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Short, sparse, stumpy, straight, and droopy, all five words best describe Asian lashes. It is why Asian women’s are crazy finding high-performance mascaras every other day. Besides, they also search for the best eyelash extension. But once they get their hands on these high-end drugstore mascaras (specially designed for Asian lashes), they drop the idea of lash lift and lash extension (as it comes with some inconveniences).

With hundreds of best mascara for Asian lashes flooding stores and websites, it might be challenging to find the one. However, it would be best if you find one having a small brush applicator that quickly reaches out at the inner and outer corners of your short Asian lashes.

Just remember: For starters, mascaras with larger brush applicators are a bit challenging to control as you know that Asian lashes are smaller, and so large brushes can smudge onto your eyelids.

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Tips for Applying Best Mascaras for Asian Lashes

  • Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, as this works to enhance your eye look. Choose a curler that best compliments your eye shape.
  • Heating your lash curler is beneficial as it will help lock in the curl for the entire day. Take a blow-dryer to add heat to your lash curler before begin the curling game. Remember; heat it only for a few seconds.
  • Before curling your lashes, make sure they are completely dry, as you can’t curl wet lashes.
  • Always curl from the root to the upward direction – to get that perfect C-curl natural, rounded lash lift effect.
  • Buy mascaras that come with a curved lash applicator to give your straight lashes an added lift.

Here, we’ve reviewed and tested the best mascaras for Asian lashes 2022 that lengthen and give a nice lift in just one sweep. Say hello to long beautiful eye fringes!

1. For 24-hour staying power: Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD – Squeezable Mascara

As the name suggests, Pump ‘N’ Volume HD, the formula for this mascara, is enriched with cotton extract and vitamin B5 to help strengthen lashes with each use.

It is long-lasting, stays up to 24-hours with no smudges. Plus, its bi-material brush applicator is a rigid wand for steady application. The bristles are so flexible that they meld effortlessly to the short Asian lashes.

Everything from its unique formula to its packaging, we analyzed and can’t stop praising this product. Get voluminous lashes that don’t droop!



  • Intense Volume
  • Long Lasting
  • No smudges
  • Bi-Material Brush Applicator


  • Dries out fast

2. For intense voluptuous: Too Faced Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara

As scandalous as the name of this product, Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara is intensely black provides impeccable definition and curl to your short lashes. It is best for an intense eye makeup look.

Love in a bottle, this mascara is inspired by the woman curves; it comes with the hourglass application brush to evenly coat the lashes. The design of this brush maximizes the performance of the product formula – leaving minimal room for application mistakes.

This mascara is waterproof and not clumpy at all, and it does an excellent job for your straight Asian lashes. The brush coats, curl, and separate each lash to its voluptuous perfection. Also, it dries out very fast.

If you’re on the hunt for an intense volumizing mascara, Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara is the best choice! After a single application that we have tested, you’ll find your short and thin lashes looking more voluminous and dramatic.


  • Hourglass Brush Applicator
  • Waterproof
  • Minimal flaking
  • Good color


  • Dries out fast

3. For coating the smallest of lashes: Smashbox SuperFan Mascara

Very easy to use, a long-wearing and lengthening Smashbox SuperFan Mascara gives you 12-hour volume, lift, and glam without any clumping. This intense black, dual-ended fiber mascara gives major volume and dramatic curl at the other side. The 360° precision brush catches and coats even the smallest of the hidden lashes that you can’t see. Moreover, it dries out very fast and gives the effect of false lashes as you desired.



  • Dual ended fiber mascara
  • 360 deg precision brush
  • Fanned out volume
  • Texture and color are amazing


  • May leave clumps behind


4. For fuller, curled Asian lashes: Maybelline lash sensational Sky High Waterproof Mascara

As the name suggests, ‘SKY HIGH,’ this magical mascara pumps up the volume on your short Asian lashes in one go! They come with an Exclusive Flex Tower mascara brush that works best for a fuller, volumize effect from root to tip – covers even the smallest of hidden lashes.

Maybelline lashes sensational sky-high mascara is allergy tested and available in two shades; very black and brownish-black. This waterproof mascara for Asian lashes is infused with fibers and bamboo extract to give you long and lightweight lashes that are smudge-free. You can remove it easily with any brand waterproof eye makeup remover. It is best for sensitive eyes and people who wear contact lenses.

As we analyzed and tested the best maybelline mascara for Asian lashes, we found out that it delivers intense lift and curl from every angle, it’s no wonder this mascara is a makeup lover’s favorite.



  • Contains bamboo extracts
  • Waterproof
  • Applicator with slender brush makes it easy to apply
  • Allergy tested


  • Flakes off after sometime

5. For mega volume: Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

Designed to max out your short Asian lash, this volumizing Lash Blast Mascara comes in vibrant neon packaging.  It helps evenly coats each lash and gives them ten times extra fullness and volume instantly. It’s cruelty-free and isn’t tested on animals. Moreover, the formula is hypoallergenic, so it’s non-irritating and appropriate for people who wear contacts and those having sensitive eyes.

Available in 4 different colors, it comes with a high-quality applicator that is simple to use and best for those new in the world of makeup. Likewise, the brush is perfect for those who’re looking to bring out the most of their natural Asian lashes to boost fullness.

Zero clumpings, deep black finish, fast-drying, affordability, and ease of use are some of the features that make this mascara best for daily use. Likewise, it is non-irritating, hence perfect for everyone.



  • Hypoallergic
  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Reasonable
  • Voluminous And Fanned appearance


  • May clump lashes after a while


6. For freshly defined lashes: TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Smudge Out Mascara

For visibly longer, separated, smudge free, and smooth lashes, TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Smudge Out Mascara is the best choice. Ultra-lightweight microfiber adds volume to short Asian lashes with no weight.

It comes with a curved brush, therefore considered best for straight Asian lashes. Apply mascara from the lash root towards its ends, and you will notice a visible difference in one application. However, its better to apply several layers if you want lashes visibly denser and more curved.

It is Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Ophthalmologist Tested, and Allergy Tested. Therefore, people having sensitive eyes can use it without worry.

The best part of this mascara that we tested is that its waterproof formula makes it easy to remove, while walnut extract hydrates lashes!



  • Light weight microfiber
  • Comes with curved brush
  • Paraben-free, Fragrance-free
  • Waterproof Formula


  • Dries out fast

7. For rich black finish: The Balm Mad Lash Voluminous Mascara

Equipped with an exceptional quality injection molded wand, the Balm Mad Lash Mascara transforms your short Asian lashes to new levels of height. It comes with short curved bristles specially designed to add fullness, curves, and a deep black smudge-proof finish to Asian lashes.

Likewise, it’s water-resistant, Paraben-free, Talc-free, and Cruelty-free. The product isn’t tested on animals. Despite having all the best features it is super affordable.

Wiggle onto your short, straight lashes to separate, curve, and build volume to them. Also, it is non-irritating and simple to use, perfect for those who wear contacts.​



  • Brush with short curved bristles
  • Water-proof
  • Does not flake or clump
  • Formula is thin to coat as you like


  • Not best option for sensitive eyes

8. For dual benefit: L’Oreal Paris Makeup Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lengthening 2 Step Mascara

The dual-sided tube of L’Oreal Paris Makeup Double Extend comes with a white primer on one end and an intense black on the other side. The primer is enriched with Ceramide R and D-Panthenol that will lengthen and state your lashes and prepare them for the next step. Once you apply the primer, let it dry before applying mascara. If needed, you can add a second layer of the primer. Don’t worry about itchiness and irritation as it is an ophthalmologist and allergy tested product. People having sensitive eyes can also use it.

This best mascara for straight lashes will not clump or smudge, and you can wear it all day. Also, it removes easily with just warm water.



  • Enriched with Ceramide R and D-Panthenol
  • Allergy tested
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Long wearing


  • Does not smudge


9. For extra length: L’Oreal Paris Makeup Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara

Here’s another best lengthening mascara for Asian lashes introduced by Loreal that we tested.

Telescopic Original Mascara comes in a beautiful bottle with small bristles applicator that not just gives your lashes an extreme length but separates them from one another to give that fuller look.

This mascara is ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested, so if you wear contacts or have very sensitive eyes, buy it with confidence. An additional strong point of this mascara is that it is fast drying and easy to remove – with a mild cleanser.

Indeed, L’Oreal Paris Makeup has an entire line of makeup such as eyebrow pencils, eye shadow palettes, foundations, concealers, lipsticks, highlighter makeup, plus even more. Create the look you desire!



  • Small bristles applicator
  • Easy to remove
  • Formula does not flake
  • Long Lasting


  • Fast Drying


10. For curled lashes: Heroine Make Long and Curl Super

Waterproof Mascara

This Japanese mascara HEROINE MAKE Long and Curl Super has all Japanese standard quality, manufactured by the well-managed factory. It doesn’t have beautiful packaging, but the quality is fantastic.

The lash applicator is 5mm long-fiber (in curved form) which helps you curl and separate your short Asian lashes while giving them an additional length. The feel is super light, and you don’t get heavy or clump lashes no matter many coats you apply.

Moreover, it contains Eyelash essence ingredients such as Wild rose oil, Camellia oil, Argan oil, and Royal jelly extract to protect sensitive lashes from damage. After every application of the best curling mascara for Asian Lashes, you’ll feel nourished lashes.

Likewise, it is enriched with super Water-proof Contains named ‘Super Guard Polymer.’ This ingredient is resistant against water, tears, sweat, oils, and abrasions, so you need not worry about preventing smudging all day long.



  • Long Lasting
  • Clump free, flake free
  • Looks Natural on the lashes
  • Enriched with Super Guard Polymer


  • Volume is not great

11. For extra staying power: Clinique Lash Power Long-Wearing Mascara

If you vow to look pretty for 24 hours, Clinique Lash Power Mascara lasts long through tears, sweat, and humidity. Once applied, it gives you a super long-lasting finish.

Though it’s pretty expensive, it is made of the best quality in lengthening your short straight Asia lashes. The lash brush is thin and comes with short bristles to coat your lower lashes perfectly.

Ophthalmologist tested, it is secure for all. People with sensitive eyes will not feel any discomfort, even if they wear for all day. Moreover, it is washable with mild cleaning. The best part is, no humidity, rain, or tears will create it smear.


12. For insane length and volume: Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Double-Ended Mascara

This long-lasting, intense black, Huda Beauty Legit Lashes work great for Asian lashes. This dual-sided mascara has two full-size brushes, with one side delivering insane length and volume and the other side delivering powerful curl – similar to false lashes.

It is up to you if you want to use both sides together or separately. Either way, this mascara allows you to customize your look every time you get ready.

The “Volume” side features low-gravity fibers, so you can get lightweight lashes naturally. The curved brush boosts the length and gives more definition and curl to your small thin lashes – even it covers the tiniest lashes perfectly.

This mascara is cruelty-free and doesn’t smudge.



  • Full two sized brushes
  • Smudge Proof
  • Cruelty free
  • Wand is easy to use to get full lashes


  • Expensive

13. For fluttery effect: Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Mascara

If you don’t like using eyelash extensions but still want to create an insanely voluminous and lengthy effect, this best volumizing mascara for Asian Lashes i.e Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara is a perfect choice for you! It is named ‘Stiletto’ because its formula does the same as stilettos do, i.e., add extreme length.

With the help of its Sweep Grip & Extend Brush, you can easily grasp and coat every single lash in one application while lending an intense black high-shine finish.

This drugstore mascara is enriched with pro-vitamin B-5, which keeps your short lashes conditioned with every application. It is easy to apply and easy to remove (with a mild cleanser or just soap and water.



  • Enriched with pro-vitamin B-5
  • Sweep Grip & Extend Brush
  • Easy To Apply
  • Easy To Remove


  • Dries out after a while

How To Select The Best Mascara For Asian Lashes?

Here are some selection criteria that can help you choosing the best mascara for Asian lashes.

Type Of Brush

There are different types of brushes when it comes to mascaras. The bristle shaped brushes are easy to coat a thick layer of the mascara to the Asian lashes. The c-shaped brushes gives lashes curly look by holding and lifting the lashes together. The pointed brushes will provide volume and length to the lashes. The flat brush are applicable for dense and separate lashes.

Read The Ingredients

It’s really important to give a read to the ingredients keeping in mind eyes are the most sensitive part. Therefore always go for the ones that contains natural ingredients. For the ones that have watery eyes should prefer smudge resistant and water-resistant mascaras. Similarly there are mascara that contain eyelashes protective ingredients and eyelash serum ingredients that can play an important part in protecting the lashes.

Desired Results

Every brand comes up with mascara designed to handle different needs of the users. Some wants to have lengthy lashes while other prefer only curly lashes. Some look for dead drop gorgeous high-defined, voluminous, lengthy and curly lashes. So based on what you want, select the particular mascara that defines what it is specifically made for.

Long Lasting

One of the main factors you should consider while buying the best mascara for Asian lashes is that it should be durable and long lasting. You can also look for water proof mascara to ensure its long wearing. A long lasting mascara is the one that can last for midday coverage to 24 hours coverage. What you can do is order a tester to check the results and order the large bottle from above.

Related FAQ of Best Mascara For Asian Lashes 2021

  • Why do I have straight eyelashes?

Eyelash length and its type is influenced by genetics. If you’ve straight eyelashes, it means there’s a lack of double eyelid crease – an extra row of lashes. Having a mono lid will cause your eyelashes to grow downward straight, rather than upwards and curled. Of course, if you have short-straight Asian eyelashes and love to have curling ones, buy a good mascara and an eyelash curler.

  • How can I lengthen my short-straight Asian lashes?

Apply any of the above volumizing formula mascara from the roots; slowly move your brush upwards to ensure a volumized appearance. For a natural remedy, apply castor oil every night as that will lengthen your Asian eyelashes naturally.

  • Why my eyelashes won’t stay curled?

Humidity could be the biggest reason why your lash un-curl. You need to up your eye game with a combination of waterproof mascara and a lash curler to get those beautiful eyes to pop. This combo will be able to hold your straight eyelashes curled for a long while, keeping humidity away.

  • Which is better to use daily regular or waterproof mascara?

If you’ve naturally watery eyes, waterproof mascaras are the best option as they’re less likely to smudge compared to regular mascara. However, using it every day isn’t advisable because of the waxes present in them. Waxes are harder to remove. You can put on regular mascara for daily wear, but since it is also chemical-based, experts advise not to wear them every day. Instead, you can use natural remedies to lengthen your short lashes.

  • How to remove waterproof mascara?

In the eye makeup remover, you’ll need to soak a cotton pad just for a few seconds and press it on your eyelid gently. Allow resting for ten to twenty seconds or until your mascara soak up. Now, swipe the cotton pad in the downwards direction of your lashes (and never scrubbing) to remove the mascara. Repeat the process if needed.

Furthermore, you can soak a cotton pad on baby shampoo and follow the same instruction above.

  • Can waterproof mascara hold eyelash curl better?

Waterproof mascaras have excellent holding power because of the waxes present in them. Not only its holding formula will help keep your lashes curl, but it also prevents them from going straight or downwards.

  • How do Asians keep their eyelashes curled?

Many Asians take a small amount of vaseline and a lash curler. They apply the vaseline (using a Q-tip) all over the lashes, then curl them as they would typically do with the curler. This trick will do wonders for dull-looking short and straight lashes to keep them curled the whole day.

  • Why do my eyelashes weigh down every time I apply mascara?

Typically when you coat your lash with mascara, you’re only coating its bottom part. It is advisable to use the wand to brush down your upper lashes (on the topside) to coat all sides. Now, you can brush the lashes back up. This trick doesn’t weigh the lash down.

Final Thoughts

Ethnicity plays a significant role when it comes to eyelashes being short and straight or long and curled. Asian people have straight eyelashes, and it is also common in Spanish and Eastern European ethnic groups.

While no one likes to have fall-out look lashes – the good news is you can always invest in the best mascara for Asian lashes to flaunt off straight long lashes



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