Do you believe your legs are hard to tan than any other part of your body? Ever considered why? And what are the possible safe solutions to get rid of that uneven tan on your legs?

Indoor tanning lotions for legs are specially formulated to accelerate the tanning process. You can consider it the fastest way to get your legs bronzed. This means these lotions help produce more melanin in your leg skin which is a bit thicker and drier.

Indoor tanning lotion usually comes in two forms; with SPF and without SPF.

The reason why it is specifically named ‘indoor tanning lotion’ is that many brand’s lotions do not offer protection from the sun and are not suitable for outdoor use.

With so many different options of indoor tanning lotions available in the market, choosing the best one isn’t an easy task. That’s what we’ll dive deeper into this buying guide to buy the best indoor tanning lotion for legs. Moreover, we’ll bring you the essential factors to consider before investing in one.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for Legs

1. New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer

Originated in Sweden, this New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer is enriched with vitamins and extracts of caffeine and allantoin – both tones the natural appearance of your skin and helps improves tissue growth.

New Sunshine Swedish Bronzer natural moisture is mostly used to stabilize oily or dry skin. However, it is suitable for all skin types and also keeps your skin feeling great.

This product comes in different Fragrances like Apricot, Vanilla, Dark Rum, Cherry, etc.


    • Enriched with vitamins
    • Contain extracts of caffeine and allantoin
    • Suitable for oily and dry skin
    • Comes in different fragrances like Apricot, Vanilla, Dark Rum, Cherry


2. Self Tanner with Organic & Natural Ingredients Beauty by Earth

As the name suggests ‘organic,’ this Beauty by earth tanning lotion is chemical and paraben-free. Moreover, it is vegan-friendly (no animal testing).

High-quality ingredients like organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, and organic green tea extracts make your skin soft and supple. Just a one-layer application gives your skin a beautiful tan glow instead of getting tanned in the sun.

To get a darker shade, you can repeat its application twice.

Before applying this best sun tan lotion for legs, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and for better absorption of the product.


    • Chemical and Paraben Free
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Contains natural ingredients like butter, green tea extracts


3. Supre Snooki Brunch So Hard Vitamin C Black Bronzer

This best indoor tanning lotion for legs is a best-selling product. It not only comes with the best bronzing formula but is packed with three superpowers like

  • It instantly tans your skin, making it ready for the beach. The tan lasts longer.
  • It features a hair-growth inhibitor means you need not shave regularly and
  • Third, the skin-firming ingredients leave your legs soft, glowy, and moisturize.

Snooki knows that tanning legs are equally hard as removing hair. That’s why this Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer is winning the hearts of people worldwide.


    • Hair-growth inhibitor
    • Contain skin-firming ingredients
    • Instant result


4. Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion

Snooki’s HyperDarkTM Tanning Technology immediately penetrates into your skin giving a deep golden color and healthier looking glow. It also relies on tyrosine that helps naturally deepen your bronze.

Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion is enriched with vitamins that help the skin fight against environmental factors and botanical extracts protect your skin against sun damage.

If you’re looking for a “natural” way of bronzing your legs while improving skin’s texture, invest in getting Real tanning lotion.


    • Contains Tyrosine
    • Enriched with vitamins
    • Immediately penetrates into the skin


5. Zero To Sexy Leg Bronzer

Since legs are hard to tan, “Jersey Shore” a team of indoor tanning experts creates a unique formula, especially for legs.

Zero to Sexy Leg Bronzer Indoor Tanning Lotion comes in rich golden color with the Melanin Precursor and Limitless Tanning Complexe™ containing “Dopa” that help you achieve the perfect indoor tanning color for your legs – a rich shade of bronze.

This product is enriched in argon oil-based dark bronzing lotion. Argon oil conditions your skin making it hydrated inside out. Likewise, a Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion gives an optimal level of hydration while giving your legs a soft velvety finish.

Its Skin Activated Moisture™ uniquely melts at skin temperature and gives your legs a remarkable softness.

Moreover, it has a Quick Sun Color Tint that promotes dark, deep bronze color, giving your legs a matte finish. This will leave your skin fresh and glowy!


    • Contain Melanin Precursor
    • Limitless Tanning Complex
    • Rich in argan oil
    • Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion
    • Skin Activated Moisture


6. Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion

This lotion has unique properties since it contains a silicone bronzer. Silicone locks in moisture instead of oil. Since it’s a silicon-based lotion so it easily absorbs in the skin. It contains skin nourishment ingredients leaving behind silky, soft skin. It comes with the up to date technology i.e auto-darkening technology. The great thing about this lotion is that not only you can use it for legs but also for the rest of the body. Talking about fragrance it has a mild orchid blush smell. It is safe and sensitive for all skin types and ages. You will love the results after 2-3 times of application. So try your hands on millennium dark tanning lotion if you are looking for a lotion with bronzer. Just a tip here; since it comes in two ranges 50x and 100x. So if you have fair skin, go for 50x instead of 100x. It can be too dark for fair skin color.


    • Contains silicone
    • Auto-darkening technology
    • Quickly absorbs in the skin
    • Mild Orchid Blush Smell
    • Contains Skin Nourishment Ingredients



7. Devoted Creations Lavish Legs

Looking for the best fake tan for legs boots? Devoted Creations Lavish Legs can be a perfect choice. Its bronzing formula will tan your legs to your desired shade. Its formula contains hair re-growth inhibitors to reduce hair growth. You need to less worry about shaving your hair since hair re-growth inhibitors will do it for you. It has a Midnight Spice fragrance that will level up the whole game. It has technologies like BodyFit™, RevitaFit™ and IdealLift that will improve firmness, skin sagging, and cellulite. It is packed with dead sea minerals that will repair and enhance the texture, tone of the skin. It also moisturizes and nourishes the skin as it contains cocoa and shea butter.

Do you want to know more about it?

It contains coffee bean extracts that will increase circulation and reduces swelling in your legs.

This product not only provides you with gorgeous bronzing but also targets your specialized issues.


    • Has bronzing formula
    • Hair re-growth inhibitors
    • Midnight Spice fragrance
    • Technologies like BodyFit™, RevitaFit™, and IdealLift
    • Contains Coffee Bean Extracts
    • Packed with dead sea minerals
    • Moisturizes skin as it has cocoa and shea butter


8. Designer Skin Head Over Heels dark bronzing lotion

Grab this Designer Skin Head Over Heel’s dark bronzing lotion and give your legs all the attention it deserves. Its formula contains high-quality skincare ingredients that give powerful anti-aging benefits to your legs. Just like others it also has hair-reducing minimizers that will reduce your need to shave. The designer skin tanning lotion contains caffeine to provide firmness to the skin. So pick up this best fake tan for legs boots product to achieve subtle shimmer bronzer to your legs and enjoy the plum scent it offers


  • Contains high-quality skincare ingredients
  • Repair growth inhibitors
  • Packed with caffeine
  • Plum Scent
  • Anti-aging Benefits

Designer Skin Head Over Heels dark bronzing lotion

9. Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Pick up this bottle to get the most out of this best self-tanning lotion for legs. It tans your skin beyond your expectations leaving behind smooth skin. It contains antioxidants that act as age-defying and stimulate collagen production. It has mineral elements and natural oils to rejuvenate the skin. Pour a little lotion on your skin and see the magic. It glides over the skin smoothly and does not stick to it. The Oxygen Regenerating system is another unique feature of this product. This system reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Get carried away with this best sun tan lotion for legs with its attractive fragrances and flaunt it off with confidence!


    • Oxygen Regenerating System
    • Glides over the skin
    • Contains anti-oxidants
    • Packed with mineral elements
    • Comes in three attractive fragrances
    • Suitable for all skin types including dry skin


10. Jwoww One and Done leg warming bronzers

Want to tan your legs without going to the beach? This product jwoww tanning lotion can do that for you if you are looking for tan legs without any effort. It enhances the appearance of your tone’s energized skin. It contains a Concentrated Black Walnut Extract that gives your legs desired black color. Its formula contains yogurt that contains extracts of pear and black currant that improves your skin. Packed with shea butter, vitamin E it nourishes and hydrates the skin. It’s hypoallergenic making it suitable for all skin types. You will automatically feel vibrant and youthful by its Midnight Pear fragrance. So what are you waiting for?


    • Concentrated Black Walnut Extract
    • Yogurt Based Formula
    • Contains extracts of pear and black currant
    • Enriched with shea butter, vitamin E
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Midnight Pear fragrance


11. Ed Hardy Ooh La Luxe Legs

Are you not happy with the results of tanning lotions and want to try another? Get your hands on this best self tanning lotion for legs. Its lightweight and coconut-based formula give it an edge over other lotions. Not only bronze shimmer gives the desired result but coconut oil also acts as a natural skin conditioner. What’s unique about it is it also offers tattoo and color protection apart from hair regrowth inhibiting ingredients.

This lotion uses tanning maximizers for dark tanning results. Coconut oil will moisturize your skin naturally. It has Body Fit technology that tightens the skin and helps in reducing cellulite. It has a Sweet Pink Passion Fruit fragrance that isn’t overpowering and smells nice.


    • Lightweight formula
    • Coconut oil-based
    • Sweet Pink Passion Fruit
    • Regrowth inhibiting ingredients
    • Tattoo and color protection
    • Contains tanning maximizers


12. ProTan Luscious Legs Ultra Dark Bronzer

Here comes another top pick from our favorites Protan. This luscious legs tanning lotion contains DHA bronzers that give the ultimate tanning effect. It is specifically designed to tan your legs and provides it a rich, darker tone as it has Tyrosine. Like other tanning lotions, this product also comes with hair growth inhibitors. That makes your needless to shave. Lesser the time to shave more the tan will last. Further, it hydrates the skin with coconut and sweet almond oil. So give your legs all the due care by buying this fast-absorbing bronzing formula.


    • Bronze enhancing Tyrosine
    • hair growth inhibitors
    • Coconut and sweet almond oil
    • Contains DHA


13. So Skinny Hot Legs Bronzing Formula By Supre Tan

This best self-tanning lotion for legs has gotten eyes particularly due to its tingling effect. It is designed particularly to target legs. The bronzing formula provides efficient tan to tan prone areas giving them rich, golden color. Its formula contains anti-cellulite properties that improve skin texture making your legs attractive. Enriched with DHA it develops tan on the legs even after applying lotion. It comes with a hair regrowth inhibitor that minimizes hair growth making the tan last for a longer period of time. It contains maximizers that stimulate the production of melanin ensuring a deep rich tan. Its Triple Action firming Formula firms and tightens the skin. While skin-renewing conditioners locks in the moisture enhance the healthy cell function preparing it for efficient tan results.


    • Packed with DHA
    • Anti-cellulite properties
    • Triple Action Formula for the firmness of the skin
    • Skin Renewing conditioners
    • Maximizers that enhance the production of melanin
    • Hair growth inhibitors


14. Beauty By Earth Organic Self Tanner

If you are looking for a chemical-free tanning lotion Beauty By Earth Organic Self Tanner is the go-to. This lotion is vegan containing all the natural ingredients which nourish the skin. This lotion is buildable means you can build up the coverage as much you want. Secondly, it comes with a waterproof pouch that makes it quite handy. It contains exfoliating mitt that helps in the application of tanning lotion. The great thing about this lotion is that it can be used for every skin type i.e oily, dry, etc. Moreover, it contains an organic lotion base that nourishes and moisturizes the skin.


  • Vegan, Chemical Free
  • Buildable
  • Organic Lotion Base
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Exfoliating Mitt



How to use a tanning lotion?

Firstly we need to understand there is a different method of applying tanning lotion to the legs and to the whole body. For legs, it is important that it is applied evenly throughout.

The best practice is to use a tanning mitt. Not only it will help in the smooth application of the lotion but also prevent your hands from getting tint of the lotion as well.

Apply from the top of the legs to way down the bottom. Make sure that you apply evenly throughout the legs.

For feet, you have to be more careful. Start from the front of the ankle in circular motions. Tip here; focus more on those areas of the feet where sunlight reaches more and less on those where it does not get. Areas like the side of the feet or between the toes do not get sunlight as much ankle does. So they are a bit lighter. Tanning them off will eventually make it look weirder.


FAQS For Best Indoor Tanning Lotion For Legs

`1. What is the best tanning indoor lotion for legs?

The answer lies that you have to use different tanning lotions to decide which one suits you the best. There are different options that we have mentioned above. Read the ingredients and description

2. What’s the best sunbed cream for legs?

Sunbed creams help the legs to get tan faster. It also keeps the tan for a longer period of time and keeps dryness away. There are plenty of sunbed cream for legs 1) Australian gold dark legs 2) Pro Tan Luscious Legs Bronzer etc

3. Is there a tanning bed just for legs?

Yes, there are a couple of tanning beds available that will tan your legs. You will feel quite comfortable throughout the process. E.g: Tansun Just Legs is a tanning unit for legs.

4. How long does it take to tan your legs?

Mostly it takes 1-2 hours for people to show results. However, even after 1-2 hours it’s not getting you results then you should wait. It may take some time to show results.

5. How can I increase melanin in my body?

The simplest way is to take vitamin A into your diet. Vitamin A contains antioxidants that are helpful in producing melanin. You can get vitamins from vegetables like carrots, spinach, peas, etc

6. What can I use apart from tanning lotion to make my legs tan?

Apart from tanning lotion, you can use the following simple tips

  1. Do exfoliation before tanning
  2. Moisturize your legs
  3. Do not wax or shave before applying tanning lotion
  4. Apply sunbed creams to get the tan faster

How to choose best indoor tanning lotion for legs? A Buying Guide

Is it your first time buying a tanning lotion. Or even if it’s not you should know how to choose tanning lotion. What are things you should be looking for before making a purchase? So we have made a complete list of the essential features you should note before buying best indoor tanning lotion for legs.

  • Ingredients

There are some lotions that come with bronzer and some without it. Bronzers can help in tanning. Apart from bronzers, there are some other ingredients you can look for. For example DHA. It improves the skin texture. Some tanning lotions contain ingredients that produce melanin in the skin.

Also, some good ingredients that you can look at in a tanning lotion are amino acids, tea tree oil, hemp oil, marula oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc

Avoid such tanning lotions that contain sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals.

  • Tint

Before you buy make sure to check the tint of the lotion according to your skin type. Especially if you have fair skin, then avoid using tint with an orange undertone. Some tints have a green tint. Do a patch test to make sure you pick the right one.

  • Skin Type

It’s important you consider your skin color while selecting tanning lotion. If you have lighter skin then go for the one you can build coverage. If you have dark skin color then choose the one with deep color.

  • Budget

Cut your coat according to the cloth as it says. You consider your budget before buying tanning lotion. There are so many options with a different price range that you can select from.

  • Fragrance

A nice fragrance can lift up the whole mood. So if you are not allergic to fragrances then choose one with a nice smell. It will kill your boring time in a tanning bed.

  • Reviews

Always give a read to reviews before buying any product. There are so many websites where people give their reviews. So do check ratings and reviews before making a purchase.

Things you should do before applying self-tanner

If you want to have a perfect tan on your legs then there are some points that you should consider before applying lotion. Just like in makeup you have to prepare your skin for good end results same is the case for the legs.

1. Shave or Wax

You should do shave or wax before 24hours of applying tanning lotion. Make sure that no hair is left behind for smooth application of tanning lotion. Secondly, you should not shave or wax after applying tanning lotion to the legs.

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliation helps in removing dead cells from the skin. Especially areas like knees and heels contain more dead cells. So when you exfoliate dead cells will be removed allowing for the smooth application of the tanning lotion

3. Moisturization

Applying moisturizer before tanning is really important. It will moisturize the dry areas of your skin allowing for a tanning lotion to apply evenly. Moreover, moisturized legs will keep tan long-lasting.

The Verdict

It’s no more surprise that tanning lotions are an easy and great way to tan legs. With so many options available in the market we hope this guide has helped you in finding the best indoor tanning lotion for legs. So enjoy your tanned legs with the ultimate bronze glow and flaunt it off wherever you want to!




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