly sessions are the way to go as per experts to repair, nourish, and tone your hair. A toner, for example, is required to remove brassiness, renew the color, and give gloss to your locks.

A balayage does not need many salon appointments, but it must be kept fresh. A hot oil treatment with sweet almond oil moisturizes and adds luster to the hair. Additionally, use a color-safe, sulfate-free purple or blue shampoo so, your hair stays protected. These qualities will result in you buying the best shampoo for balayage as they will keep your hair secure from brassiness.


1. Does Balayage Fade Out?

The look of a balayage is everlasting since it involves lightening specific portions of your hair. However, the color may fade somewhat after a few months if not carefully cared for.

2. How Do You Keep Balayage from Getting Brassy?

You may consider purple shampoo to be the best shampoo for Balayage as they will control the brassiness from getting out of hand. Working your hair with a suitable conditioner afterwards will keep it just as before.

3. Do I Need Special Shampoo for Balayage? What Products to Use After Getting Balayage?

Purple shampoo helps to offset yellow tones. There are other choices to go with as well. Sulfate-free hair products are the top choice of several cosmeticians. Any of the products with this element is considered to be the best shampoo for balayage.

Sulfate is a chemical component present in various shampoos and other hair washing products. It is better for you to go with sulfate-free hair products to manage your balayage. Sulphate is a chemical that removes any excess color from your hair.

Moreover, a moisturizing treatment will be advantageous because your hair will dry more quickly after balayage. The vital vitamins and natural oils in a hair mask will nourish your hair.

4. What Shampoo Should I Use on Balayage?

Purple or Sulfate-free shampoo is your best bet to use on a Balayage. You can search how to balayage hair and find numerous shampoos, just like list above and choose the best shampoo for balayage and see which suits you in the best way.

5. Should I Use Purple Shampoo for Balayage? How Often Should I Use Purple Shampoo?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer because blondes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s better to use purple shampoo only once a week if it’s your first time.

6. Can I Use Regular Shampoo After Balayage?

Regular shampoo can get used on colored or bleached hair, but the color will get worn off more quickly. It is thus preferable to use a sulfate-free purple shampoo.

7. How Do You Maintain Your Balayage? How Do You Freshen Up Balayage?

The most efficient technique to preserve balayage hair color is to visit the salon for a toning session on a regular basis. As a result, it will be easier to maintain and refresh balayage. You can always search how to balayage at home to get some handy tips to do so without spending too much money.

8. How Often Should Balayage Be Touched Up?

A balayage touch up is recommended every 12-14 weeks in general. Root development should be minimal, allowing you to be more flexible with the time.

The Verdict

Now you can easily maintain your hair color with best shampoo for balayage. These work to keep you hair long lasting, nourish them and lock the moisture of the hair. So what are you waiting for? Try these best shampoo for balayage to enjoy your colored hair!



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